Pitch perfect: printed pearls, pt. 3

We’re continue our long march through the final few remaining categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans. Sunners entitled this week’s collection “Printed Pearls,” and he described them as follows: Pithy phrases picked from printed advertisements because they possess particular qualities such as alliteration, rhyme, contrast, comparison, repetition, lilt, or just plain good sales points.

This group’s an exceptionally long one, so we’ve viewed it in three installments. This week, Q-Z.

Quality beyond the call of duty (Nunn-Bush Shoes).
Quality in tires is the key to safety (U. S. Rubber).
Quality tells, economy sells (Red & White Food Stores).
Quality you can taste (Adhor Dairy).

Racy, embracy story of a gal who lived and yearned, The (movie)
Ralston’s puts the B-1 in breakfast (cereal).
Red and blue make white (Gilbert Paper).
Red by chance and READ by choice (Redbook Magazine).
Refresh! Rejoice! Remember! Pabst gets the call (Beer).
Refrigerator you hear about, but never HEAR (Electrolux).
Regal guy deserves a Regal tie, A (Regal Ties).
Regal scent to center attention on lovely you (Anita of Paris Perfume).
Repair ’em and wear ’em (O’Sullivan’s Heel and Soles).
Resilient as a reed (Wyler Incaflex shockproof watch).
Rest cure for tired faces, A (Yardley’s Cream).
Revive tired colors (Sanitone Cleaners).
Rhythmic as rain on the roof (Eleanor Powell), Dancer.
Rich perfection that only nature rivals, A (PM Whiskey).
Ride and know (Plymouth).
Ripe ‘n’ ready for smokin’ steady (Dr Grabow “pre-smoked” pipes).
Road proven by millions of motorists (Kendall Oil).

Safety for your daintiest garment (Missouri Dye Establishment).
San Francisco discovers a Golden GAIT (Chrysler).
Santa Fe all the way (railroad).
Satin-finish lipstick, petal-finish face powder, The (Tangee).
SAVE, from the bottom up (Cat’s Paw Rubber Heels).
Save to build, build to save.
Save to educate your child, educate your child to save (Savings Bank).
Save wandering and wondering. Give Walnut this Christmas (Walnut Tobacco).
Save yourself two rubs out of three (P & G Soap).
Scents-ible Christmas, A (perfume ad).
Scotch price that helps every budget, A.
Season’s eatings brings season’s greetings, The (Dole Pineapple).
Second-helping flavor.
SEE story of the year, The (Body by Fuller).
See twice as much for half as much (Southern Pacific).
See us at your earliest inconvenience (pawnbroker).
Seen in the smartest places where the smartest car belongs (Oldsmobile).
Send-off breakfast of flavor-packed whole wheat, The (Shredded Ralston).
Serve this feast for four in a thrifty jiffy (Armour’s Treet).
Serve up meat as a succulent stew, a robust roast or a glorious grill.
Service beneath the surface (Todd Shipyards).
Service to transportation is a service to the nation.
Service with a smile (Ford Trucks).
Set it—and forget it (Silex Coffeemaker).
Shapely as an hour-glass, slim as a cigarette (Taylor’s).
Shave the surface and you save all (Schick Shaver).
Shave of your life for the rest of your life, The (Eversharp Schick Razor).
She gave me BRIDE ideas (Kleenex).
She was beautiful in her sleep because her skin was wide awake (Woodbury’s).
Sheer make-up for sheer beauty (Houbigant).
Sheer veil of scented mist, A (Cheramy Perfume).
SHEET music to sing about (Pepperell Sheets).
Shine is the sign of a healthy, A (Shinola).
Shiny nose is a thorn in the heart of a charm, A (Primrose Powder).
Ships of the AIR can’t stop for REPAIR (Wolf’s Head Oil).
Shop early, and easily (Bell Telephone).
SHORT on work, LONG on flavor (Del Monte Fruits)
Short course in driving longer, A (Dow Chemical Co.).
Shorter days mean longer odds—against you (National Safety Council).
Shortest distance between two hearts, The (Indiscreet Perfume).
Shortest word for longest mileage, The (General Tire).
Silent as a Christmas candle (Electrolux).
Silex makes “Merry Christmas” last all year.
Silhouette smooth (Sitroux Hair Nets).
60,000 owners drove it to success (Mercury).
640 trips to the moon (Oldsmobile).
Sizzling is silly (Duo-Therm Cooling).
Sky-high style, down to earth comfort (Winthrop Shoes).
Sleep going to keep going (Pullman).
Sleep like a log, wake like a lark (Telechron Electric Blocks).
Sleep to the sleepless, rest to the restless (Ostermoor Mattress).
Sleep under a Kenwood for the REST of your life (Kenwood Blankets).
Sliced sunshine, straight from the tropics (Del Monte Pineapple).
Slides over the face like skis over snow (Gillette Blue Blades).
Slip that can’t slip, The (Shar-Loo).
Smart enough for sleepwalking (Textron Pajamas).
Smartest thing on wheels, The (Lyon Whitewall Tires).
Smile in every spoonful, A (Stokely’s Baby Foods).
Smile while you can,and can while you smile (Kerr Fruit Jar Co.).
Smooth as a love song, modern as jive (Corinthia Lipstick).
Smooth ‘n’ easy-going (Lazy Joe Casuals), Shoes.
Smooth tires are as “safe” as banana peels.
Snug as a mother’s hug (Merrichild Sleepers).
So cool and caressing and swoony (Pacific Sheets).
So easy to choose, so sure to please (Cannon Towels).
So sheer, so sleek, so smooth-fitting (Mojud Nylon Stockings).
Soak up that sunshine, out where the blue begins (Suntan Oil).
Soaping dulls hair, Halo glorifies it.
Soft and sweet like big drops of honey (Green Giant Peas).
Soft as a butterfly wing, (Hampden Powder).
Softness for comfort, strength for security (ScotTissue).
Soil-sealed linoleum (Pabco).
Sole-satisfying comfort (Freeman Shoes).
Solid happiness (solid silver of Reed & Barton).
Sombrero for south-bound senoritas (Sombrero Sun Lotion).
Some of the best business men are women.
Something has happened to hosiery (Phoenix).
Sophisticute dresses (Debutante Originals).
Sorcery in a single second (Revlon).
Soup in search of an appetite, A (Campbell’s).
Soup mother gave up making, The (Campbell’s).
Soup that makes meal-planning easy, A (Campbell’s).
Sparkplugs are the pulse of your engine (Champion).
Sparkling white, sparkling bright, sparkling clean (Oxydol).
Spirits soar, energy zooms when you help yourself to Shredded Ralston.
Spread festive cheer throughout the year (Quaker).
Spread that betters your bread, The (Wilson’s Oleomargarine).
SQUIRT! It’s in the public’s eye (soft drink).
Stalling all cars (Sani-Flush).
Stand by, America,for America’s stand-out buy (Studebaker).
Stand out in a crowd, be figure proud (Life Bra).
Start the day the American way (Toastmaster).
Start the day with style, end it with a smile (Florsheim Shoes).
Starved lawns sunburn easily (nursery).
Step into a private room where cares cannot trespass, where moss-soft towels wrap you in colorful caress (Cannon).
Step into paradise with these privately heavenly shoes (Paradise Shoes).
Step to distinction, A (Crosby Square Shoes).
Still the shortest route to your man’s heart (Heinz Ketchup).
Stop playing lady-in-waiting to lazy drains (Drano).
Stop tearing your hair (Gayla Curlers).
STOP to thirst, a STEP to health, A (Campbell’s Tomato Juice).
Stops are few and far between; Olds needs little gasoline.
Stormy leather; when it rains, it scores (Florsheim Shoes).
Strictly conFOODential (Three Feathers).
Sturdy is the word for Oliver (Farm equipment).
Style, like ambition, is a good servant, but a poor master (Packard car).
Style that goes to your head (Champ Hats).
Styled for a figure, not for an age (Georgiana Frocks).
Styled for a party, but powered for a thrill (Buick).
Suds fast, and the suds last (Swan Soap).
Sue sings before seven (Colgate Dental Cream).
Sunny magic for simple meals (Niblets).
Superbly right for writing (paper).
Supremacy in the air begins with efficiency on the ground (Nicholson Files).
Sure allure for the more mature (Life Bra).
Surety of purity, A (O. P. Skaggs Food Stores).
Sweet as a kiss, honest as Mother Earth (Kounty Kist Peas).
Sweet dreaming from yawn to dawn (Cohler Pajamas).
“Sweet-tart” of a drink, A (Squirt Grapefruit Drink).
Sweetest story ever sold, The (Life Savers).
Symbols sentiment (Brock Jewelry Co.).

Tables are the costume jewelry of the home (Mersman Tables).
Take time for a “quick-up” with Royal Crown (cola).
Takes the simmer out of summer (Horton’s Beer).
Takes the WEEP out of SweepING, making it SING (Wagner Sweepers).
Taste it takes four states to make, The (Schenley).
Taste of “June in January,” A (Campbell’s Soup).
Teamed-up for you since ’82 (Western Electric Laboratories).
Tempt lazy summer appetites (Armour’s Meats).
Temptation in Technicolor, A (Caesar and Cleopatra), Movie.
Ten-minute masterpiece (cake baked with Rockwood Chocolate Bits).
That Red Horse outpaces them all (Mobilgas).
The best of “look” to you (Fisher Body).
Theme-inspired beauty for budget brides (Mohawk Rugs).
There’s always a thirst time (Zimba Cola).
There’s ART to the fit of Artemis (slips).
There’s joy in giving a gift that’s living.
There’s no hurt like forgetting (Whitman’s Chocolates).
There’s no substitute for experience (Florsheim Shoes).
There’s no substitute for experience (Pontiac 8).
These are exciting TIMES (Telechron).
They can rest assured (Nashua Blankets).
They fit better because they are better fitted (Enna Jettick Shoes).
They give you the sweetest and most tender moments of their lives, the fleeting moment of perfect flavor (Green Giant Peas).
They please the eye, they serve the feet (shoes).
They tie well, they wear well (Cheney Cravats).
They’re cobwebby wonders (Cannon Nylon Stockings).
They’re cool and easy as an off-shore breeze (Boston Shoes).
They’re so rogue-ish, so brogue-ish (Sport Shoes).
They’re walk-fitted to fit right, feel right (Bostonian Shoes).
Thick THIRSTY thrifty Dundee towels.
Thin man in leather, The (Knight Wallet).
Thirst prize (Blue Ribbon Beer).
Thoughtful men make the happiest husbands (Whitman’s Chocolates).
Thousand tender words in one, A (Gruen Watch).
Three seals to safety (Universal Pressure Cooker).
Thrill of a pipetime (Kirsten Pipe).
Tighten your grip on the future (Provident Mutual Insurance Co.).
Till the end of time (Rensie Watches).
Time has branded it best (White Horse Whiskey).
Time makes good things better (Texaco).
Tips for table tops (Successful Farming).
To be opened at Christmas, and every day thereafter (Kelvinator).
Toastimonials (Toastmaster).
To increase value is to enrich life (General Motors).
To kindle love, light up your type (Woodbury).
To live IN and love ON (dresses).
To look well and feel well, sleep well (Chatham Blankets).
To make a golden moment live forever (Roma Champagne).
To save gasoline keep your sparkplugs clean (Champion).
To trim you, slim you, to give you more swing, more zing, for Spring (Jantzen).
To UNburn sunburn (Unguentine).
TOAST for every TASTE (Proctor Toaster).
Told on the petals of a rose (Listerine Luster-Foam).
Tomatoes, plump, firm, ruddy and ready (Campbell’s Soups).
Tomorrow’s style today (DeSoto).
Tomorrow’s way to deliver goods today (White Truck).
TOP name in cordials is at the bottom of the bottle, The (Bardinet).
Tops in preference because it’s tops in performance (G. E. Refrigerator).
Tops in taste, low in price, rich in food (Post Toasties).
Touch his heart with smooth, soft hands (Jergen’s Lotion).
Tough, but oh, so gentle (Hasting’s Piston Rings).
Treat your home like an old friend (Dutch Boy White Lead).
Trimlines for men, Slimlines for ladies (Seven Seas Stacks).
Trims the ankle, slims the leg (Velva Leg Film).
Triple-treat breakfast with get-up and go (3-Minute Oats).
Trucks you don’t steer, you aim (White Trucks).
Trust your car to the oil of character (Quaker State).
Tune in your favorite temperature (Adolphus Hotel).
Try a tankful of research genius (Shell Gasoline).
Turn a little meat into a big treat (Herbox Bouillion Cubes).
Turns bristles into blotters (Benex Shave Cream).
Turns sidewalks into soft carpets (Air-Step Shoes).
‘Twas the bite before Christmas (Jane Parker Fruit Cake).
TWO people sleep when one goes Pullman.

Unforgettable Hawaii, no land so hard to bid adieu (Matson Lines).
Unparch that throat (Cliquot Club ginger ale).
Use COOL judgment, buy a good fan (Robbins & Myers).
Use FRESH and stay fresher (deodorant).
Use your head, about your feet (Selby Shoes).
Use your head to save your heels (telephone).

Vegetable garden in a can, A.
“Velvet-suds” Ivory Soap.
Victory sets the headlines of the world (Victory Bobbie Pins).
Vine-ripe tomatoes, picked, pressed and packed all in one day’s time.
Visit him in snapshots (Kodak).
Visit your man in the service with snapshots (Kodak Film).
Vitamins for pep, Pep for vitamins (cereal).

Wage war with war wages (Defense Bond drive).
Wake up weary rooms (Klearflax Rugs).
Walk of the town, The (shoes).
Wanted, future Faradays and Curries (Westinghouse).
Watch the buyers go Ford.
Watchdog of your gasoline dollar, The (Wayne Pumps).
Wax makes housework click like clock-work (Johnson’s Wax).
We build the house you call home.
We do the planning, you have the fun (Greyhouse Busses).
We have a PERMANENT reputation (Beauty Parlor).
We teach watches to tell the truth (jewelry store).
We went, we saw, we listened to … SILENCE (Electrolux).
We walk and like it (Bostonian Shoes).
Wear the bra that gives you bravada (Exquisite Form Brassieres).
Weather-weight champ, The (Dutch Boy Paint).
Webster for words, Wagenman for points.
We’d rather point to character than Chromium (Ford).
Weep no more, my ladies (Little’s Onion Flakes).
Weigh your family against a set of Weed tire chains.
Welcome the prodigal sun (Bartlay & Crown Rayon).
Well-suited plan for the well-suited man, A.
We’re all esteemed up (Carstairs Whiskey).
We’re here to protect the “Flour of American Womanhood” (bag of flour).
We’ve got your number (Esterbrook Fountain Pen).
What Chicago makes, makes Chicago (Chicago Chamber of Commerce).
What gives a girl most “flair?” Lovely, gleaming lustrous hair (Drene).
What good is paint if it’s not good paint? (Pratt & Lambert).
What’s your “eye-cue?” (Formfit).
Wheat for your bread, wealth for the nation (Caterpillar Tractor).
Wheelbarrow economy, hot Pullman pleasure (Ford).
When a MISS makes a HIT (Velvet Tobacco).
When it’s hot it’s Vericool (Manhattan Shirts).
When life needs a lift (Maxwell House Coffee).
When mosquitoes sing the aria from malaria (Black Flag).
When quality counts most, most men count on Florsheim quality (shoes).
When your energy takes a DIVE, drink Horlick’s and REVIVE.
When your lips take a “weather-beating” (Gaby), Anti-chap lotion.
When your sailor goes to see (Pacific Fabrics).
Where complexions are fine there’s always pine (Sierra Pine Soap).
Where there’s no will, there’s a weigh (dieting).
Where you cannot remember what you came to forget (tour to Hawaii).
Whisper sheer (Hudson hosiery).
White-white slip of soft-falling, ice-smooth rayon crepe, frosted with delicate madeira embroidery, A (Textron Slip).
Why a million men put their foot in it (Pacer Sock).
Why be a servant to your refrigerator (Norge).
Why go straight? Get a curl (Beauty Parlor ad).
Why look like the DEUCE when you can look like a king (Wildroot), Cream oil.
Why pay more? Why accept less? (Chevrolet).
Why struggle for a sparkle (Bon Ami powder).
Wiener the world awaited, The (Oscar Mayer wieners).
Willing keys bring writing ease (Underwood Typewriter).
Win yourself a halo for these heavenly meals (Armour Meat Products).
Wine speaks a quiet, warm-hearted welcome.
Winner for dinners (Spam and corn).
winning cup, The (Webb Coffee).
Winthrop puts you on Easy Street (shoe ad).
Wise buys for wise guys (suits for men).
WISP-ering campaign revolving around your own figure, subtly revised and pared to the new fashion-first silhouette (True-Form Corsets).
With oodles of noodles and chicken, too (Heinz Soup).
Woman of tomorrow guards today’s beauty (Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics).
Work in the state that works for you (Massachusetts).
World’s most honored hands wear the world’s most honored watch, The (Longine).
Worth its WAIT in gold (Darling Metal Fixtures).
Worth knowing, WORTH remembering (Worth Cologne).
Worth their WAIT in gold (Darling Metal Fixtures).
Wower for power, A (Ford).
Wrap your postwar home in a blanket of KIMSUL (insulation).
Write gift for Christmas, The (Underwood Portable).
Write on the ball (Reynolds Pen).
WRONG shade of powder can turn the right man away, The (Lady Esthers).

X marks the spot where S. O. S. shines (scouring pad).

Years ahead in life and power (Willard Battery).
You are secretary of the interior (Campbell Soup).
You can change these blades in the dark (Schick Injector Razor).
You can enjoy eight months of June (Libby-Owens-Ford Glass).
You can taste cool April in your mouth (Squibb Dental Cream).
You can taste the truth of this famous claim (Old Forester Whiskey).
You can’t be optimistic with misty optics (Meigs Glasses).
You can’t do a man-size job on a bird-size breakfast (Grape-Nuts).
You can’t wear out their looks (Smith Shoes).
You couldn’t have a sounder pipe dream (Chase Brass & Copper).
You don’t “knead” the dough (Pillsbury’s Flour).
You gave her a ring to be near her, now give her a RING when away (telephone).
You get power, pick-up, and pep (Mobilgas).
You know you’re right with a Wright Hat.
You trust its quality (Coca-Cola).
You’ll forever remember FOREVER AMBER (movie).
You’ll go for it when you see how it GOES for you (Chevrolet).
You’ll have better times with Early Times (Bourbon).
You’ll say tender words about our beefsteak.
You’ll take a shine to burnished browns (Bostonian Shoes).
Young beauty, clear as the chime of bells (Yardley).
Young feet make young faces (shoes).
Your buying guide, the classified (Bell Telephone).
Your castle in the air (Banff Springs Hotel).
Your dirt is our money (excavating and hauling).
Your eyes say Style, your feet say Comfort (Swankies), shoes.
Your footprint in leather (Matrix shoes).
Your heart will lose its mind (Chen Yu Lipstick).
Your main line to sunshine (Southern Pacific R. R.).
Your mind is burglar-proof (I. C. S.).
Your name ALONE secures A LOAN (Savings bank).
Your personal pedestal (Elevator shoes).
Your skin, wake it up before you make it up (Cosray), skin freshener.
You’re asking for a good sock (socks).
You’re asking for a good sock when you ask for Westminster.
Yours, in haste (Heinz Spaghetti).

Zero weather, summer heat, always creamy fresh and sweet (Crisco).
Zest at its best (Shefford Cheese).

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