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  1. Me gusta escuchar esta emisora porque me recuerda una época que no viví me llamo Nelson José Martinez soy domicano

    • Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras, Nelson. Estamos encantados de que disfrute de nuestra música y te damos gracias por escuchar!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Excellent station!!! Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My name is Marcelo.

  3. Me encanta su emisora, es maravillosa, la música de esa época me encanta, tanto me gusta que yo creo que he nacido en época equivocada, la tengo puesta todo el tiempo que puedo. Hasta a mi esposa le empieza a gustar. Ah se me olvidaba muchos saludos desde Madrid (España) y sigan siempre así.

    • Love from the East of England, I’m 31 but I adore older music and you’re my favourite station, I listen via Radio Garden. Love, Ali

      • So nice to hear from you, Alice! We appreciate your kind words; thanks for listening!

  4. Perdón por las faltas en mi comentario anterior, simplemente quería decir que creo que he nacido en época equivocada y que tengo puesta su maravillosa emisora todo el tiempo que puedo. Saludos desde Madrid (España)

  5. Thank you so much, Cladrite Radio, for the wonderful music! I’ve been looking for a station like this for ages and absolutely love it. It’s been a massive help during the pandemic, as I’ve been feeling anxious (like many people right now!) and listening to Cladrite has become a daily comfort for me. My partner who is frontline ambulance crew now spends his downtime listening to Cladrite Radio too. It’s a soothing river of sound that cheers our household daily. Stay well and thank you again,
    Rebekah, Bristol, in the UK.

  6. As a long-time aficionado of ’30’s and ’40’s American style and culture, I greatly appreciate your good work to keep it present for those who relish it today, a world whose tastes have changed so dramatically. Listening to your broadcasts brings much joy to me and many others, many of whom, oddly, are not from the USA; isn’t that interesting?

    While listening to your station, I keep a running list of particular songs which I find especially charming and/or engaging. Using YouTube, I create playlists of these songs, but there are those which don’t come up in my search. Is it possible for you to post these to YouTube for broader exposure and enjoyment? My short list is as follows:

    “Our Penthouse on Third Avenue” Gene Kardos, Bea Wain
    “Don’t Mention Love to Me” Kay Thompson
    “What’s New?” Kay Kyser, Ginny Simms
    “Knock on Wood” Cliffie Stone
    “One o’clock Jump” Abe Romain
    “Whispering Grass” Orrin Tucker
    “Everybody Step” Peters Sisters
    “A Message from the Man in the Moon” George Hall, Dolly Dawn
    “Sitting on the Moon” Jimmie Greer, Redd Harper

    With utmost gratitude and hoping you’ll be able to oblige, I am,
    Mr. Bryan Platt,
    8 Sterling Road
    Louisville, KY 40220

    • Hello Bryan. We appreciate the kind words. We’re afraid our plate is pretty full with running the station and creating the content we share on our blog and social media platforms. We’re not able to undertake uploading song videos as well. Thanks for listening!

  7. Well, I hope you get this. I emailed you for good measure. A wonderful station. Great music—always cheerful even when the songs are about romantic trouble. Fabulous. I first discovered you on my computer, now I have you on my tv via Roku. On my computer I can discover the title and artist of each song. Not so on my tv—is there a way to do it? Meanwhile, a great station. Kudos—you are indeed the cat’s pajamas and a sheik to boot!

    • Hi Allen. Many thanks for your kind words! We’re pleased to have you as a listener. Which Roku app are you using to access our stream?

      Getting artist and track info to display in all the various apps people use to access our stream is a bit like a game of whack-a-mole. Just when we’ve worked with one app to get it straightened out, another app stops sharing that info (the issue is virtually always on their end, and the customer services teams for most of the apps seems to work at a very leisurely pace, alas).

  8. Cladrite folks: I think you mean this: I Roku on my old dumb tv; I access you from TuneIn. Works for me and, of course, the music is wonderful. I recognize such stalwarts as Al Bowlly/Ray Noble, but some I just don’t know—which is ok with me. Here are some of my favorites: With My Little Ukelele in My Hand (George Formby); The Moon Got In My Eyes (Carroll Gibbons); You Sweet So and So (Jack Buchanan); Okay Toots (Harry Roy). Brit stuff—but fabulous. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the info! Tunein used to display the artist and track info, but it hasn’t for a while. We’ve reached out to them again for assistance in rectifying this, so hopefully one day soon, that info will display again. In the meantime, enjoy the toe-tapping tunes!

  9. Great music station! Living in an old, little 1920s house in the west of the Netherlands, the “old” music adds something to the vintage ambience in this house.
    Geweldig radio station. Ik woon in een klein, jaren 20 huis in het westen van Nederland en deze “”oude” muziek voegt echt iets toe aan de oude sfeer die ik in dit huis voel.

    • Bedankt voor je vriendelijke woorden, John. We zijn zo blij dat je geniet van onze tikkende deuntjes. We zouden graag een foto van je huis uit de jaren 20 zien, als je er een wilt delen.

  10. Hello. This is to thank you for your support during my medical work, caring for covid 19 patients. From Argentina

  11. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!!!

    My wife and I have always been “students” of this era of music and history. We even had Vince Giordano and His Nighthawks play at our wedding. Thank you for making the music and the era come alive for us. We listen to the station every night at the dinner table… no TV, no phones, just Manhattans, Martinis, Dinner and Cladrite Radio.

    Is there a way that we can get a play list? As much as we know music from this era, you’re always surprising us with a few we never knew of which is another reason we love you – we learn so much! The other night we heard Ochi Chernye (Dark Eyes) missed the listing (we were dancing) and could not figure out who the band was . Is this possible?

    Thank you once again for making this great music possible for everyone around the world. We will be becoming a patron!

    • Hello Joseph. Thanks so much for your kind words — what a day brightener they were.

      You don’t say how you access our stream, but unfortunately, not all apps include artist and track info (Tunein doesn’t currently, for example, which we’re trying to solve).

      However, if you listen via our streaming provider’s site, Live365.com, that info is always provided:


      Live365 also has a free app, and the info is provided there, too.

      Another site that does provide that info is onlineradiobox.com (they also have a free app that shares that info).

      There’s also a playlist on that site that provides artist and track info going back a week. You can find it here: https://onlineradiobox.com/us/cladriteradio/playlist/?cs=us.cladriteradio

      Oh, and the track you were inquiring about is by Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra.

      Thanks again for listening (and a special thanks for joining us as a Patreon sponsor — that’s they only way we can remain alive and streaming)!

      Your pals at Cladrite Radio

      P.S. We’re big fans of Vince and the Nighthawks and can’t wait until they’re playing regularly again.

  12. Over the past year, this station has become part of my daily life. You guys have accompanied me through a LOT! Thank you for the effort you put in on a daily basis! May this station keep my toes tapping for years to come :)
    All the best from a 20 year old from germany and a heartfelt THANK YOU!

    • Your kind words have brightened our day! Thanks so much for being a loyal listener and for taking the time to write to us!

  13. Thank you Cladrite Radio for filling my ears with awesomeness, and giving my soul melodies to dance to. I work in a retail environment and your radio fills the room – my guests and customers all enjoy the refreshing music you provide! This makes the purchase even more enjoyable – as I sell and design tombstones and cremation geer. I’m doing my best to make the environment more pleasant with lovely flowers, coloring books and play dough for the kids, and a caring personality, but your music REALLY HELPS, too. Please keep up the good work, your efforts are appreciated. My favorite players of that day include Claude Rains and Leslie Howard – so you might have fun doing something with them?! Take Care!!! All my best!! Here till the end of it all!…

    • Thanks for you very kind words, Barbara! We’re so pleased you and your clients enjoy our music.

      We’ve done video tribute to both Mr. Howard and Mr. Rains–just use our search tool and you should find them.

      • Thank you so much! I bookmarked those pages so I can check them out when I’m not at work, and I also forwarded those links to another Claude Rains & Leslie Howard fan. Just to let you know, as you have stated “Happy birthday, Mr. Rains, wherever you may be!” Well, he’s in Heaven, and he’s real glad (he took me to a baseball game the other week!).

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