It’s Here: The Cladrite Radio Quikoin!

We’re pleased to announce a new thank-you premium that is a sentimental favorite, something we’ve wanted to offer our supporters for a long time: The Cladrite Radio Quikoin!

Our maternal grandfather was a delightful man. He was patient, sweet, fun, loving—the perfect grandfather. He served as superintendent of schools in Okemah, Oklahoma, for more than three decades, earning the respect and admiration of generations of students who earned their degrees under his watch. When he retired, Okemah built a new elementary school and named it after him.

Granddad always carried with him a small rubber coin purse; it was flat but with an outline that somewhat resembled a football. You squeezed the ends of that doodad and one side of it opened, allowing you to put your spare change in there. When we were small, we found it fun to play with (in part because you could clamp it on your nose; the effect was like a clown whose red schnozz had been flattened).

The ones Granddad carried had laces printed on the side with the opening, making it resemble a football all the more; on the opposite side was that season’s Okemah Panthers football schedule.

Those coin purses, which we learned years later were called Quikoins, were introduced in 1951 by Akron, Ohio’s Quikey Manufacturing, and they’re still making them today. The Quikoin was named as one of the top five promotional products of the 20th century by the Promotional Products Association International, an industry trade group, and from where we sit, it was an honor well deserved.

Over the years, we’ve picked up a used Quikoin here and there at flea markets and garage sales; they’re always in great condition. Remarkably, the design is imprinted in—not printed on—the Quikoin, so it doesn’t fade or chip. It lasts as long as the Quikoin does, which is literally decades (if not forever).

For years, we’ve dreamed of having Quikoins made that have “Cladrite Radio” emblazoned on them as a fond tribute to our grandfather. This year, we finally took the plunge, and we’re pleased to offer them as a thank-you premium to our monthly Patreon and one-time Paypal supporters. If you’ve ever considered chipping in to help Cladrite Radio remain “alive and streaming”, now’s the time! PLEASE NOTE: Quikoins are available only to supporters in the United States; we are sorry to impose this restriction, but shipping costs to other countries are prohibitive.

You can join us as a monthly Patreon supporter in a couple of ways, if you’d like to receive a Cladrite Quikoin :

Join us at the $5-a-month level and select the annual payment option (this will give you 12 months for the price of 11, in addition to your Quikoin), or…

You can sign on at the $10-a-month level (or higher) and you’ll receive a Quikoin along with other listed thank-you premiums.

To sign up, visit

To make a one-time donation via Paypal, just visit Be sure to include your shipping info in the field titled “What’s this for?” The donation and shipping costs are detailed below below:

1 Quikoin — $12 donation, shipping included.
2 Quikoins — $19 donation, shipping included.
3 Quikoins — $26 donation, shipping included.
4 Quikoins — $33 donation, shipping included.

For 5-18 Quikoins — $6 donation per, plus a $10 flat rate shipping

If you’d like more than 18 Quikoins, bless your heart! Just email us at and we’ll discuss.

Please be aware that, while Cladrite Radio is a listener-supported streaming station and your support is greatly appreciated, your contributions, whether via Paypal or, are NOT tax deductible nor are they refundable.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your support!