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ere at Cladrite Radio, we meet many people who live with one foot in the past, one foot in the present, and an eye toward the future. That is to say, they love movies made back when they were still called “pictures,” pop music of decades gone by, classic (and not-so-classic) fiction of the first half of the 20th century, venerable restaurants that predate the chains, and so much more, but not at the exclusion of the latest and greatest—contemporary movies (“films,” even), new music, innovative trends in dining, and the latest in groundbreaking technology. They are not so much nostalgic as they are intrigued by and appreciative of pop culture of the (relatively) recent past.

Film archivist Rick Prelinger said it nicely in a 2002 SF Weekly profile:

“I’m fascinated with the look of the past. I have an urgent need to form images of what a place looked like in the ’40s or ’50s. What did it smell like? What were people wearing? What [was] people’s body language? Was it noisy or quiet? Was the air smoky?”

We like to think we (and Mr. Prelinger—who has nothing whatsoever to do with this site, by the way; we’re just great admirers of his. If you’re not familiar with the Prelinger Collection of ephemeral films, check them out at www.archive.org) are not the only ones who feel this way. And while we can’t promise that the musical offerings you’ll encounter at CladriteRadio.com will bring the past back as richly and fully as we’d all like them to, it’s our sincere hope that they will, at least, keep alive the decades (and the artists) that spawned them in some small way.

Just click on Listen Now link above to join the fun. The music is available to all, free of charge.

Cladrite Radio uses with Live365 for our streaming. If you live in the USA, Canada or the UK, you can access our stream using the button on the upper right, at Live365.com or via the free Live365 app, found wherever you download your apps. Live365 also has a skill you can add to your Alexa devices, so you can access our streams that way (here are instructions for how to set up the Live365 Alexa skill) and an app for Roku and Apple TV devices and Fire, Android and Samsung TVs.

NOTE: If you’re having trouble accessing our stream via the Live365 Alexa skill, trying phrasing your request this way: Alexa, ask Live three-sixty-five to play Cladrite Radio.

You can also enter the following URL in a browser window or your favorite audio app (VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.): http://streaming.live365.com/a43564

The above options are not available to listeners in other countries, but if you live elsewhere in the world, you’re not out of luck. All our listeners, wherever they may be, can listen using the methods below:

You can also listen to our stream via various third-party services and apps, among them the Apple Music app, Tunein (web, app, Roku, Fire), the Triode app, Radio.net (web and app), myTuner.com (web, app, Roku, Fire), Nobex Radio (web and app), Online Radio Box (web and app), Orange Radio (web and app), Radio.Garden, Streema.com and its app, Simple Radio, Xiialive (app), and GetMeRadio (web, app, Roku, Fire, Apple TV, Alexa).

If there are any other services and apps you’d like to use to access our music that are not currently serving our new stream, please let us know. We’ll do what we can to see that our toe-tapping tunes are available to you in every way possible. You can reach us at cladrite@cladriteradio.com.

Cladrite Radio is not a profit-making proposition (neither are we a recognized non-profit organization)—we’re lucky when we break even—so if you’d like to chip in to help with the cost of keeping the music flowing, please consider joining us as Patreon supporter; you can show your support for as little as $5 a month. If you’d like to send us a one-time contribution, click the link at the top of the page that reads, “Support Cladrite Radio.” And by all means, please tell your friends, family and colleagues about us!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

Your pals at Cladrite Radio

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  1. I stumbled across your site via The Fedora Lounge and want to thank you for providing another resource of classic music! I was getting quite tired of listening to the narrow variety of the Yahoo Launchcast stations. This is great!

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