Pitch perfect: slogans from the British Empire, pt. 2

As our long march continues through the final few remaining categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans. This week, slogans beginning with the letters M through Z from the chapter entitled “Slogans from the British Empire.”

Machines that put the rings in springs, The (Universal Spring Coiler).
Machines that you will eventually buy (Alfa-Laval milker).
Made especially to prevent sore throats (Craven “A” cigarettes).
Magazine from farm and home, A (The Grain Growers Guide).
Makes your hair beautiful (Sta-Blond Shampoo).
Man who knows wears Drescott Clothes.
Mark that means that “little more” in quality, The (Johnson & Phillips cables).
Martin Winns again (M. Martin Winn Co.), Bolts.
Melt in every mouth (Mayfair), Toffees and chocolates.
Metal that never gets fired, The (Telcon metals).
Mighty insect destroyer, The (Secto DDT).
Mildest of all (Petite cigarettes).
Milk that is milk, The (S. Caulfield & Sons, Ltd.).
Millions use it (Simpson’s foot ointment).
Mine’s a Minor (De Reszke Minors), cigarettes.
Modern sanitary towel, The (Luna Inserts, Ltd).
Modern treatment for indigestion, The (Stomatex), powder and tablets.
More than a good soap (Lifebuoy).
More than a set, it’s a service (Ultra radio).
More than a shade better (Hartley shade headlamp mask).
Most Delicious (M & D Biscuits).

Name speaks for itself (Clarke’s blood mixture).
Name speaks for itself, The (Whiteway’s British wines).
Names that carries weight, The (Brockhouse Sprinklers, stokers).
Name to remember, The (Invecta radio).
Name to remember in dredging, The (Lobnitz dredges).
Name with a meaning, The (Kleen-e-eze brushes).
National beverage for health, The (Ovaltine).
National industry with an assured future, The (Mines).
Nation’s family cereal, The (Welgar), Shredded wheat.
Nature’s only rival (Callinan hair dresser).
Nature’s partner (Plesox), Stomach medicine.
Never say DIE, say Ardox (dies).
Newest in men’s watchbands, The (Estrades).
Next to myself I like Vedonis (underwear).
Niagara to the sea (Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd.).
No better food (Fry’s cocoa).
No boil, no toil (Brobat), non-poisonous disinfectant.
No pain or no pay (Shadforth tablets), Sciatica.
No problem can “floor” us (Great Metropolitan Flooring Co.).
No sooner VIM than done (cleaner).
Noble Scotch, A (whiskey), Train & McIntyre, Ltd.
Noble Scotch, gentle as a lamb, A (Old Angus).

Old favorite with the fine flavor, The (Mazawattee tea).
Old man’s brain in a young man’s body (Carlson), Wine cellar machiner.
Oldest purely fire office in he world, The (Sun Insurance Office).
100 years’ test, still is the best (Borwick’s), Baking powder.
One of Britain’s fine cars (Rover).
Only the choicest is good enough (C W. S. jam).
Original and the aristocrat of cocoa, The (Van Houten’s).
Original gin sling, The (Pimm’s No. 1).
Owned by the policy holders (Mutual Life Assurance of Canada).

Peer of the whiskey realm (House of Lords).
Perfect pen, The (Wyvern), Fountain pen.
Perfect spread, The (Sunny Spread).
Perfection in saddlery (Whippy Stegall & Co., Inc.).
Perfection of confections (Palm toffee).
Perfection of old Scotch (Teacher’s).
Perkins for particular people (H. Perkins & Sons, Ltd.).
Physicians remedy, The (Cephos headache tablets).
Pick of Canada’s burley tobacco, The (Picobac).
Pine disinfectant that smells good, The (Sanpic).
Pioneer farm journal of western Canada, The (Nor’ West Farmer).
Pioneers of scientific filtration (Vokes).
Playground of the air (Canadian Westinghouse Co., Ltd.).
Points the way to success (Vernon’s football pool).
Policies “good as gold” (London Life Insurance Co.).
Power in plenty (Wolseley engine).
Pram with the floating motion, The (Osnath).
Protection with profit (Great West Life Assurance Co.).
Protects profits (Trumeter).
PUBLIC and CIVIL service, A (Yates taverns).
Published to promote good farming and right living (Nor’ Wet Farmer), Canada.
Put wings on weight, fly your freight (Air India, Ltd.).

Quality tells (Vat 69), Scotch whiskey.
Quality tyre, The (Avon tyres).
Queen of lights, The (Fairy light), lamp.
Quintessence of all that stands for quality, The (House of Lords).

RAILway is the RELAXED way to travel (South African Railroad).
Railway to everywhere in Canada (Canadian National).
Razor with 1000 new edges (Super Razors), London.
REAL thing, The (Marconi radio).
Really good water boiler, A (Stirling).
Refreshing thought, A (Kia-Ora), Fruit drink.
Round the world (King’s Ransom), Whiskey.

Same price as ordinary bread (Wonderloaf).
Sauce that does you good, The (O. K. sauce).
Save soap with Solo (Ammonia washing powder).
Saves clothing (Sunlight soap).
Scots word for chocolate (Duncan).
See how they run (I. C. I. oil).
See it all by train (Associated British Railways).
Sell yourself at FACE value (Vardonia shave cream).
Serving industry which serves mankind (Monsanto).
Serving the nation, serving YOU (Air India, Ltd.), Aviation.
Shaving cream that stays moist from start to finish, The (Shavallo), Irish.
Shoe of beauty and a joy to wear, A (Hutchings).
Sign of value throughout the land, The (Humphrey’s banquet caster).
Sign for safety (North British tyre).
Soft, softer, Softex (sanitary napkin).
Smooth as silk, strong as steel (Dixon Pencil Co., Ltd.).
So many prefer it (White Horse whiskey).
Something to crow about (Supreme Polish Co., Ltd.).
Spans the world (Canadian Pacific Railroad).
Spend less on yourself, lend more to your country (National Savings Commission).
Splendid blended (Cadbury’s chocolate).
Start the day the Eclipse way (Razor blade).
Step in the right direction, A (Maxlume), Fittings, floodlights.
Sticks anything and everything (Welda glue).
Still the standard by which all tyres are judged (Dunlop).
Stimulating bitters, The (Valsana).
Strongest hold of any glue (Actabond).
Style and wear in every pair (Hosiers, Ltd.), Woodstock, Canada.
Suck them like sweets (Meggeson), Dyspepsia tablets.
Supreme for quality (Nugget), Shoe polish.
Switch over to Relay (Radio station).
Symbol of protection for man and machine (Vokes), Filter.
Symbol of the happy circle, The (Littlewoods football pool).
System of the flying clippers, The (Pan American World Airways).

Table-made for particular trade (Scott & McHale, Ltd.).
Tailored with YOU in mind (Kayser Bonder), Lingerie.
Take Alasil and note in the difference (headache tablets).
Take time by the forelock (Widow’s Fund), Edinburgh.
Takes the DUST out of industry (Norris-Patterson, Ltd.).
Takes the odour out of perspiration (Mum).
Tea that goes further, The (Lambert’s B. O. P.).
Tea with less tannin dust, The (Five Roses).
Tested, tried, and trusted (Dr. Cassell’s nerve tablets).
There is only one winner when insects challenge.
There’s a smile in every piece (Mackintosh’s toffees).
There’s a steam trap for every purpose (Lancaster & Tonge).
There’s contentment within every tin (Wills’), Pipe tobacco.
There’s never a drip through a Jubilee Clip (L. Robinson hose clip).
There’s sorrow on the sea (Shipwrecked Firemen and Mariners Royal Benev. Soc.).
They last longer (G. E. C. flashlight).
They never fail (L. Robinson & Co.), Hose clip.
Thirst come, thirst served (Ridlers cider).
This rail will save lives (Lowndes Lifeboat Safety Appliance Co.).
To be sure of the best, remember the name (Coruba Jamaica Rum).
Top of the class (Demi-Wear), Kiddies coats.
Top speed cleaner with the velvet touch, The (Vim).
Toughest steel for the toughest jobs, The (Sorel).
Two anything anywhere (Robinson & Crosthwaite).

Unit which thinks and works for the fireman, The (Smart), Stoker.
Unrivalled playground of the world, The (Gleneagles Hotel), Scotland.

Valve with the ever-changing face, The (Brown & Tawse), Tubes.
Ventilates as it heats (Volex), Warm air system.
Vim and vigor from Vol-Vite vitamins.
Virol builds body, bone and muscle (Virol), Food.
Vol-Vite vitamins mean vim and vigor.

Wafers at their best (Watford buscuits).
Walk with LIBERTY (Liberty shoes).
Walk with Liberty, free your feet (Liberty shoes).
Water softener with a pedigree, The (Essex).
We are bound by the strongest of home ties (Actabond glue).
We are still making the BEST of it (Kno-Waste Bias Binding).
Wear that well-dressed look (clothes press).
Webley, of course, A (sporting guns).
We cover the world (Travel Trips, Ltd.), Travel agency.
We evolved the styles that the world admires (Ideal Leather Case Co.).
We work or want (British government).
We’ll work and win through (British government).
When letters await attention, cables demand it (Cable & Wireless, Ltd.).
Wherever pumps are used (Carruthers), Pumps.
Whiskey with the fascinating suggestion of peat reek, The (Mackinlay’s).
Who make only good paints (John Hall & Sons).
Why the wise use Wisdom (Wisdom toothbrush).
We’ll still be modern in 100 years time (Aluminex), Roof and sidewall glazing.
Wings between those islands and the world (air taxi).
With lemon, orange or lime a winner every time (Lemon Hart Rum).
Wonderful lamp, The (G. E. C.).
Won’t wash clothes (Polishing cleanser).
World’s best night-cap, The (Ovaltine).
World-famous for design and performance (Ransomme’s tractor implements).
World’s greatest travel system (Canadian Pacific Steamship R. R. Co.).
World’s largest daily net sale (Daily Express).
World’s most beautiful stockings (Canadian Silk Products, Ltd.).
World’s most versatile writing instrument, The (Biro pen).

You can depend on it (Austin automobile).
You can trust Whitefields (record store).
You cannot buy a better toothbrush (Spa).
You cannot sell a better toothbrush (Spa).
You know you’re well-dressed in a Marlbeck (ladies’ coat).
You’ll find this name on the motorcyle you want (BSA).
Your future is our business today (Great-West Life Assurance Co.).
Your Golden Rule of health (Beecham’s pills).

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