Pitch perfect: slogans from the British Empire, pt. 2

As our long march continues through the final few remaining categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans. This week, slogans beginning with the letters M through Z from the chapter entitled “Slogans from the British Empire.”

Machines that put the rings in springs, The (Universal Spring Coiler).
Machines that you will eventually buy (Alfa-Laval milker).
Made especially to prevent sore throats (Craven “A” cigarettes).
Magazine from farm and home, A (The Grain Growers Guide).
Makes your hair beautiful (Sta-Blond Shampoo).
Man who knows wears Drescott Clothes.
Mark that means that “little more” in quality, The (Johnson & Phillips cables).
Martin Winns again (M. Martin Winn Co.), Bolts.
Melt in every mouth (Mayfair), Toffees and chocolates.
Metal that never gets fired, The (Telcon metals).
Mighty insect destroyer, The (Secto DDT).
Mildest of all (Petite cigarettes).
Milk that is milk, The (S. Caulfield & Sons, Ltd.).
Millions use it (Simpson’s foot ointment).
Mine’s a Minor (De Reszke Minors), cigarettes.
Modern sanitary towel, The (Luna Inserts, Ltd).
Modern treatment for indigestion, The (Stomatex), powder and tablets.
More than a good soap (Lifebuoy).
More than a set, it’s a service (Ultra radio).
More than a shade better (Hartley shade headlamp mask).
Most Delicious (M & D Biscuits).

Name speaks for itself (Clarke’s blood mixture).
Name speaks for itself, The (Whiteway’s British wines).
Names that carries weight, The (Brockhouse Sprinklers, stokers).
Name to remember, The (Invecta radio).
Name to remember in dredging, The (Lobnitz dredges).
Name with a meaning, The (Kleen-e-eze brushes).
National beverage for health, The (Ovaltine).
National industry with an assured future, The (Mines).
Nation’s family cereal, The (Welgar), Shredded wheat.
Nature’s only rival (Callinan hair dresser).
Nature’s partner (Plesox), Stomach medicine.
Never say DIE, say Ardox (dies).
Newest in men’s watchbands, The (Estrades).
Next to myself I like Vedonis (underwear).
Niagara to the sea (Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd.).
No better food (Fry’s cocoa).
No boil, no toil (Brobat), non-poisonous disinfectant.
No pain or no pay (Shadforth tablets), Sciatica.
No problem can “floor” us (Great Metropolitan Flooring Co.).
No sooner VIM than done (cleaner).
Noble Scotch, A (whiskey), Train & McIntyre, Ltd.
Noble Scotch, gentle as a lamb, A (Old Angus).

Old favorite with the fine flavor, The (Mazawattee tea).
Old man’s brain in a young man’s body (Carlson), Wine cellar machiner.
Oldest purely fire office in he world, The (Sun Insurance Office).
100 years’ test, still is the best (Borwick’s), Baking powder.
One of Britain’s fine cars (Rover).
Only the choicest is good enough (C W. S. jam).
Original and the aristocrat of cocoa, The (Van Houten’s).
Original gin sling, The (Pimm’s No. 1).
Owned by the policy holders (Mutual Life Assurance of Canada).

Peer of the whiskey realm (House of Lords).
Perfect pen, The (Wyvern), Fountain pen.
Perfect spread, The (Sunny Spread).
Perfection in saddlery (Whippy Stegall & Co., Inc.).
Perfection of confections (Palm toffee).
Perfection of old Scotch (Teacher’s).
Perkins for particular people (H. Perkins & Sons, Ltd.).
Physicians remedy, The (Cephos headache tablets).
Pick of Canada’s burley tobacco, The (Picobac).
Pine disinfectant that smells good, The (Sanpic).
Pioneer farm journal of western Canada, The (Nor’ West Farmer).
Pioneers of scientific filtration (Vokes).
Playground of the air (Canadian Westinghouse Co., Ltd.).
Points the way to success (Vernon’s football pool).
Policies “good as gold” (London Life Insurance Co.).
Power in plenty (Wolseley engine).
Pram with the floating motion, The (Osnath).
Protection with profit (Great West Life Assurance Co.).
Protects profits (Trumeter).
PUBLIC and CIVIL service, A (Yates taverns).
Published to promote good farming and right living (Nor’ Wet Farmer), Canada.
Put wings on weight, fly your freight (Air India, Ltd.).
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Pitch perfect: slogans from the British Empire

As our long march continues through the final few remaining categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans. This week, slogans beginning with the letters A through L from the chapter entitled “Slogans from the British Empire.”

Above them a’ (Lang’s Scotch whiskey).
Abroad without crossing the seas (Montreal Tourist Bureau).
Adopt it now, adapt it later (Flowline conveyer system).
Afore ye go (Bell’s old Scotch whiskey).
All-purpose electric hammer, The (Kango).
All that’s best in coffee (Red White and Blue).
All work is eye work, eye work is my work (Burgham & Croydon), Opticians.
Always a good companion (Tata’s cologne).
Always the choice of connoisseurs (Adams 15 port).
American technology, British engineering (Head Wrightson processes).
Andrews for INNER cleanliness (liver salt).
Approved by a thousand million thirsts (Clayton’s fruit squashes).
As silent as the G in diaphragm (Saunders diaphragm valves).
Aspirin with a difference (Alasil).
Astonishingly good (soap), South African Oil & Fat Industries.
At any time of strain or pain Genasprin sees you through (aspirin).
At its old-time best (Curtis Gin).

Babies love it (Cow and Gate milk food).
Background to every lovely hair style (Eugene waver), Machine.
Be-fitting pride (B. B. Parkes pipe fittings).
Beer of superior quality, The (Castle).
Bell-dyed is well dyed (Bell dye works).
Best can never be surpassed, The (Clubland white post).
Best cement in the world used all over the world (Ciment Fondu).
Best company is the company that does the most good, The (Mutual Life Ins. Co.).
Best for you and baby, too (Albert Soaps Co.), Montreal.
Best in any measure, The (Grant whisky).
Best in the trade (Wright’s biscuits).
Best-known name in fire-protection, The (Pyrene Co.).
Best of taste, The (Poyner’s tea and coffee).
Best possible, The (Senior’s fish and meat pastes).
Best you can buy, sweet or dry, The (Vanour vermouth).
Better balanced bread, The (Hovis).
Better beer, The (Ansell’s).
Better methods, better marketing, better milk (Dairy Farmer), Magazine.
Bienvenue a’ Quebec (Canadian Pacific Steamship & RR Co.).
Born 1820, still going strong (Johnnie Walker whiskey).
Brand that puts flavor first, The (Del Monte fruits).
Breeder’s choice, The (Ful-O-Pep feeds).
Bright future (Science polish for shoes, floors, etc.).
Britain’s best-known makers of rope (British Ropes, Ltd.).
Britain’s best-known brassière (Kestos).
Britain’s leading oil journal (Petroleum Times).
Builders of better ships from every angle (Batram Sunderland).

Canada’s greatest newspaper (Montreal Daily Star).
Canada’s national air service (Trans-Canadian Air Lines).
Canada’s national farm journal (Family Herald & Weekly Star).
Canada’s national magazine (Maclean’s Magazine), Toronto.
Canada’s national newspaper (Toronto Globe).
Cares for your skin (lotion), Irish.
Centre of the world (Addenino’s), Hotel and restaurant.
Choice of champions, The (A. G. Spalding & Bros.).
Choice of the connoisseur, The (Gem cigarettes).
Cigarette of distinction, A (Embassy).
Cleans as it polishes (Karpol), Car polish.
ConfiDENTALly it’s Kolynos (dentrifice).
Constant in performance (Ford).
Cooler that does everything, The (Signet range).
Connoisseur’s favorite, The (Palomino & Vergara).
Connoisseur’s port, The (Clubland).
Correct-shape toothbrush, The (Wisdom).
Corset that fits like a glove, The (My Lady).
Count the stars who use them (A. J. Reach sports equipment).
Countless chins are comforted (Palmolive shaving cream).
Covers the country (Ratin Service), Exterminators.
Craftsmen in keeping things new (Langley’s, Ltd.).
Crawford’s biscuits are GOOD biscuits.
Creme de menthe with character, The (Vanryck).
CURRENT way of telling the time, The (Temco), Electric clocks.
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