Pitch perfect: pharmaceuticals

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and laxatives—lots and lots of laxatives.

Acts well, tastes swell (Ex-lax).
Ah, there’s the rub (Somerville Co.), Buffalo, N.Y.
Alkaline antispetic, The (Glyco-Thymoline), Kress & Owen Co.
Alkalize with Alka-Seltzer.
America’s physic (Pluto Water), French Lick Springs Hotel.
An inexpensive luxury (Greaseless medicated cream), Chem. Research Corp.
Antiseptic liniment, The (Absorbine, Jr.), W. F. Young, Inc.
Aspirin of quality, The (Smith, Kline & French Co.).
Athletes know it’s best (Olympene), medicine.
At the first sign of infectious dandruff (Listerine).
At the first sneeze, Vick’s VapoRub (Vick Chemical Co.).
At the first symptom (Listerine).
At your call with alcohol (Canadian Industrial Alcohol Co.).

Balanced prescription, The (The Stanback Co.).
Bandage that breathes, The (Sealtex).
Be as regular as a clock (Serutan), Healthaids, Inc.
Beauty laxative, The (Dr. Edward’s Olive Tablets.
Be bright. Feel right. Take Eno (laxative).
Before any date (Listerine).
Better than a mustard plaster (Musterole).
Better than whiskey for a cold (Dr. Miles Medical Co.).
Blessing in disguise (A Tastyeast, Inc.).

Candy-mint alkalizer, The (Alkaid).
Casco kills colds (Casco Co.).
Cheapest health insurance in the world, The (cough drops), Smith Bros.
Chewing laxative, The (Feen-a-mint), Health Products Co.
Chew with a purpose (Oralgene Chewing Gum).
Children are delighted with Astypodyne.
Children cry for it (Fletcher’s Castoria).
Children’s laxative, The (Castoria).
Chlorine ointment, The, better than iodine (Minox Chemical Corp.).
Citrated laxative, The (Howard Jackley Co.).
Cleans teeth all around (The Sealastic Co.).
Cleans them CLEAN (tooth brush).
Cod liver oil with the plus value, The (Scott’s emulsion).
Come over to the easy side of life (Glasglos Laboratories).
Cool off feet with an Ice-Mint treat (foot salve).
Corn-free happy feet (corn salve), Kohler Mfg. Co.
Criminal within, The (Eno), laxative.

Doctor in candy form, The (Partola).
Doctor’s prescription, The (Father John’s Medicine).
Does not harm the heart (Bayer aspirin).
Dots for periodical pains (Medical Mfg. Co.).

Easy doses, no fishy taste, no bad after-taste (Caritol), S. M. A. Corp.
Easy to use, just shake in your shoes (Allen’s Foot Ease).
End corn pain instantly (Blue-Jay).
Everything will come out all right (laxative), The Dill Co.

Family liniment, The (Sloan’s).
Famous doctor’s prescription, A (Reese Chemical Co.).
Famous name in pain relief (Sloan’s instant balm).
Famous rubbing liniment, The (Minard’s).
Feel it heal (Skin cream), Noxema.
Fights colds and sore throats (Listerine).
First aid for the family (antiseptic), Sodiphene Co.
First aids to cleanliness (Wilburt Products Co.).
First sip soothes it, The (Veno’s cough medicine).
First thing in the morning (Eno).
First thought, first aid and Astypodine.
First thought in burns, The (Unguentine).
For a good good morning (Zamarang Laboratories).
For double care, both scalp and hair (Vaseline hair tonic).
For FAST headache help (Bromo Seltzer).
For feminine hygiene use Lysol always.
For halitosis use Listerine.
For handsome hair, come sun, wind, water (Vitalis).
For husky throats (Zymole Trokeys).
For the smile of health (Sal Hepatica).
For the tummy (Tums).
For your eyes (Murine).
For your stomach’s sake (Eatonic Remedy Co.).

Get at that corn today, forget that ouch tomorrow (corn salve), Kohler Mfg.
Get the best in screw worm killers (Globe remedy).
Gets under your skin (Forol Laboratories).
Going, going, gone (Herpicide), Hair tonic.
Great aches from little corns grow (corn plaster), Blue Jay.
Great penetrative liniment, The (Omega Oil).
Great regulator, The (Beecham’s pills).
Guaranty of purity and reliability, A (Merck chemicals and drugs).
Guarding the public health (Greater Newark Retail Druggists Assn.).
Guards the danger line (Squibb).

Handiest thing in the house (Vaseline).
Happy faces tell the secret (Trulax Mfg. Co.).
Health (Fleischman Yeast).
Helping a nation to avoid severe colds (Vick Chemical Co.).
Helps nature cure your cough (Pertussin).
Hospitals prove it’s better (Johnson’s baby lotion).
Hypnosis with Narcosis (Tucker Pharmacal Co.).

Ideal laxative for young and old (Beechalex).
If hair’s your pride use Herpecide (hair tonic).
I’m well! You well? (Sterizol Co.).
Internal lubricant (Nujol). Standard Oil Co.
In the best of regulated families (Milk of Magnesia).
In the service of medicine for over three decades (Drug Products Co.).
Iowa Tablet house, The (CaPhenin Chemical Co.).
It happens in two seconds (Bayer Aspirin).
It’s a protective neutralizer (Bisurated Magnesia).
It’s right for you (Grade A Milk of Magnesia), Strathmore Products.
It’s the little daily dose that does it (Krushen Salts).
It tastes better (Milk of Magnesia), E. R. Squibb.

Join the regulars (Ex-Lax).
Just a good laxative (Espotabs), The Dill Co., Norristown, Pa.
Just a smile, all the while (Allen’s Foot Ease).
Just rub in (Cress Corn and Bunion Salves).
Just rub it on (Vick Chemical Co.).
Just rub on, inhale the vapors (Vick).
Just slip one in your mouth (Attenbury’s Pastille).
Just the thing (Double-tipped swabs), Q-Tips, Inc.

Keep fighting, keep working, keep singing, America (Squibb).
Keep it handy (Sloan’s Liniment), W. R. Warner & Co.
Keep regular (Ex-Lax).
Keep regular this healthful way (Sunkist lemons).
Keep regular with Ex-Lax.
Keeps lips fit (Fleets chap stick).
Keep singing, keep working, America (Squibb).
Keep singing, keep working, keep fighting, America (Squibb).
Keep regular as clockwork with Nujol.
Keeps you vibrantly healthy (Vip) medcine.
Keep Tabs on your tongue (Repetti, Inc.).
Keep working, keep singing, America (Squibb).
Keep your health in tune (Harmony vitamins), A. S. Boyle Co.
Keep you well from infancy to old age (Davol Rubber Co.).
Kills pain (Sloan’s Liniment).
King of pain (Minard Co.).
Kondon’s kills kolds (Kondon Mfg. Co.).

Laugh it off with a “Jest” (Alkalizer), Jests, Inc.
Laxate with Espotabs (The Dill Co.).
Laxative chewing gum, The (Feen-a-mint).
Leaves the mouth with a lasting coolness (Wrigley Pharmaceutical Co.).
Life begins at forty (Fleischmann’s yeast).
Little nurse for little ills, The (Mentholatum Co.).
Lovely skin comes from within, A (Nujol).

Made with prescription care (Park & Pollard Co.), Buffalo.
Makers of medicines prescribed by physicians (Parke, Davis & Co.).
Makes you feel fit faster (Bromo-Seltzer).
Make your feet happy by keeping them healthy (Foot Bath Crystal).
Medicaments vera (Parke Davis), Detroit.
Mineral salt laxative, The (Sal-Hepatica).
Modern rub-in, The (Minit-Rub).
More you eat, the better you feel, The (K-Naturals Mfg. Co.).

National rub down, The (Miffin alcohol).
Natural energy, food and and body builder, A (Canada Health Foods, Ltd.).
Never let a cold get a start (Vick).
Never neglect a break in the skin (Newskin Co.).
Never neglect the tiniest cut (Band-Aid).
Never upset an upset stomach (Pepto-Bismal).
Next to safety first, first aid (Johnson & Johnson).
Nip-it with Sip-It (Sip-It cough remedy).
No home complete without Astypodyne.
Nothing acts like Analax (KcKesson & Robbins).
Now over 21 million jars used yearly (Vick’s).
NR tonight, tomorrow all right (Nature’s Remedy), laxative.
Number one selection for your hair and scalp protection, The (Dr. Shiffer).

One of America’s great basic businesses (Barrett Pills).
Original chocolate laxative, The (Ex-Lax).
Our sign is our bond (Lehn & Fink).

Partners for perfection (Vim), needles, syringes.
Pat it on the face, wop it on the body (Pat-&-Wop), Allied Drug Products.
Pharmaceuticals of assured accuracy (J. S. Airhart).
Pleasant way to reduce (Marmola).
Precious bit more than a laxative, A (Alonso), Bliss Medical Co.
Priceless ingredient of every product is the honor and integrity of its maker (Squibb).
Proved treatment for dandruff, The (Listerine).
Put one on, the pain is gone (Zono pads).

Quality is paramount to price (Johnson & Johnson).
Quality is the best policy (Castrol Oil).

Regular as clockwork (Nujol).
RELy on REL for real RELief (Maryland Pharmaceutical Co.).
ReMEMber MEM (Mem Co.).
REMember this REMarkable REMedy … REM (Maryland Pharmaceutical Co.).
Rexall for reliability (drugs).
Road to health and beauty, The (H. K. B. Corp.).
Rub your cold away (Mistol rub).

Safe and gentle way to end a corn, The (Blue Jay).
Safe antiseptic, The (Listerine).
Safe antiseptic with the pleasant taste, The (Listerine).
Safe for every cough (Pertussin).
Safe for the little folks, too (The New-Syn Co.), Minneapolis.
Salve with a base of old=fashioned mutton suet, The (Penetro).
Scientific corn ender, The (Bauer & Black).
SELLS best because it IS best (bracer supporter).
Snap back with Stanback (headache powders).
So gentle for children, so thorough for grown-ups (Phillips Milk of Magnesia).
Soothing, healing, pain-relieving (Mecca ointment).
So powerful yet absolutely safe to tissues (Zonitors), suppository.
Stay young as you grow old (Abbey Effervescent Co.).
Step forward in menopausal therapy, A (Ortho Pharmaceuticals).
Stop that tickle (cough drops), Bunte Bros.
Swift as the swallow, relief (The Neo-Syn Co.), Pills.
Swift relief follows the swallow (The Neo-Syn Co.).

Take it easy (medicine), Neo-Syn Co.
Take two, pain’s through (Neo-Syn Co.).
Teaching a nation to avoid severe colds (Vick).
Tested treatment, The (Listerine).
Tested treatment for infectious dandruff, The (Listerine).
That Kruschen feeling (salts), E. Griffiths Hughes.
There IS no substitute (R. Brown’s Chlorodyne).
They work while you sleep (Cascarets).
Three minutes of chewing makes all the difference (Feen-a-mints).
Time it when you take it (Pasmore’s 2-minute aid), Bronchial mixture.
Time-tested laxative (The Dill Co.).
To fly high in the morning, take Phillips at night (Milk of Magnesia).
To gladden hearts and lighten labor (Dow Chemical).
Tomorrow’s medicines from today’s research (Nupercainal).
Tonight at bedtime (Lee’s Magnesia). Lee-Strauss Co., Inc.
Touches the spot (ointment), Homocea, Ltd., England.
True chocolate laxative, The (Tru-Lax Mfg. Co.).
Turn a frown to a grin with Anacin.
Twice a day and before every date (Listerine).

Used by more men today than any other hair tonic (Vaseline).
Used while you sleep (Vapo-Cresolene Co.).

Vitamins you can trust (Benefax).

Wake up your liver (Carter’s Pills).
Warmth works wonders (Radway’s Ready Relief), Radways & Co.
Way to a happy stomach, The (tablets), F. H. Pfunder, Inc.
We cover the earth with drugs of worth (Meyer Bros. Drug Co.).
What a difference Midol makes (women’s medicine).
When nature forgets, remember EX-LAX.
When nature won’t, Pluto will (French Lick Springs Co.).
When you take cold, take lemons (Sunkist).
Wide range of therapeutic usefulness (Donnatol medicine).
Wonder-healing salve, The (Kleerex for skin diseases).
Works while you sleep (Cascarets), Neuralgyline Co.
World over, The (Mothersill’s seasick remedy).
World liniment, The (Sloan’s).
Worth a guinea a box (Beecham’s pills).

You’re always safe with Baker’s Magdolite (mineral).

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