Time Travel: All aboard the Nostalgia Train

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We just got the word that a recent practice we’ve come to consider a grand holiday tradition will continue this year. That’s right, the Nostalgia Train will be making its weekly runs once again along the tracks of the NYC subway.

What’s the Nostalgia Train, you ask?

Every holiday season in recent years, the good folks at the NYC transit have run the Nostalgia Train, which is made up of subway cars that operated from the 1930s to the 1970s. Not only do train fans and nostalgia buffs get to experience subway cars from another era, but all the ads that line the upper walls of the cars are vintage ones, ranging from the 1930s through the 1960s.

Our first experience with the Nostalgia Train came some summers back, on a special express run from midtown to Coney Island, but it’s even more fun at holiday time.

The train runs on Sundays from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m., November 28 thru December 26, making the same stops as the M train, traveling from the 2nd Avenue station on the Lower East Side to Queens Plaza and back again.

In the past, we’ve donned vintage clothing for the occasion, and in a perfect world, everyone else would do the same—think how it would heighten the experience!

The photos in the slideshow are from a ride we took in December 2008. They’ll give you an idea, we hope, of what a delightful experience the Nostalgia Train is.

Pitch perfect: pharmaceuticals

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and laxatives—lots and lots of laxatives.

Acts well, tastes swell (Ex-lax).
Ah, there’s the rub (Somerville Co.), Buffalo, N.Y.
Alkaline antispetic, The (Glyco-Thymoline), Kress & Owen Co.
Alkalize with Alka-Seltzer.
America’s physic (Pluto Water), French Lick Springs Hotel.
An inexpensive luxury (Greaseless medicated cream), Chem. Research Corp.
Antiseptic liniment, The (Absorbine, Jr.), W. F. Young, Inc.
Aspirin of quality, The (Smith, Kline & French Co.).
Athletes know it’s best (Olympene), medicine.
At the first sign of infectious dandruff (Listerine).
At the first sneeze, Vick’s VapoRub (Vick Chemical Co.).
At the first symptom (Listerine).
At your call with alcohol (Canadian Industrial Alcohol Co.).

Balanced prescription, The (The Stanback Co.).
Bandage that breathes, The (Sealtex).
Be as regular as a clock (Serutan), Healthaids, Inc.
Beauty laxative, The (Dr. Edward’s Olive Tablets.
Be bright. Feel right. Take Eno (laxative).
Before any date (Listerine).
Better than a mustard plaster (Musterole).
Better than whiskey for a cold (Dr. Miles Medical Co.).
Blessing in disguise (A Tastyeast, Inc.).

Candy-mint alkalizer, The (Alkaid).
Casco kills colds (Casco Co.).
Cheapest health insurance in the world, The (cough drops), Smith Bros.
Chewing laxative, The (Feen-a-mint), Health Products Co.
Chew with a purpose (Oralgene Chewing Gum).
Children are delighted with Astypodyne.
Children cry for it (Fletcher’s Castoria).
Children’s laxative, The (Castoria).
Chlorine ointment, The, better than iodine (Minox Chemical Corp.).
Citrated laxative, The (Howard Jackley Co.).
Cleans teeth all around (The Sealastic Co.).
Cleans them CLEAN (tooth brush).
Cod liver oil with the plus value, The (Scott’s emulsion).
Come over to the easy side of life (Glasglos Laboratories).
Cool off feet with an Ice-Mint treat (foot salve).
Corn-free happy feet (corn salve), Kohler Mfg. Co.
Criminal within, The (Eno), laxative.

Doctor in candy form, The (Partola).
Doctor’s prescription, The (Father John’s Medicine).
Does not harm the heart (Bayer aspirin).
Dots for periodical pains (Medical Mfg. Co.).
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