Pitch perfect: Vintage Political Slogans, pt. 2

Willkie campaign posterOur long march through the Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans, ends with this installment, which comprises vintage political slogans beginning with the letters S through Y from the chapter entitled “Political, Historical, Patriotic, Military.”

This chapter’s an odd one, as so many of the entries are personal statements and not slogans at all, and many, unlike those found in the book’s other chapters, date much farther back than the first half of the 20th century.

Still, the completist in us wouldn’t let us consider not sharing this chapter with you.

The Cladrite Reading Room continues next Monday, so check this space. We think you’ll like what we have in store for you.

Labor is king (Republican Presidential campaign), 1880.
Labor omnia vincit (State of Oklahoma).
Labor conquers all things (State of Oklahoma).
Lafayette, we are here (General John J. Pershing), June 13, 1917, France.
Land divided, the world united, The (Governor’s seal, Panama Canal Zone).
Let arms yield to the gown (State of Wyoming).
Let it be short, sharp, and decisive (Northern slogan), 1861.
Let liberty be national, and slavery sectional (Republican Pres. camp. 1860).
Let no guilty man escape (U. S. Grant), 1875.
L’etoile du nord (State of Minnesota).
Let the people rule (Andrew Jackson), 1832.
Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law (State of Missouri).
Let there be light (Carnegie libraries).
Let there be light and there was light (Order of Free and Accepted Masons).
Let us alone (big business), 1905.
Let us have peace (Republican Presidential campaign), 1868, for Grant.
Let us keep this honest man (1920).
Libertas et fidelitate (on reverse of State seal of Virginia).
Liberty and independence (State of Delaware).
Liberty and independence or death (American Revolution slogan).
Liberty and prosperity (State of New Jersey).
Liberty and Union (Abraham Lincoln), 1861-1865.
Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable (Daniel Webster).
Liberty dearer than union (John C. Calhoun).
Liberty or death (Virginia Revolutionary regiments).
Liberty, prosperity and no stamps (anti-Stamp Act slogan), 1765.
Life of the land is preserved by righteousness (Hawaii).
Long live the President (George Washington’s adherents, 1791).
Look up, not down; look forward, not back; look out, not in and lend a hand (Edward Everett Hale).
Love thine enemy (Democratic National Convention), 1940.

FDR campaign posterMake American the arsenal and the larder of Democracy (F. D. Roosevelt, 1941).
Make the world safe for Democracy (Woodrow Wilson), 1917.
Manly deeds, womanly words (State of Maryland).
Mayest thou endure forever (State Idaho).
McKinley and the full dinner pail (Republican Presidential campaign), 1900.
Meliorem lapsa locavit (State of South Carolina).
Millions for defense but not one cent for tribute (C. C. Pinckney).
Montani semper liberi (State of West Virginia).
Mountaineers are always free men (State of West Virginia).
My country, right or wrong (Stephen Decatur).

National Guard is for the Union, The (New York National Guard).
New Hampshire has no slogan or motto.
New order of ages, A (translation of slogan, obverse side of U. S. Great Seal).
Nil sine numine (State of Colorado).
No compromise, no more slavery (Republican Presidential campaign), 1846.
No fourth term, either (Republican presidential campaign), 1940.
No free trade (Republican Presidential campaign), 1880.
No more ’76 (Democratic Presidential campaign), 1876.
No quarter for Tories (Francis Marion).
No taxation without representation (American Colonies), 1765.
No terms except unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted (U. S. Grant).
No third term (Republican Presidential campaign), 1940.
No union with slaveholders (W. L. Garrison).
Not worth a Continental (Money from American Revolutionary period).
Nothing without the Divinity (State of Colorado).
Novus ordo seclorum (Great Seal of the United States).
Now or never (pro-Annexationists), 1846.
N U T S! (General McAuliffe), World War II.
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Pitch perfect: tobacco

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market pipes, cigars, tobacco, and smoking accessories.

Aged in the wood (Velvet Tobacco).
America’s finest pipe tobacco (Edgeworth).
America’s most distinguished cigarette holder (Kirsten Pipe Co.), Seattle.
America’s most popular cigar (King Edward).
America’s smoothest tobacco (Velvet), Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.
Aristocrat of cigars, The (Robert Burns).
Aristocrat of pipe tobacco, The (Old Briar), United Cigar Stores.
Aromatic in the pack, aromatic in the pipe (tobacco), Holiday.
Ashless ashstand, The (Smokador Mfg. Co.), New York.
Ask him why he smokes a Webster (Webster Cigar Co.), Detroit.
Ask your dealer, he knows (Garcia y Vega cigar).

Barking Dog never bites (Continental Tobacco Co.).
Best cigar in any case, The (Justin Seubert Co.), Syracuse.
Best for half a century, better than ever today (Admiration cigar).
Best in the Union, in pocket tins, The (Union smoking tobacco), Lorillard.
Best of the best (Optimo cigars).
Biteless blend, The (Briggs pipe mixture).
Brand with the grand aroma, The (Mail Pouch Tobacco Co.), Wheeling, W. Va.
Buy word of millions (King Edward cigar).

Caterers to the tobacco trade (Dillon Supply Co.), Raleigh, N. C.
Champion of blends (Sportsman pipe mixture).
Champion of pipes (Sportsman).
Change to Bond Street for fragrant smoking (pipe tobacco).
Choice of successful men, The (Blackstone cigar).
Cigar made with good judgment, The (Tom Keene), General Cigar Co.
Cigar that breathes, The (Roi-Tan).
Classic in wood, A (pipe), Kaywoodie Co.
Cooler on the draw (pipe), Royal Duke

Dependable all ways (Berkeley lighter).
Dignifying the pipe (One-Up tobacco case), Smokers Products, Inc.
Double-value cigar that guarantees more satisfaction (La Fendrich).

Everybody loves Admiration (cigar).
Every El Dueno cigar is smooth sailing (El Dueno Cigar Co.).
Every puff a pleasure (cigar), Gonzalez & Sanchez Co., Jacksonville, Fla.
Exclusive, not expensive (pipe, tobacco and men’s gift shop), Boyce, San Jose, Calif.
Executive America’s top cigar (Webster).

Faithfully maintaining quality at no advance in price (Dr. Grabow pipes).
Famous for quality (Dexter cigar).
Famous name in tobacco for nearly 200 years (Old Gold).
Filters the smoke from bowl to tip (Forecaster pipe).
First different smoking tobacco in a generation, The (Half & Half).
First in the social register (cigars), Webster-Eisenlohr, Inc.
For my pipe (Granger tobacco).
For real enjoyment (El Producto), Cigar.
For solid comfort (LHS pipes).
For young men and men with young ideas (General Cigar Co.).
Four inches of a 25-cent cigar (The In-B-Tween Co.), Baltimore.
Friendly smoke, The (Royalist cigar), Grabowsky Bros., Inc., Philadelphia.
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Pitch perfect: ladies' undergarments

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market brassieres, corsets, and other women’s undergarments.

Above all, under all (Dove Skin undies).
Always-fresh, wet-proof panties, The (Nata-Pax).
Arrow aims at allure (Arrow bra).
As modern as tomorrow (Royal Worcester Corset Co.), Worcester, Mass.

Beautiful corset worn by beautiful women to make them more beautiful (Lily of France Corset Co.), New York.
Bien Jolie creates the world’s finest corsetry.
Boast of the gown, The (Prim Miss Brassieres and Girdles), Sidley Co.
Bra that fits like magic, The (Genie).

Checks your figure but not your freedom (Marvelette, Inc.), Worcester.
Covers the subject (foundation garments), Sid Levy & Sons, San Francisco.
Custom-corseted look, The (Newman & Sons, Inc.), New York.

Difference makes the difference, The (Anne Alt brassiere).
Don’t say underwear, say Munsingwear.

Eventually yours (slip), Corette.
Every corset guaranteed (rust-proof corsets), Warner Bros. Co.
Everything is under control (Vogue Foundations, Inc.), Newark, N.J.
Every woman needs a little Vanity (foundation).

Fantasy in freedom (undies), Blue Swan.
Fashioned each season to fit each season’s fashions (Royal Worcester Corset).
Fast becoming the greatest name in corsetry (Diana).
Figure magic of feather lightness (brassiere).
Fit as a fiddle (Society Girl foundations).
Fit-from-any-angle, patented pantie girdle, The (Sport-Tights).
Fits the feminine clan (girdle), Sidley Co.
Fits to precision (Pre-cize girdle).
“Fitting” tribute to the feminine figure, A (Primrose Foundations).
Fitting the purse as well as the figure (Cusette Foundations).
Flatters where it matters (Adola brassiere).
For a figure to remember (RumBRA).
For beauty to have and to hold (Petalpoint Motif bra).
For that certain “lift” (Elaine bra).
For that priceless young look (Formaid brassiere).
For the full figure (Youthline foundation).
For the lift of your lifetime (Life bra).
For the modern miss (Charmese foundations).
For youthful figures of all ages (Lasticraft Foundations).
Foundation of American beauty, The (Best Form Corset), New York.
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