Pitch perfect: tobacco

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market pipes, cigars, tobacco, and smoking accessories.

Aged in the wood (Velvet Tobacco).
America’s finest pipe tobacco (Edgeworth).
America’s most distinguished cigarette holder (Kirsten Pipe Co.), Seattle.
America’s most popular cigar (King Edward).
America’s smoothest tobacco (Velvet), Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.
Aristocrat of cigars, The (Robert Burns).
Aristocrat of pipe tobacco, The (Old Briar), United Cigar Stores.
Aromatic in the pack, aromatic in the pipe (tobacco), Holiday.
Ashless ashstand, The (Smokador Mfg. Co.), New York.
Ask him why he smokes a Webster (Webster Cigar Co.), Detroit.
Ask your dealer, he knows (Garcia y Vega cigar).

Barking Dog never bites (Continental Tobacco Co.).
Best cigar in any case, The (Justin Seubert Co.), Syracuse.
Best for half a century, better than ever today (Admiration cigar).
Best in the Union, in pocket tins, The (Union smoking tobacco), Lorillard.
Best of the best (Optimo cigars).
Biteless blend, The (Briggs pipe mixture).
Brand with the grand aroma, The (Mail Pouch Tobacco Co.), Wheeling, W. Va.
Buy word of millions (King Edward cigar).

Caterers to the tobacco trade (Dillon Supply Co.), Raleigh, N. C.
Champion of blends (Sportsman pipe mixture).
Champion of pipes (Sportsman).
Change to Bond Street for fragrant smoking (pipe tobacco).
Choice of successful men, The (Blackstone cigar).
Cigar made with good judgment, The (Tom Keene), General Cigar Co.
Cigar that breathes, The (Roi-Tan).
Classic in wood, A (pipe), Kaywoodie Co.
Cooler on the draw (pipe), Royal Duke

Dependable all ways (Berkeley lighter).
Dignifying the pipe (One-Up tobacco case), Smokers Products, Inc.
Double-value cigar that guarantees more satisfaction (La Fendrich).

Everybody loves Admiration (cigar).
Every El Dueno cigar is smooth sailing (El Dueno Cigar Co.).
Every puff a pleasure (cigar), Gonzalez & Sanchez Co., Jacksonville, Fla.
Exclusive, not expensive (pipe, tobacco and men’s gift shop), Boyce, San Jose, Calif.
Executive America’s top cigar (Webster).

Faithfully maintaining quality at no advance in price (Dr. Grabow pipes).
Famous for quality (Dexter cigar).
Famous name in tobacco for nearly 200 years (Old Gold).
Filters the smoke from bowl to tip (Forecaster pipe).
First different smoking tobacco in a generation, The (Half & Half).
First in the social register (cigars), Webster-Eisenlohr, Inc.
For my pipe (Granger tobacco).
For real enjoyment (El Producto), Cigar.
For solid comfort (LHS pipes).
For young men and men with young ideas (General Cigar Co.).
Four inches of a 25-cent cigar (The In-B-Tween Co.), Baltimore.
Friendly smoke, The (Royalist cigar), Grabowsky Bros., Inc., Philadelphia.

Generously good (G. W. Childs cigar), American Cigar Co.
Graduate to Kaywoodie (pipes), Kaywoodie Co., New York.

Have you a save token (Boyce’s Tobacco Shop), San Jose, Calif.
Have you tried one lately? (Robert Burns), General Cigar Co.
“Heart of the root” briar (Rembrandt pipe).
Holiday cigar at a week-day price, The (Cinco).
Hollycourt 77.7% drier than other pipes (M. Linkman & Co.), Chicago.
Honey-cured smoke, The (Kaufman Bros. & Bondy).
Honey of a tobacco, A (Cookie Jar).

I envy men the pleasant puffing of their pipes (Tuxedo tobacco).
If it’s a Regens, it lights (lighter).
Instantaneous pocket cigarette maker, The (J. C. Swann), New York.
Insured pipe, The (Wm. Demuth & Co.), New York.
It filters the smoke (De Nicotea), cigarette holder.
It’s a mighty fine pipe tobacco (J. Dill Co.), Richmond.
It’s a pippin (cigars), H. Traiser & Co., Inc., Boston.
Its blend is our secret, its fragrance your delight (Old Briar Tobacco).
It’s good because it’s fresh (Tuxedo tobacco), American Tobacco Co.
It’s mild and mellow (Revelation pipe tobacco).
It started me smoking cigars (Robert Burns).

Judged best by the just (Barister cigars), Celestino Costello Co.

Kaywoodie flavor, The (Kaywoodie Co.), pipes.
Keeps itself clean (Smokemaster).
Keeps tobacco really fresh ’cause its lips are sealed (tobacco pouch).

Last word in pipes, The (Kaywoodie Co.).
Leaf tobaccos that satisfy (Louis Greenwald), Hartford.
Lighter that made the world lighter-conscious, The (Zippo).
Little cigars that win (Admiration), E. Regensburg & Sons.
Look for the Mission when you buy a pipe (Monterey).
Look through and see (cigarette holder), Kirsten Pipe Co., Seattle.

Machinery specialists to the tobacco industry (Am. Mach. & Foundry Co.).
Make a date with Model (tobacco).
Make a date with Muriel (cigars).
Making smoking “safe” for smokers (Bonded Tobacco Co.).
Makings of a nation, The (Bull Durham tobacco), American Tobacco Co.
Man alive! Two for five (Standard Cigar Co.), Pittsburgh.
Man is known by his Kaywoodie, A (Kaywoodie Co.).
Man to man, Roi Tan, a cigar you’ll like (American Cigar Co.).
Measure yourself for a Kelly (cigar), American Cigar Co.
Mildness plus character (Congress Cigar Co.).
Millions are saying ” Tasting better han ever” (General Cigar Co.).

National joy smoke, The (Prince Albert), pipe mixture.
Nation’s pipe, The (Kaufman Bros. & Bondy).
Never before did a nickel buy more (cigar), Otto Eisenlohr & Bros.
Never fails (Ideal lighter fluid).
Never gets on your nerves (Antonio, Roag & Langsdorg), Girard cigar.
No breaking-in with Yellow-Bole (pipe), Kaufman Bros. & Bondy.
No finer-tasting cigar at any price (Seidenberg).
No other tobacco is like it (Prince Albert), R. J. Reynolds Co.
Now every man can enjoy his pipe (Sutliff Tobacco Co.).

Oil-treated dollar paragon pipe, The; it is porous; porous pipe smoke, sweet and mellow (Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy).
Oldest name in pipes, The (House of Comoy).
Once tried, always satisfied (Golden Virginia tobacco).

P. A. means Pipe Appeal (Prince Albert), tobacco.
Pathfinders in pipedom (M. Linkman & Co.).
Pick of Canada’s burley tobacco, The (Picobac). Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada.
Pipe of distinction, The (L & H Stern Co.), Brooklyn, N. Y.
Pipe’s best friend is fragrant Heine’s blend, A (Sutliff Tobacco Co.).
Pipe that everybody knows, The (Kaywoodie Co.).
Pipe that’s broken in, The (M. Linkman & Co.).
Pipe that sidetracks moisture (Smokemaster).
Pipe without a fault (Faultless Castings Co.), Brazil, Ind.
Press, it’s lit; release, it’s out (Ronson lighters).
Product of Cuban soil and Cuban sun (La Primadora cigars).

Ripe ‘n’ ready for smokin’ steady (Dr. Grabow Pipe Co.).

She likes the fragrance (Sutliff Tobacco Co.).
Sign of a good cigar, The (United Cigar Stores Co.).
Six good companions (pipes), Kaywoodie Co.
Smart smokers smoke Seidenberg (cigar).
Smells better in the pouch; smokes better in the pipe (Model pipe tobacco).
Smoke all you like, like all you smoke (cigarette holder), L. & H. Stern.
Smoke with a smile, The (Briggs pipe mixture).
Smoking, NOT plumbing, supplies (pipes), Boyce’s Store, San Jose.
Smoothest smoking tobacco (Velvet), Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.
Sooner or later, your favorite tobacco (Sir Walter Raleigh).
Sophistocrat of cigars, The (General Cigar Co.).
Standard of the world (Bull Durham), American Tobacco Co.
Sweeter as the years go by (Kaywoodie briar).
Sweetest pipe in the world, The (Wm. Demuth & Co.).

Take a tip from Robert Burns (cigar).
Ten to one it’s a Santa Fe (cigars), A. Sensebrenner Sons, Los Angeles).
That Chancellor taste (American Cigar Co.).
That pleasing cigar (Muriel).
That’s putting it MILDLY (pipe mixture), Country Doctor.
Tobacco of quality, The (Old Chum).
Try Hollycourt. Why? The bowl stays dry (pipe), M. Linkman & Co., Chicago.

Universal pipe, The (Wm. Demuth & Co.).
Up-draft lighter, The (Lord Oxford).

Watch his smoke (Santa Fe cigars), A. Sensebrenner Sons.
When a feller needs a friend (Briggs pipe mixture).
With pleasure, sir! (General Cigar Co.).
With the aroma of the rose (Rosa Aroma cigars), C. A. Nolan, Sellersville, Pa.
World’s finest cigarette paper, The (Ecusta Paper Corp.), Pizgah Forest, N. C.
World’s greatest lighter (Ronson).
World premier pipe, The (Sasieni).

Yes, there IS a difference (Ronson lighter).
You can’t get a drink from a drinkless Kaywoodie (pipe), Kaywoodie Co.
You can’t get a drink from a drinkless pipe (Reiss-Premier Pipe Co.).
You don’t get rough, you don’t get tough, you simply puff (flameless lighters).
You ought to meet Muriel (cigar).
Your nose knows (Tuxedo tobacco), American Tobacco Co.
Your nose quickly knows (Tuxedo pipe tobacco), American Tobacco Co.
Your nose quickly knows the difference (Tuxedo pipe tobacco).

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