Spreading the toe-tapping joy

A couple of new developments we wanted to share with longtime members of the Cladrite Community:

If you’re one of those cutting-edge, early-adapting, beta-testing types who have gained early access to Google+, you can follow Cladrite Radio there. Just do a search on “Cladrite” when you’re logged in at Google+ or follow this link to find us. We’re only now up and running, but in the coming days and weeks, you’ll find the sort of updates and info there that we’ve long shared on Facebook (where we’ll continue to post as well—we’re not inclined to choose sides in the social media wars).

You can also join in the fun in the Cladrite Room at Turntable.fm, which, like Google+, is still in beta, but not so hard to gain access to (all you need is a Facebook friend who’s a member). Turntable.fm is a fun music streaming site that allows up to five people at a time to share DJ duties. So not only can you pop over and listen to the sort of toe-tapping tunes you’re used to hearing on Cladrite Radio, you can contribute to the mix by taking over the DJ duties and playing songs you’d like others to hear, either chosen from Turntable.fm’s impressively extensive selection or uploaded from your own collection.

As you might expect, we do ask that you limit the tracks you play to ones recorded in the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s, but otherwise, we’re open to hearing whatever you choose to share.

The Cladrite Room at Turntable.fm is private for now, but we don’t mind you sharing the URL with like-minded pals. We just want to make sure that the music played there is from the Cladrite Era. And while we’re not there manning the turntable 24/7—we do have to sleep sometime—you’ll find we’re there much of the time, and we do hope you’ll join us.

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