Pitch perfect: meters and scales

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, today we feature a 1949 collection of advertising slogans used to market meters, scales, and measuring devices.

Always accurate (Guarantee Liquid Measure Co.), Rochester, Pa.
Always on the level (The Liquidometer Corp.).

Better pictures with less effort (G. E. exposure meter).
Brackets of steel that never break (Stewart-Warner Speedometer Corp.).

Compass of industry, The (Foxmoro meters).
Correct in every weigh (Counselor Bath Room Scale).

Design simplicity and dependability (Adel Precision Products Corp.).

Elapsed time recorder, The (The Calculagraph Co.).

It is accurate and it stays accurate (National Meter Co.).
It will tell your eyes before your eyes tell you (sight meter). Tampa Elec. Co.

Jones, he pays the freight (Jones scales).

Keep your entire system under your fingertips (Metameter), The Bristol Co.

Laboratory accuracy at a toolroom price (Hoke gages), Pratt & Whitney.
Longest lived micrometer that can be bought (J. T. Slocomb Co.).

Motion econometer (Cardineer and Reveldex Record), Diebold Safe & Lock.
Motion saved is money earned, A (industrial engineers), A. B. Segur & Co.

Name worth remembering, A (Fairbanks-Morse).
No springs, honest weight (Toledo Scale Co.).

Personal bathroom scale, The (Detecto), Jacobs Bros. Co., Inc.

Right way to weigh right, The (Stimpson Computing Scale Co.), Louisville.

Safeguards liquid assets (Liquidometer Corp.).
Signal for every traffic need, A (American Gas Accumulator Co.).
Standard of accuracy, The (Marsh Gauges), Chicago.
Stop cheating yourself (Graves Timing Device Co.).

Taylor instruments mean accuracy first (controls).
Tell the truth (Scientific measuring instruments), A. E. Moeller Co.
There’s a Tycos or Taylor Thermometer for every purpose (Taylor Instrument Co.).
“Time clock” for machinery, A (Recorder).
Time-honored name in scales, A (Fairbanks-Morse).
To measure is to economize (Brown pyrometers), Brown Instrument Co.

Watches your weight (scale), Jarcons Bros., Inc.
Weigh the loads and save the roads (Black & Decker).
Weigh to profits, The (Stimpson Computing Scale Co.).

You can count on Wak counters.

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