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Longtime readers of Cladrite Radio know of our abiding affection for drive-in theatres. In fact, we’ve been moderating an online discussion group devoted to drive-ins since 1994.

One of the members of that discussion group posted a link recently to the following video, which is featured on the AARP website, and we thought it well worth sharing with the Cladrite community. It does a great job of capturing what it is drive-in buffs so love about these wonderful theatres, and we think you’ll enjoy it (it even features one of our favorite drive-ins, Shankweiler’s in Orefield, Pennsylvania—the oldest remaining drive-in in the world and the second one ever built).

If you’d like to join the aforementioned discussion group, just follow this link. Membership is free, posts are moderated so as to keep the conversation on-topic, and you won’t get a flood of mail in your e-mailbox—just the occasional thread discussing our shared love for ozoners (that’s a nickname for drive-ins, don’t you know).

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