Pitch perfect: radios

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market radios, phonographs, televisions, and even radio and television broadcasting stations.

ABC of radio satisfaction, The (Ray-O-Vac batteries), French Battery Co.
Air unlox to Magnavox (Magnavox Co.), Oakland, Calif.
Air-Way’s best by any test (Air-Way Electric Appliance Co.).
All phonographs in one (Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.).
All that is best in radio (Eagle Radio Co.), Newark, N. J.
Alone in tone (Magnavox), Receiving sets.
Always a year ahead (Zenith radio).
Always good company (Radio Industries Corp.).
America’s most copied radio (Zenith).
America’s smart set (Admiral), Radio-phonograph.
And when you listen you’ll buy this Westinghouse (radio).
Arvin sets the pace, lead with Arvin (radio), Noblitt-Sparks.
As easy as listening (Cortinaphone), Cortina Academy of Languages (phonographs).
At the right of your dial (Station WKW), St. Louis.

Beautiful beyond belief in tone and styling (Bendix Radio Division).
Behind the panels of better built sets (General Radio Corp.).
Believe your own ears (G. E. Radio).
Best by test for high fidelity (phonograph needles).
Best in radio, The (American Bosch Co.).
Best in radio is better with a Bendix, The.
Better, costs less (Crosley Radio Corp.).
Better results with less effort (Independent Radio Supply Co.).
Blue tube with the life-like tone, The (Arcturus Radio Tube Co.).
Bring ’em in dead, take ’em out alive (The Radio Hospital), Youngstown, Ohio.
Build that set on Kelbrakets (Kelleradio, Inc.), San Francisco.
Built like a fine watch (Lombardi Radio Mfg. Co.), Derby, Conn.
Built like a violin (Teletone radio speakers).

Cheney tone is nature’s own, The (Cheney Talking Machine Co.).
Choice of noted music critics, The (All-American Radio Corp.).
Clear as a bell (Sonora Phonograph Sales Co., Inc.).
Clear to the ear (Magnavox Co.).
Comparison proves its superiority (Hallock & Watson Radio Corp.).
Costs more, but does more (Zenith Radio Corp.).
Covers the whole range (Sander loud speaker), Farrang Mfg. Co.

Dependable long life (radio tubes), Ken-Rad Corp.
Depend on Farnsworth for fidelity (radio).
Dial of pleasure (North electric radio).
Distance without distortion (Perryman Electric Co.).

Electroneering is our business (Rauland), Radio—radar.
Emblem of worth in radio, The (Kodel Radio Corp.).
Entertaining New York and New Jersey 24 hours a day (Station WNEW).
Every one a good one (Davidson Radio Corp.).
Everything for the radio man (Midwest Radio Co.).
Everything in music (radio), Grunewald’s.
Excellence in electronics (Raytheon), Tubes.
Expanded coverage for E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G mid-America (Station KCMO).

Faithfully yours on Columbia Records.
Famous for quality the world over (Philco radio).
Famous name in radio, A (indicator lights), Johnson.
Finest reproducing phonograph (Steger & Sons Piano Co.).
Firm that takes ICE out of service, The (radios), Marshall-Barrick Co.
First and greatest name in electronics, The (General Electric), Radio.
First with the finest in television (Dumont).
Fit out with Faradon (Wireless Specialty Apparatus Co.).
Fits and matches the car you’re driving (Motorola), Radio.
FM at its finest (Bendix radio).
For better reception (Raytheon tubes).
For the man who believes his own ears (radio), A-C Electrical Mfg. Co.

Get the most out of television with a Dumont Teleset.
Gold standard of radio receivers, The (J. B. Ferguson, Inc.).
Grand piano of the radio world, The (Fada Radio, Ltd.), Toronto.
Greatest music the world has known, The (RCA), Recorded music.
Greatest name in aircraft radio, The (Bendix radio).
Great thrill in radio by the pioneers of short-wave radio (Stewart-Warner).

Hear the great artists at their best (Columbia records).
Heart of reliable radio power, The (Raytheon Mfg. Co.).
Heart of the set, The (Champion Radio Mfg. Co.).
Heart of your radio, The (RCA Radiotron Co.).
His master’s voice (Victor Talking Machine Co.).

If you want something better, demand Dewald (radio).
Individuality graven into them (Phonograph records), Brunswick-Balke-Collender.
In harmony with home and air (Magnavox).
Installed in minutes, lasts for years (Oak Ridge Antenna Co.).
Install it, forget it (Kodel Radio Corp.).
I tank I go home, I have a Philco there (radio).
It costs no more to enjoy Farnsworth fidelity (radio).
It’s in her home where he plans his (Sonora Phonograph).
It speaks for itself (H. P. Snyder Mfg. Co.).
It speaks for itself (Transformer Corp. of America).
It’s the contact that counts (radio sockets), Alden Mfg. Co.
It’s the working voltage (Dubilier Condenser & Radio Corp.).
It stops that howl (McDonald radio howl arrester), Spartan Electric Corp.

Just as if you were there (Morkman Radio Corp.).
Just plug in, then tune in (batteryless radio sets), Standard Radio Corp., Ltd.

Keeps radio tubes like new (Jefferson Electric Supply Co.).
KMPC, the station of the stars (Beverly Hills).
Known for tone (Stradavara), Pacific Phonograph Mfg. Co.

Lambert radio invites you to rest (Leon Lambert Radio Co.).
Largest-selling transformer in the world, The (All-American Radio Corp.).
Leader in better hearing, The (Sonotone).
Listen, and you’ll buy Westinghouse (radio).
Listening luxury beyond your highest hopes (Bendix Radio).
Listen to America (Decca records).
Longer you play it, the sweeter it grows, The (Cheney Talking Machine Co.).
Long life radio tube, The (Tung-Sol).

Marvel of the electrical age, The (Columbia Dry and Storage Batteries).
Mastery in radio (Freed-Eisemann Radio Corp.).
Matchless tone of the “Golden Throat” (RCA Victor).
Michigan’s great advertising medium (Station WJR).
Mighty monarch of the air (Majestic Radio).
More pleasure per mile (motor car radio), American Bosch Co.
Most distinguished family of home appliances, The (Monitor radio-phonograph).
Most radio per dollar (King-Buffalo, Inc.).
Musical instrument of quality, A (Philco).
Musical instrument of radio, The (Eckhardt).

Name men fly by, The (Lear plane radio).
Name that means MUSIC to millions, The (Wurlitzer phonograph).
Name to know in radio, The (Brandes, Inc.).
Nation’s station, The (WLW).
NBC is the magic key to increased profits.
Needle for every need, A (Walco phonograph needles).
Network most people listen to most, The (Red Network), NBC.
Not merely as good as the others, but better than all others (Newcomb).
Now’s the time to talk it over (NBC).

Only master key to the master market (Station KDKA), Pittsburgh.
Original self-contained radio, The (Operadio Corp.).

Perfectly syntonized (radio set), Hartmann Electrical Mfg. Co.
Perfect tube, The (Gold Seal Electrical Co.).
Phonograph of marvelous tone, The (Vitanola Talking Machine Co.).
Phonograph with a soul, The (Edison).
Pick of the portables, The (RCA Victor).
Pioneers in recording equipment (Recordise Corp.).
Pioneers in the radio industry (All-American Radio Corp.).
Planaylzed promotion (Station KSTP), St. Paul.
Playground of the air, The (Canadian Westinghouse).
Plays all records, natural as life (Vitanola Talking Machine).
Portable phonographs of distinction (Caswell Mfg. Co.).
Precision first … to last (Triplett tube tester).
Proof is in the listening, The (Motorola).

Quality above all (Solar capacitors).

Radiant name in radio, The (Magnavox).
Radio builds for the years to come (All-American Radio Corp.).
Radio built for the years to come (All-American).
Radio in America’s finest homes, The (Freed-Eisemann Radio Corp.).
Radio in every room; a radio for every purpose, A (Crosley).
Radio-ize your phonograph (Magnavox).
Radio’s best batteries (French Battery Co.).
Radio school of the Bible (Moody Bible Institute of Chicago).
Radio’s motive power since 1915 (tubes), Cunningham.
Radio’s richest voice (Sparton).
Radio’s richest voice since 1926 (Sparton).
Radio that you can play, A (Eckhardt Co.).
Radio used by broadcasting stations, The (Day-Fan Electric Co.).
Radio with the big plus value, The (General Electric Co.).
Real voice of radio, The (Bendix).
Reproducer with the movable coil, The (Magnavox).
Rivaled only by reality (Federal Radio Corp.).
Royalty of radio, The (Colin B. Kennedy Co.).
Royalty of radio since 1926 (Air King Co.).

Sales through the air with the greatest of ease (Blue Network).
Sellevision (Station KSTP), St. Paul.
Selling New York and New Jersey 24 hours a day (Station WNEW).
Sensation of radio (Thermodyne Radio Corp.).
Serving New York and New Jersey 24 hours a day (Station WNEW).
Shortest route to the mail chute (dictaphone), Columbia Gramophone.
Sine of merit, The (Daven Radio Corp.).
Single six, The (radio set), Hartman Electrical Mfg. Co.
Smart and new from every view (Rondo radio).
Speaker that speaks for itself, The (Jaynell Mfg. Co.).
Standard of comparison, The (condensers), Cardwell Mfg. Corp.
Standard of reception, The (Andrea radio).
Stars who make the hits are on RCA Victor records, The.
Station most people listen to most, The (WMC), Memphis.
St. Louis’ own and St. Louis owned (KWK).
Symbol of quality in radio since 1915, The (Magnavox).
Symbol of technical excellence, A (RCA).

Tell the millions in their own homes (NBC).
Theatre in your home, The (U. S. Television Mfg. Co.).
There is a Radiola for every purse (RCA).
There is no substitute for the best (Jewett Radio & Phonograph).
There is nothing finer than a Stromberg-Carlson (radio).

Thoroughbred radio, The (Freed Eisemann Radio Corp.).
True in every sound (Victor Talking Machine Corp.).
True to our aim (Radio products), Fleetwood Laboratories.
Tube to buy to satisfy, The (Magnavox).
Tube with the sensible guarantee, The (Supertron Mfg. Co.).

Ultimate in radio reception, The (MacLaren Mfg. Co.).

Voice at her finger tips, The (Edison).
Voice of agriculture, The (Station WMT).
Voice of the Americas, The (Tropical Radio Telegraph Co.).
Voice of Iowa, The (Station WMT).
Voice of Tennessee’s capital city, The (WSIX).

Wake up to music (G. E. Radio).
We lend you their ears (Don Lee Broadcasting System).
When you buy NERN, you buy a netWORK (radio station).
Whether you look or listen, it’s perfect both ways (Crosley radio-phonograph).
When there’s a choice, it’s Philco.
Window to the world (U. S. Television Mfg. Corp.).
Win preference by performance (Schickerling radio tubes).
Win their way by their play (phonograph sound boxes), F. C. Hunt Co.
Wire that remembers, The (Lear radio).
World at your fingertips, The (Standard Radio Corp.).
World’s finest automatic record changer (Garrard).
World’s finest home recording instrument, The (Recordio).
World’s greatest artists are NATURALLY yours on RCA Victor records, The.
World’s largest maker of small radios (Emerson).
World’s most wonderful phonograph (Aeolian Vocalion).
World-wide reception (De Forest-Crosley), Radio.

You CAN take it with you (Philco portable radios).
You can’t go wrong with Raytheon.

Zeniths play where many fail.

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