Pitch perfect: paper

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market paper products, from stationery to paper cups and facial tissues, and, oddly enough, also a number of writing implements.

Absorbent soft white toilet tissue, The (ScotTissue).
All that the name implies (Stationers Loose Leaf Co.).
All write with a Waterman (Ideal Fountain Pen).
All write with a Waterman Ideal Fountain Pen … all wrong if you don’t.
Always correct (Eaton Paper Corp.), Pittsfield, Mass.
Always makes good printing better (Northwest Paper Co.).
Always sharp, never sharpened (Eversharp pencil), Wahl Co.
Always write all ways (Sheaffer Pen Co.).
America’s best cartons (Sefton Mfg. Corp.).
An international value (International paper Co.).
Any mail for me? (Eaton Paper Co.).
Aristocrat of tissues, The (Golden Fleece Corp.).
Ask your printer, he KNOWS papers (Rising Paper Co.).

Balanced pencil, The (Swaberg Mfg. Co.).
Best known name in paper, The (Hammermill Paper Co.).
Best papers are made from rags, The (Coupon Bond).
Better paper, better printing (Warren’s).
Binder that grows with your business, The (Stationers Loose Leaf).
Both sides alike (Kleerfect paper).
Bow with the bow on top, The (Sitroux tissue).
Box with the famous cutting edge, The (Cutrite waxed paper).
Brain-built boxes (Milwaukee Paper Co.).

Chillicothe papers make the best impressions (Chillicothe Paper Co.).
Complete paper house, The (Chicago Paper Co.).
Constant excellence of product (paper), S. D. Warren Co.
Consult your printer (paper).
Correct writing paper, The (Eaton, Crane & Pike Co.).

Daddy of them all (Waterman’s), pen.
Delivers the goods (Pioneer Box Co.).
Do not ask for toilet paper, ask for ScotTissue.

Envelope is the first impression, The (Standard Envelope Mfg. Co.).
Every Eddy paper takes a good impression, makes a good impression.
Every pen pre-tested for instant touch and go (Venus).
Everything for the paper mill (Black-Clawson Co.).

Famous for generations (Eaton Paper Co.), Pittsfield, Mass.
Famous pencil with green and yellow plastips, The (Dixon).
Fast running (Whippet Bond), Hammermill Paper Co.
51 writes dry with wet ink (Parker 51 pen).
Fill with water, write with ink (Camel fountain pen).
First and last word in fountain pens, The (Waterman).
Fit any pocket, every pocketbook (autopoint pencil).
First name in American stationery, The (Puritan Stationery Co.).
Flat folded stationery (American Register Co.).
For better results, always use the best paper (Nekoosa Edwards Paper Co.).
For every occasion of social correspondence (White & Wyckoff Mfg. Co.).
For good business stationery (Uncle Sam Bond).
For pen-tied or pen-clever people (stationery), Wits End.
For the illustrated side, a coated paper, for the letter side, a bond paper (Standard Paper Mfg. Co.).
For those letters you owe (White & Wyckoff).
For use once by one user (Scott Paper).
For waxing satisfaction (Minerva Wax Paper Co.).
For your paper needs (Schlosser Paper Co.).

Give Eversharp and you give the finest (pencil).
Good food attractively served tastes better (paper products), Aatell & Jones.
Good habit, A (Waxtex), wax paper.
Good papers for good business (W. C. Hamilton & Sons).

H & D delivers the goods (Hinde & Dauch Paper Co.).
H & D shipping boxes move merchandise (Hinde & Dauch).
H & D shipping boxes protect in transit.
Headquarters for corrugated products in New England (Corrugated Paper Mills).
House that service built, The (Continental Envelope Corp.).
Hurricane wrapped for your protection (paper), Hurricane.

If it’s an envelope, we make it (Northwest Envelope Co.).
If you can’t fight, you can write (Eaton Paper Corp.).
Ink that absorbs moisture from the air (S. S. Stafford).
Ink that never fades, The (Sanford Mfg. Co.).
Insures a new kind of faultless effortless writing (Eberhard Faber pen).
It costs little, saves much (Cut-Rite Waxed Paper).
It’s a mark of distinction to own a Parker Pen, A.
It snuggles in your fingers (Dixon pencil).

Kind to your eyes (Kleerfect paper).
Kleenex is softer (tissues).

Lace papers of character (Milwaukee Lace Paper Co.).
Lasting symbol of esteem (Chilton Pen).
Letters are victory weapons (Eaton Paper Co.).
Linenized for softness (Northern tissues).
Long-established name in cups, A (Puritan paper cups).
Look for the watermark (Hammermill).

Made strong to work hard (Scot Tissue and Scot Towels).
Makes it mark around the world (Waterman pen).
Makes its own ink (Camelpen).
Makes paper make money for you (Nashua cellophane).
Makes writing easier (White & Wyckoff).
Make writing your hobby, use Hobby for writing (Hobby Stationers).
Mark that is a message in itself, The (Crane’s papers).
Master drawing pencil, The (Joseph Dixon Crucible Co.).
Mill-packed for your protection (Milwaukee Lace Paper Co.).
More circulation for your signs, at lower cost (Tuff-tite).
More mental impressions from each printing impression (Standard Paper Mfg. Co.).
Most particular housekeeper in town dusts with paper (Munising paper).

Nation’s business paper, The (Howard Paper Co.), Urbana, Ohio.
New ScotTissue is softer than ever.
New way to do prestige advertising, The (Strathmore Paper Co.).
No other pen WRITES like Waterman’s.
No “peeping Tom” can decipher the contents (window envelope), Magill-Weinsheimer.
Note the tear and wear as well as the test (Neenah Paper Co.), Hannibal, Mo.
Nowadays they eat and drink from Dixies (Individual Drinking Cup Co.).

Office supplies to business-like buyers (Schwabacher-Frey).
One of the many distinctive faultless loose-leaf books (Stationers).
Our word of honor to the public (Hammermill Paper Co.).

Packed to attract (Hinde & Dauch Paper Co.), Sanducky, Ohio.
Paint with pencils (Eberhard Faber).
Paper engineering (Paper Center, Inc.), New York.
Paper for every use (Paper Center, Inc.).
Paper is part of the picture (Strathmore Paper Co.), Mittineague, Mass.
Paper makers of America (The Mead Corp.).
Pencil of the pros, The (Scripto)
Pencil that always works (Autopoint).
Pencil that uses its head, The (Samuel Kanner), Long Island City, N. Y.
Pen for every purpose and a point for every head, A (Sheaffer’s).
Pen is only as good as its point, A (C. Howard Hunt Pen Co.).
Pen that fills itself, The (Conklin Pen Co.), Toledo, Ohio.
Pen that writes like a pencil, The (Inkograph).
Pen with the tempered point, The (Wahl’s).
Perfected wood pencils (Scripto Mfg. Co.), Atlanta.
Perfect pencil, The (Koh-I-Noor Pencil Co.).
Permanent as the pyramids (eternal ink), C. M. Higgins & Co.
Primer of packaging perfection (Pliofilm).
Push-out buttom, The (Kleen Kup), Mono Service Co., Newkirk, N. J.
Put it on paper (The Wahl Co.), Chicago.

Rag-content loft-dried paper at the reasonable price, The (Eastern Mfg. Co.).
Reduces friction to a fraction (Cellophane tape), Northern States Env. Co.
Reflects good taste (Equitable Paper Bag).
Reveals what it seals (cellophane).
Right paper for the purpose, The (American Writing Paper Co.).
Right point for the way you write, The (Esterbrook Steel Pen Co.).
Right to the point (Conklin Pen Mfg. Co.).
Right to the point (Wallace Pencil Co.), St. Louis.
Rivals the beauty of the scarlet tanager (Parker Pen Co.).

ScotTissue is soft as old linen.
Select the right pencil for your use (Eberhard Faber).
Serve the drink, save the bottle (Lily-Tulip Cup Corp.).
Shows what it protects (Cellophane).
Sign of a lifetime, The (Sheaffer Pen Co.), Fort Madison, Iowa.
Simplicity and a Strathmore paper.
Smooth as silk, strong as steel (Dixon Pencil Co.).
Soft as old linen (ScotTissue).
Spot it by the dot (Sheaffer Pen Co.).
String will not pull out, The (Tension envelope).
Sure protection for frozen foods (Nepco locker paper).

Tag them for good (Gospel Pencil Co.).
There is no ration on letters (Eaton Paper Co.).
There’s more than one white tissue, but only one White Swan.
They last longer (Nat. Fiberstock Envelope Co.).
34% stronger points (Eagle Mikado pencil).
This is the last word in fountain pen convenience (Camel).
To get a letter, write a letter (Eaton Paper Corp.).
Transos envelope the world (Transo Envelope Co.).

Utility business paper, The (Hammermill Paper Co.).

Visible ink supply (Parker pen).

We’ve got your number (Esterbrook Steel Pen Co.), Camden, N. J.
When food goes formal (paper novelties), Unexcelled Mfg. Co.
When you buy, compare—the pen and the price (Venus).
When you think of writing, think of Whiting (paper).
Where departments unite to make service right (Schwabacher-Frey Stationery Co.).
World’s most wanted pen, The (Parker 51).
Write around the world (pens and pencils), Alexander Mfg. Co.
Write gift, The (White & Wyckoff).
Write often, write cheerfully, WRITE (Eaton Paper Co.).
Writes a strong, rich blue (Carter’s Ink Co.).
Writes better—always (Rollit pen).
Writes dry with permanent ink (Eversharp pen).
Writing paper that welcomes the pen (White & Wyckoff).

Yellow pencil with the red band, The (Eagle Pencil Co.).
Your letterhead is the voice of your business (Rag Content Paper Mfrs.).
Your letterhead is your master salesman (Folks on Gospel Hill).
Your lips are first and last to touch a Lily cup (Lily-Tulip Cup Corp.).
Your write-hand man (Scripto Mfg. Co.).
Yours are the only lips to touch a Lily cup (New York).
You save with paper (Universal Paper Products Co.).

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