Pitch perfect: retail establishments

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market retail establishments.

America’s gift and gadget headquarters, (The Bar Mart, Inc.), New York.
America’s most beautiful store (Russek’s), New York.
An outstanding store in an outstanding town (C. F. Jackson), Findlay, Ohio.

Benjamin’s quality is the difference that tells (Benjamin’s), Salisbury, Md.
Best always comes from Small’s The (Small’s), New York.
Best little town store (Oyster), Lumberport, W. Va.
Bridal House, The (Lenora Ormsby, Inc.), New York.
Business men’s department store, The (McManus Troup Co.), Toledo, Ohio.

Cancer harms elderly and tired employees remorselessly (Nelots Sanatorium).
Cleveland’s better food markets (Kroger’s).

Dollars expand buying from Rand (Rand Drug Store).

Everything for everywoman (G. W. Gates), Anderson, Ind.

Fabricate ideas into metal products. (Grammes & Sons, Inc.), Allentown, Pa.
Follow the trend of youth to the Collegiate Shop (Indianapolis).
For good eating at sensible cost (A & P Stores).
For important clothes, it’s Kerman stores (Chicago).
For stores of quality standard (J. Schoeneman, Inc.), Baltimore, Md.
Friendly Store, The (Oliver A. Olson Co., Inc.), New York.
From Maine to Texas . . . and growing (A. Schulte), New York.

Good values consistently (N. Y. Merchandise Co, Inc.), New York.

Heart of Milwaukee, The (Boston Store), Wisconsin.
House of Quality, The (Victoria Paper & Twine Co.).

I bring my store to your door (McConnon & Co.), Winona, Minn.
If it has merit, Merritt has it (Merritt Grocery Store)(, Coronado, Calif.
It pays to buy where you buy in safety (A. Jaeckel & Co.), New York.
It pays to store where you store in safety (A. Jaeckel & Co.).
It pays you to buy from Schwabacher-Frey (stationery store), San Francisco.
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Pitch perfect: paper

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market paper products, from stationery to paper cups and facial tissues, and, oddly enough, also a number of writing implements.

Absorbent soft white toilet tissue, The (ScotTissue).
All that the name implies (Stationers Loose Leaf Co.).
All write with a Waterman (Ideal Fountain Pen).
All write with a Waterman Ideal Fountain Pen … all wrong if you don’t.
Always correct (Eaton Paper Corp.), Pittsfield, Mass.
Always makes good printing better (Northwest Paper Co.).
Always sharp, never sharpened (Eversharp pencil), Wahl Co.
Always write all ways (Sheaffer Pen Co.).
America’s best cartons (Sefton Mfg. Corp.).
An international value (International paper Co.).
Any mail for me? (Eaton Paper Co.).
Aristocrat of tissues, The (Golden Fleece Corp.).
Ask your printer, he KNOWS papers (Rising Paper Co.).

Balanced pencil, The (Swaberg Mfg. Co.).
Best known name in paper, The (Hammermill Paper Co.).
Best papers are made from rags, The (Coupon Bond).
Better paper, better printing (Warren’s).
Binder that grows with your business, The (Stationers Loose Leaf).
Both sides alike (Kleerfect paper).
Bow with the bow on top, The (Sitroux tissue).
Box with the famous cutting edge, The (Cutrite waxed paper).
Brain-built boxes (Milwaukee Paper Co.).

Chillicothe papers make the best impressions (Chillicothe Paper Co.).
Complete paper house, The (Chicago Paper Co.).
Constant excellence of product (paper), S. D. Warren Co.
Consult your printer (paper).
Correct writing paper, The (Eaton, Crane & Pike Co.).

Daddy of them all (Waterman’s), pen.
Delivers the goods (Pioneer Box Co.).
Do not ask for toilet paper, ask for ScotTissue.

Envelope is the first impression, The (Standard Envelope Mfg. Co.).
Every Eddy paper takes a good impression, makes a good impression.
Every pen pre-tested for instant touch and go (Venus).
Everything for the paper mill (Black-Clawson Co.).

Famous for generations (Eaton Paper Co.), Pittsfield, Mass.
Famous pencil with green and yellow plastips, The (Dixon).
Fast running (Whippet Bond), Hammermill Paper Co.
51 writes dry with wet ink (Parker 51 pen).
Fill with water, write with ink (Camel fountain pen).
First and last word in fountain pens, The (Waterman).
Fit any pocket, every pocketbook (autopoint pencil).
First name in American stationery, The (Puritan Stationery Co.).
Flat folded stationery (American Register Co.).
For better results, always use the best paper (Nekoosa Edwards Paper Co.).
For every occasion of social correspondence (White & Wyckoff Mfg. Co.).
For good business stationery (Uncle Sam Bond).
For pen-tied or pen-clever people (stationery), Wits End.
For the illustrated side, a coated paper, for the letter side, a bond paper (Standard Paper Mfg. Co.).
For those letters you owe (White & Wyckoff).
For use once by one user (Scott Paper).
For waxing satisfaction (Minerva Wax Paper Co.).
For your paper needs (Schlosser Paper Co.).
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