Pitch perfect: household accessories

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market household accessories, a wide-ranging category that includes everything from vacuum cleaners and toasters to drapes and sheets.

All that the name implies (General Electric Co.), Vacuum.
Aluminum ware with the smooth finish, The (Buckeye Aluminum Co.), Wooster, Ohio.
America’s favorite bleach and household disinfectant (Clorox).
Aristocrat of the kitchen, The (kitchen ware), Rome Mfg. Co., Rome, N. Y.
As easily washed as a China plate (Franklin Pottery), Lansdale, Pa.
As simple as touching the space-bar of a typewriter, quick as the action of a piano key (Savage Ironer), Savage Arms Corp., Utica, N. Y.

Banishes ironing drudgery (Proctor Electric Co.), Philadelphia.
Beautiful windows at low cost (Clopay curtains).
Beauty basis for your home (Mohawk rugs and carpets).
Beautycan sells on sight (Lincoln Metal Products), Brooklyn, N. Y.
Beauty for double duty, A (Universal washer).
Beauty that endures (Mohawk rugs and carpets).
Best cooks use aluminum, The (Aluminum Ware Assn.), Pittsburgh, Pa.
Best mixers, The (Silver King Products Corp.), New York.
Better backbone of modern rugs, The (Textilene).
Better light, better sight (Edison Mazda).
Better meals by the minute (pressure cooker), Landers, Frary and Clark.
Biggest name in kitchen towels (Excello).
Brighten your home at little expense (Congoleum rugs).
Brooks for hooks (iron hooks and screws), M. S. Brooks, Chester, Conn.
Built for permanence (Kommon-Sense Pan Racks), Milwaukee Heat Generator Co.
Built like a bank vault door (laminated padlocks), Master Lock Co.
Built like a watch (oil burners), S. T. Johnson Co., Oakland, Calif.
Built like fine furniture (kitchen cabinets), Coppes Bros. & Zook.
Built to stay alive (Good Luck Hose), Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co.
Built to sustain a reputation (Handy Chair & Table Co.), Springfield, Mass.
Built to weather the years (Rust Sash and Door Co.), Kansas City, Mo.
Buy China in a China store (Mutual China Co.), Indianapolis.
Buy quality not quantity (Household products), Miessene Products, Columbus, Ohio.

Cammillus has the edge (Cammillus Cutlery Co.), New York.
China by Iroquois for the hosts of America (Iroquois China Co.), Syracuse, N. Y.
Cleans without beating and pounding (Vacuum cleaner), United Electric Co.
Clean up with S. O. S. It’s easy (S.O.S. Magic Scouring Pads).
Color-locked (washable wallpaper), Imperial Paper & Color Corp., Glen Falls, N. Y.
Craftsmen in metal since 1895 (Bridell cleaners).
Creators of fashions in oilcloth (Weiss & Klau Co.), New York.

Dare you move your pictures? (Sunworthy Wallpapers).
Darlo does the dishes (The Darlo Co.), Boston, Mass.
Does the job better (Delco Appliances), General Motors Corp., Rochester, N. Y.
Does the washing where the water is (Home Devices Corp.).
Don’t be a lemon squeezer; use Hoffman Tom Collins Mixer (Hoffman Beverage Co.).
Don’t be a RUBBIT! (Brillo).
Durable and washable covering, The (Columbus-Union Oil Co.), Columbus, Ohio.

Economic waste eliminators (elec. household appliances), Uron Industries, Inc.
Empties with a thumb pressure (Bissell Carpet Sweeper), Grand Rapids, Mich.
Every house needs Westinghouse (Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co.), Pittsburgh.
Everything it touches turns to brightness (floor conditioning machines).

Famous for their razor-sharp edges (cutlery), Remington Arms Co., Bridgeport.
Fine combed, fine count percale sheets (Utica).
Finest food preparer for the home, The (Kitchen Aid mixer).
First in rubber (B. F. Goodrich).
For better and faster cooking (Pyrex).
For cooking speed and cleaning ease (Hamilton Beach vacuum cleaner).
For every room in the house (Michigan Seating Co.).
For favorable “first impressions” (Armstrong’s corks and caps).
For modern bathrooms (Rubberized Products Co.), New York.
From generation to generation (aluminum ware), Wagner Mfg. Co.
From raw cotton through finished product (Morgan dish cloths).

Gets the dirt, not the carpet (Eureka Vacuum Cleaner).
Gifts long remembered (Hotpoint appliances), Edison Mfg. Co., N. J.
Give her a Hoover and you give her the best (Hoover vacuum cleaner).
Glassware of distinction (Czechoslovak Glass Products Co.), New York.
Good broom sweeps cleaner and last longer, A (Am. Broom & Brush Co.), New York.
Guest-room luxury for every bed in your house (Pepperell sheets).

Heirloom of the future, The (Rome Mfg. Co.), Rome, N. Y.
Houseful of housewares, A (Lewis & Conger), New York.
Household friend, A (Mortite cement).
Household help for every home need, A (Landers, Frary & Clark), New Britain, Conn.
Household word, A (Pine Tree Prods. Co.), Newport, N. H.
House of adhesives, The (Testor Cement Co.), Rockford, Ill.

Initials of a friend (G. E.).
Irons while it steams (Elder Co., Inc.), New York.
Iron that’s safe for any fabric, The (Arvin electric iron).
Iron with the cool blue handle, The (Coleman Lamp Co.), Wichita.
It beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans (Hoover vacuum cleaner).
It gets the dirt (Eureka Vacuum).
It is a mark of intelligent housekeeping to possess a Simplex Ironer.
It makes the Christmas tree (tinsel icicles), Metal Goods Corp., St. Louis.
It’s all color in all colors (Beetleware), Am. Cynamid Co., New York.
It’s “curtains” for dirt when your curtains are Koroseal (Goodrich).
It’s different, it’s better (Pintainers Diadem, Inc.), Leominster, Mass.
It’s the tops for kitchen tops (asbestos pads), Weiss & Klau Co.
It sticks, it holds, it lasts (Bull Dog tape), Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co.
It waxes, it polishes, it sands, it scrubs (Finnell System), Hannibal, Mo.

Just wet the pad and rub (Magic scouring pad).

Keeps hot, keeps cold (Thermos bottle).
Keep your floors beautiful always (Raynorshine Products, Inc.), San Antontio.
Kitchen cabinet that saves miles of steps, The (Hoosier Mfg. Co.).
Kitchen tested utensils (Foley Mfg. Co.), Minneapolis.
Knack that stops the nick, The (Bridell cleaver).

Laugh at zero (Globe radiator shutters), Globe Mach. & Stamping Co.
Leads the world for value (Royal vacuum).
Let the Clark Kitchens help you (W. Clark, Ltd.), Montreal, Canada.
Let the “kitchen maid” be your kitchen aid (cabinet), Wassmuth-Endicott Co.
Line that’s fine at cooking time, The (cooking utensils), Griswold Mfg. Co.
Liquids or solids they keep hot or cold (vacuum bottle), Cannon Oiler Co.
Look for the Diamond I on every bottle you buy (Illinois Glass Co.).
Look to the fabric first (worsteds, woolens), Pacific.
Look to the fabric first, buy Pacific (worsted, woolen).

Made of the metal that cooks best (Wear-ever).
Made stronger, wear longer (Pequot sheets).
Make it yourself on a Singer (sewing machine).
Mark of a distinctive kitchen, The (Elkay Sturdibuilt metal products).
Mark of a good case, The (Puffer-Hubbard cabinet).
Masterpieces for the millions (plastic products), Columbia Protektosite Co.
Masterpieces in plastic (Columbia Protektosite Co.), Carlstadt, N. J.
Material of a thousand uses, The (Bakelite).
Mends everything but a broken heart (Fix-All Liquid Cement Co.), New York.
Million and one uses, A (Fix-All Liquid Cement Co.).
Modern dish cloth, The (Metal Sponge Sales Co.), Philadelphia.
Monarch cleans a house and all that’s in it (Monarch Cleaner Corp.), Utica, N. Y.
Morning shower, a day of sunshine, A (Am. Pin Co.), Waterbury, Conn.
Most beautiful curtains in America, The (Robertson Factories, Inc.), Taunton.
Move the Faultless way (castors).
My right hand in the home (American Steel Wool Co.).

Name to remember when buying towels, The (Dundee).
Never before utensils like these (Reynolds lifetime aluminum).
New first name in mixers, The (Dormeyer).
No watching, no turning, no burning (toaster), Waters-Center Co.
Now, more WEAR than EVER (Wear-Ever aluminum).

Of paramount importance to the housewife (Arcraft Broom Co.).
Outdoors blanket of America, The (Pendleton Woolen Mills), Portland, Ore.

Peak of quality for more than 30 years (Apex vacuum cleaner).
Popular aluminum, The (Viko), Aluminum Goods Mfg. Co., Manitowoc, Wisc.
Portable clothes closet, The (Atlantic Products Corp.), Trenton, N. J.
Premier clean is REALLY clean (vacuum).
Put your sweeping reliance on a Bissell appliance (Bissell Carpet Sweeper Co.).

Reflects good housekeeping (Mirro Aluminum), Aluminum Goods Mfg. Co.
Replace utensils that wear out with utensils that WEAR-EVER.
Rigid as an oak (Sturdee Folding Ironing Table), Tucker & Dorsey Mfg. Co.
Rome polished copperware makes cooking easy for the home (Rome Mfg. Co.).
Room undraped is a picture unframed, A (Drapery trades).
“Royal Blue” broom adds life to the rug in your room, A (Am. Broom & Brush).

Sanitary, safe, durable, economical (ash and garbage cans), Witt Cornice Co.
Seam that sells the garment, The (Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Co.), New York.
Shade is only as good as its rollers, A (Stewart Hartshorn Co.).
Shines aluminum fast (Brillo).
Show your colors; live with the symbol of liberty (Flag Products, Inc.).
Silent servant with a hundred hands, The (kitchen cabinet), Hoosier Mfg. Co.
Simply the business of homekeeping (Fuller Brush Co.), Hartford, Conn.
Since 1876, the servant of the well-dressed woman (White Sewing Machine).
Sleep beautifully on Dan River sheets.
Sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud (mattress).
Sleep electrically and enjoy the difference (blankets), Ashton E. Collins.
Smart way to cook; better meals by the minute, The (pressure cooker).
So good-looking, so long-wearing (Pequot Sheets).
Stars for your kitchen (Foley Mfg.), Minneapolis.
Step into America’s newest bath thrill (Standard Triangle Tubs).
Styles for every room in the house (Sanitas Wall Covering).
Sunny Monday clothes drier (Louden Machinery Co.), Fairfield, Iowa.

Thorough electric cleaner, The (P. A. Grier Co.), Cleveland.
Takes the burns out of broiling (Moore’s Hi-Lo Broiler), Moore Corp., Joliet, Ill.
Toaster you’ve always wanted, The (Waters-Genter Co.).
Toast to your taste, every time (G. E. Toaster).
To bring your permanent cooking satisfaction (kitchen ware), Rome Mfg. Co.
Tone the sunlight with window shades just as you tone the electric light with lamp shades (Columbia Mills, Inc.), New York.
Top that sells the bottom since 1838, The (Salt shaker tops), Collins & Wright.
Trade-mark known in every home, The (Universal kitchen utensils).
Triple thick bottoms (Reynolds Metals Co.), Louisville, Ky.
True shape of table silver, The (Ritespoons).
True to its tone (China), Onondaga Pottery Co., Syracuse, N. Y.

Used everywhere in beautiful homes (Columbia shades), Columbia Mills, Inc.

Vitrified pottery is everlasting (Franklin Pottery), Lansdale, Pa.

Wake up refreshed (blankets and sheets), Nashua Mfg. Co., New York.
Whatever YOUR speed, dial the heat YOU need (Samson irons).
When it’s a Shamrock, you’ve got the best (hamper), Meese, Inc.
Where quality is a responsibility and fair dealing an obligation (Webster).
Wipe-clean wall covering, The (Columbus-Union Oil Cloth Co.).
With a heart of steel (Michigan Seating Co.).
World’s largest oilcloth distributors (Weiss & Klau Co.).
World’s most beautiful China, The (Meakin & Ridgway).
Worthy to become heirlooms (kitchen ware), Rome Mfg. Co.

You never have to lift or tilt it (electric iron), Proctor Electric Co.
You never lift or tilt it (iron), Proctor Electric Co., Phila.
Yours for leisure (Eureka vacuum cleaner).

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