Pitch perfect: stoves

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, today we feature a 1949 collection of advertising slogans used to market stoves, heaters, and ranges.

Always save in the end (Keith Furnace Co.), Des Moines.
America’s favorite camp stove (American Gas Machine Co.).
America’s more popular camp stove (American Gas Machine Co.).
An above-the-floor furnace (parlor furnace), Allen Mfg. Co., Nashville.
Aristocrat of electric ranges, The (Benjamin Electric Co.), Chicago.

Beauty and warmth (National Radiator Co.), Johnstone, Pa.
Besler brings the steam to your job (Besler Corp.), Emeryville, Calif.
Biggest name in portable electric heaters, The (Arvin).
Brings a touch of the tropics (Flamingo gas heaters), Jackes-Evans Mfg. Co.
Built to save oil (Boss Oil Air Stove), Huenefeld Co., Cincinnati.

Change work to play three times a day (Standard Electric Stove Co.).
Chases chills from cold corners (Perfection Stove Co.).
Choice of over a million women, A (stoves), The Moore Corp., Joliet, Ill.
Clean, convenient, dependable and now economical electrical cooking (Everhot).
Come home to comfort (Bryant Heater Co.), Cleveland.
Comfortable heat when you want it, where you want it, at a price you can afford (Oilray Safety Heater, Inc.), Chicago.
Complete heating satisfaction (Orr & Sembower, Inc.), Reading, Pa.
Complete heating satisfaction (The Stubbs Co.), Cleveland.
Cooking is just a SNAP in an Estate electric range (Estate Stove Co.).
Cook stove and gas plant all in one (Coleman Lamp Co.), Wichita, Kan.
Cooks with the gas turned off (Chambers Corp.), Shelbyville, Ind.
Cozy comfort for chilly days (American Gas Machine Co.), Albert Lea, Minn.
Cradled silence (Doe Oil Burner), Oil-Elec-Tric Engineering Corp.

Delco heat Minute Man to protect your heating comfort for the duration.
Designed by women for women (Hotpoint ranges).
Dunham heating means better heating (Chicago).

Easiest and cheapest way to heat your home, The (Electrol, Inc.).
Electric range with the safety, The (Presteline).

First, from the very first (Ray Oil Burner Co.).
Fitted flame burners (Roberts & Mander Corp.).
Flame that will brighten your future (gas heaters).
Floating flame (Century Engineering Corp.), Cedar Rapids.
Foods taste better cooked with gas.
For better and faster baking (Pyrex ovenware).
For comfort and pleasure all through the house (heater), Arvin.
For increased fuel economy (Edge Moor Iron Co.), Edge Moor, Del.
Furnace freedom (Penn Electric Switch Co.).
Furnace heat for every home (Monitor Stove Co.).

Gas, the comfort fuel (Philadelphia Gas Works Co.).
Gas range with the lifetime burner guarantee, The (Magic Chef).
Gas range you want, The (Caloric).
Gas service for cooking, no matter where you live (Coleman Lamp Co.).
Gives you the most from heat (The Bristol Co.), Waterbury.
Glenwood Ranges make cooking easier (Glenwood Range Co.), Taunton, Mass.
Greatest recent advance in building and heating economy, The (Thermolath).
Guaranteed heating (U. S. Radiator Co.), Detroit.
Guardian of the nation’s health (water heater), A. O. Smith Corp.
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Pitch perfect: household accessories

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market household accessories, a wide-ranging category that includes everything from vacuum cleaners and toasters to drapes and sheets.

All that the name implies (General Electric Co.), Vacuum.
Aluminum ware with the smooth finish, The (Buckeye Aluminum Co.), Wooster, Ohio.
America’s favorite bleach and household disinfectant (Clorox).
Aristocrat of the kitchen, The (kitchen ware), Rome Mfg. Co., Rome, N. Y.
As easily washed as a China plate (Franklin Pottery), Lansdale, Pa.
As simple as touching the space-bar of a typewriter, quick as the action of a piano key (Savage Ironer), Savage Arms Corp., Utica, N. Y.

Banishes ironing drudgery (Proctor Electric Co.), Philadelphia.
Beautiful windows at low cost (Clopay curtains).
Beauty basis for your home (Mohawk rugs and carpets).
Beautycan sells on sight (Lincoln Metal Products), Brooklyn, N. Y.
Beauty for double duty, A (Universal washer).
Beauty that endures (Mohawk rugs and carpets).
Best cooks use aluminum, The (Aluminum Ware Assn.), Pittsburgh, Pa.
Best mixers, The (Silver King Products Corp.), New York.
Better backbone of modern rugs, The (Textilene).
Better light, better sight (Edison Mazda).
Better meals by the minute (pressure cooker), Landers, Frary and Clark.
Biggest name in kitchen towels (Excello).
Brighten your home at little expense (Congoleum rugs).
Brooks for hooks (iron hooks and screws), M. S. Brooks, Chester, Conn.
Built for permanence (Kommon-Sense Pan Racks), Milwaukee Heat Generator Co.
Built like a bank vault door (laminated padlocks), Master Lock Co.
Built like a watch (oil burners), S. T. Johnson Co., Oakland, Calif.
Built like fine furniture (kitchen cabinets), Coppes Bros. & Zook.
Built to stay alive (Good Luck Hose), Boston Woven Hose & Rubber Co.
Built to sustain a reputation (Handy Chair & Table Co.), Springfield, Mass.
Built to weather the years (Rust Sash and Door Co.), Kansas City, Mo.
Buy China in a China store (Mutual China Co.), Indianapolis.
Buy quality not quantity (Household products), Miessene Products, Columbus, Ohio.

Cammillus has the edge (Cammillus Cutlery Co.), New York.
China by Iroquois for the hosts of America (Iroquois China Co.), Syracuse, N. Y.
Cleans without beating and pounding (Vacuum cleaner), United Electric Co.
Clean up with S. O. S. It’s easy (S.O.S. Magic Scouring Pads).
Color-locked (washable wallpaper), Imperial Paper & Color Corp., Glen Falls, N. Y.
Craftsmen in metal since 1895 (Bridell cleaners).
Creators of fashions in oilcloth (Weiss & Klau Co.), New York.

Dare you move your pictures? (Sunworthy Wallpapers).
Darlo does the dishes (The Darlo Co.), Boston, Mass.
Does the job better (Delco Appliances), General Motors Corp., Rochester, N. Y.
Does the washing where the water is (Home Devices Corp.).
Don’t be a lemon squeezer; use Hoffman Tom Collins Mixer (Hoffman Beverage Co.).
Don’t be a RUBBIT! (Brillo).
Durable and washable covering, The (Columbus-Union Oil Co.), Columbus, Ohio.

Economic waste eliminators (elec. household appliances), Uron Industries, Inc.
Empties with a thumb pressure (Bissell Carpet Sweeper), Grand Rapids, Mich.
Every house needs Westinghouse (Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co.), Pittsburgh.
Everything it touches turns to brightness (floor conditioning machines).
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