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As part of our ongoing look at old advertising slogans, culled from a 1949 book called American Slogans, we today feature a collection of slogans that were utilized by companies that manufactured and marketed various foodstuffs, including condiments, sauces and a strikingly large number of salts and marmalades.

Added touch that means so much, The (Lee & Perrin’s sauce).
Adds zest (Snider’s Tomato Products), Chicago.
All in good taste (Louis Milani Foods, Inc.), Maywood, Calif.
All the wheat that’s fit to eat (Wheatlet), Franklin Mills Co.
America’s most famous dessert (Jell-O).
America’s own fragrance (early American old spice), Shulton, Inc.
America’s supreme dessert (plum pudding), Richardson & Robbins.
Aristocrat of the breakfast table (marmalade), Chivers & Sons, Ltd.
As a change from potatoes (macaroni), C.F. Mueller Co.
As fresh as the sea itself (clam juice cocktail), Bay Food Products, Inc.
As good as it tastes (American Rice Products Co.).
As nature made it (River brown rice).
As they eat ’em in New England (brick-oven beans). Burnham & Morrill Co.
At your grocer’s, at your fingertips (Campbell’s soups).
Avoid shaker-clog (International Salt Co.), Scranton.
Awful fresh (MacFarlane Nut Co.).

Babies are our business, our only business (Gerber’s baby foods).
“Baby talk” for a good square meal (Biolac), Borden’s Prescription Prods.
Balanced multi-vitamin ingredient, The (A-1 fish blend).
Because it’s sweet, not bitter (marmalade), Welch Grape Juice Co.
Before the grocer can sell your product, you’ve got to sell the grocer.
Behind the labels of America’s finest products (Continental Can Co.).
Best of everything, The (food packing), Chisholm-Ryder Co.
Best of everything for the food processor, The (Chisholm-Ryder Co.).
Better, naturally (Van Camp Sea Food Co.), Terminal Island, Calif.
Better spread for our daily bread, The (Interstate Cotton Oil).
Better tasting, mothers say (Campbell’s baby foods).
Better than mayonnaise, yet costs less (Miracle Whip salad dressing).
Betty Lou means better flavor (Betty Lou foods), Oakland.
Bovril puts beef into you (Bovril Ltd.), England.
Brands that made tuna famous, The (Chicken of the Sea).
Brand that always puts flavor first, The (Del Monte fruit cocktail).
Brand they ask for first, The (Allsweet oleomargarine).
Builds bonnie babies (baby food), Glaxo, Ltd., London.
Builds brain, nerves and body (Ovaltine), Wander Co., Chicago.
Builds for the years ahead (Maltcao), Merckens Chocolate Co., Buffalo.

Canned food is grand food (American Can Co.).
Catch them yourself or buy Fowler’s (Fowler Sea Products Co.), New York.
Chef’s flavor in home cooking, The (Kitchen Bouquet, Inc.).
Come rain or fog there’s no shaker-clog (International Salt Co.).
Cooks in nine minutes (Macaroni and noodles), C.F. Mueller Co., Jersey City.
Cooks tender, quicker (macaroni and noodles), C.F. Mueller Co., Jersey City.
Costs less when used (Dr. Price’s Vanilla).
Cream of the catch, direct from the sea (Ballard Fish & Oyster Co.).
Cube makes a cup, A (Steero cubes), Schieffelin & Co.

Dash that makes the dish, The (A-1 sauce).
Delicious in dozens of different dishes (Pfaffman Co.), Cleveland.
Delicious in flavor, rich in nutrition (Corn Products Refining Co.).
Different, delicious, digestible (Doughnut Corp. of America).
Do away with shaker-clog (International Salt Co.).
Double strength paprika, The (Korona M.P. Kuczor Co.).
Dress it up with Durkee’s Dressing (sauce).
Drink your vitamins and minerals and like ’em (Hemo).

Each grain salutes you (rice). Uncle Ben’s.
Eat a 100% breakfast (The Maltex Co.).
Eat Dailey’s with your daily bread (jams), Vincent Dailey.
Economical energy food, The (Macaroni, spaghetti, noodles), Quaker Maid Co.
Eggs that are fresh (Saddle River Poultry Farm).
Eliminates troublesome shaker-clog (International Salt Co.).
Enduring as the sun (vitamin-rich cream).
Energy eggs from happy hens (New Jersey Egg Market Committee).
Epi-curio, an epicurean delicacy in a curio container (Ming, Inc.).
Every bite a rarebit (tuna), Chicken of the Sea.
Everything that swims (Carrigan Fish Store), Memphis.
Extra-rich fruit flavor (Jell-O).

Famous energy food, The (syrup), Crown Brand Corn Syrup.
Famous family of Gorton’s sea foods, The (Gorton-Pew Fisheries Co.).
Famous for flavor (pickles & preserves), Arnold Bros.
Famous for flavor (mayonnaise), Helwig & Leitch Corp.
Famous for flavor (butter), Breakstone.
FARM-FRESH spread BETTERS any bread, The (Pillsbury’s best), Flour.
Finest imported from Italy (olive oil), A. Guirlani & Bro.
First aid for clever cooks (steak sauce), Derby.
Flavor is sealed in the flavor bud, The (Shirrif’s Lushus jelly).
Flavory, firm, tender (macaroni). The Foulds Co.
Flows freely, dissolves readily, develops food flavor (Diamond Cystal Salt).
Foods of fine flavor (Greenspan Bros.).
Food of the gods (honey), Arthur W. Hoffman.
Foods of finest flavor (Beechnut Packing Co.).
Food that builds bonnie babes, The (Glaxo). Jos. Nathan & Co., Ltd.
Food will win the peace (Weekly K.C. Star).
For all the family (Loma Linda Food Co.).
For better jams and jellies (Certo).
For dealers who feel entitled to a better grade of sea food (Whitman, Ward).
For discriminating people who want the best (Deerfoot Farms Co.).
For making good things to eat (Southern Cotton Oil Co.).
For professional cocktails at home (G.F. Hueblein & Bro.), Hartford.
For PURE enjoyment (Welch’s marmalade).
For quicker meals, packed with flavor, your best bet is Universal Minute-Savor (Landers, Frary & Clark), New Britain, Conn.
For 70 years a standard infant food (Bordon Sales Co.).
For tastier meals (Bisto).
For the real thing in noodle soup, ask for Barker’s (Barker Food Products).
For the well-dressed salad (mayonnaise), Otto Seidner.
For your stomach’s sake (Cossack Products).
Free running (Regal salt).
Fresh as a spring morning (frozen foods), Little America.
Fresh as dewy dawn (Pacific Egg Producers).
Fresh corn off the cob (Niblets).
Friends of the family (Canada Starch Co., Ltd.).
From bees to combs to you (A.H. Hoffman), Honey.
From flower to bee to you (Airline honey), A.I Root Co.
From Oregon mountain meadows (Jane Amherst Food Products).
From the skin of Gorton’s codfish (Gorton Glue), Gorton-Pew Fisheries.
From the sunny Rogue River valley (Knight Packing Co.).
From western mountain meadows (Jane Amherst Co.), Portland, Ore.
Frozen fish at their finest (Booth).
Frozen with the wiggle in its tail (New England Fish Co.), Seattle.

Get all your vitamins in food (Ovaltine).
Glowing with health, brimming with flavor (Campbell’s soups).
Golden squares of health (R.A. Johnston Co.), Milwaukee.
Good food for pleased guests (Sexton Quality Foods).
Good for you and good to you (Ry-Krisp).
Good to eat and good for you (Original Ry-Krisp Co.), Minneapolis.
Great Grapes, what a flavor (grape jelly and grapeade), Welch.
Growers brand, The (Ocean Spray cranberry).

Halves the cost and doubles the satisfaction (Tru-Taste Mayonnaise).
Have you tried it? (Durham corn starch).
Health from the sea (Marinesia Laboratories).
Healthful foods for everybody (Food Service Stores).
Health in every jar (Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise), Richard Hellman, Inc.
“Heart” of garden goodness in every delicious sip, The (vegetable juices).
Hemo will help you, too.
Hey, mom, this marmalade is different (Welch).
Highest quality for health, The (Chas. Know Gelatine Co.).
Honey what am honey, The (A.H. Hoffman), Richmond Hill, N.Y.
House that service built, The (Roop’s Groceries).
HUNT–for the best (tomato sauce).

Ideal for a quick easy meal (sea foods), Whitman, Ward & Lee Co., Boston.
If it isn’t Diamond Crystal, it isn’t shaker (salt).
If it’s chicken you’re wishin’–look for Lyndon.
If it’s dated, you know it’s fresh (Dated Mayonnaise, Inc.).
If it’s Thompson, it’s double malted.
If it’s used for seasoning food, we have it (Basic Food Materials).
If the Snider folks put it up, it tastes like home (Snider’s catsup).
If you like peanuts, you’ll like Skippy (peanut butter).
In all canned goods, look to Libby’s for perfection.
In everything you fry or bake (Crisco), Shortening.
In frozen foods, J.I. spells your best buy.
In season, all seasons (Happy Home Foods).
In seasoning, it’s Stange (Stange seasonings).
Invite an appetite with just a dash (The Allium Co.).
It melts in your mouth (food products), Pecano Mfg. Co.
It’s air washed (Southern Rice Sales Co.).
It’s all quality because it’s all barley (Puritan Malt), Pabst Corp.
It’s as good as the best and better than the rest (salt), Queens Health.
It’s creamed (mustard), R.T. French.
It’s digestible (Crisco).
Its favor has grown through flavor alone (McCormick & Co.), Baltimore.
It’s in the bag (rock salt), International Salt Co.
It’s ironized (Fleischman’s yeast).
It’s meat and drink to you (Oxo).
It’s mild because it’s pure (Diamond Crystal Salt).
It’s real mayonnaise (H. Jevne Co.).
It’s really sweet (syrup), Sweetose.
It stays on the salad (French dressing), A.E. Wright Co.
It’s what you put in to make the flavor come out (Angostura bitters).
It tastes home-made (Heinz tomato soup).
It takes the best to make the best (Worcester Salt Co.).

Just form and fry (codfish cakes), J.W. Beardsley’s sons.

Keep on the ball with Sun Ball Juices (Thomas & Howard Co.).
King of food fish (Associated Salmon Packers), Seattle.

Last word in sea food, The (Oyster Growers & Dealers Assn.).
Less than a cent’s worth will flavor a cake (Shirriff’s vanilla).
Like grandma’s, only more so (General Foods Corp.).
Like little meat pies in sauce (Ravioli), American Home Foods, Inc.
Look to Libby’s for perfection (Libby, McNeil & Libby).
Lordly touch for simple menus, A (Campbells’ soups).
Luxury in quality, not in price (tomato juice), Welch.

Made from a rare old recipe (marmalade), Shirriff’s.
Made in the home-made way (mayonnaise), Richard Hellman, Jr.
MAIN-DISH foods for baby (Campbell’s baby soups).
Make good foods taste better (Tomato catsup), H.J. Heinz.
Makes appalling food appealing (catsup), Helen King’s slogan.
Makes better breakfasts (Shirriff’s marmalade), Imperial Extract Co.
Makes every meal a company meal (tuna), Chicken of the Sea.
Makes every meal an event (Premier Salad Dressing), F.H. Leggett.
Makes eyes sparkle and mouth water (Mazola salad oil).
Makes fish day a red letter day (tuna), Chicken of the Sea.
Makes home sweet home (Log Cabin Syrup).
Malt beverage that looks and tastes like champagne, The (Sparking Grenay).
Man’s greatest food (potato), Maine Development Commission.
Maple at its best (Bucket Syrup).
Mealtime in no time (Landers, Frary & Clark).
Meat from wheat (Golden Age Macaroni).
Mellowed in wood to full strength (Heinz vinegar).
Million dollar sauce, the sauce with the million dollar taste (Perfect Mfg.).
Millions of babies have been raised on Clapp’s Baby Foods.
Millions prefer it (French’s mustard).
Miracle on your table, The (National Canners’ Assn.).
More than a salad dressing, a food (Richard Hellman, Inc.).
Most asked-for brand of all, The (Allsweet Margarine).
Most talked-about food in America, The (Pabst-ette).

Name that makes you hungry, The (Van Gorden’s Kitchens), Portland, Ore.
National Can protects quality.
Never thin or watery (Kemp’s tomato sauce).
New American marmalade, The (SunKist), Calif. Fruit Growers Exchange.
New foods, new ideas for a better world (General Mills).
New Orleans’ most famous sauce (Remoulade).
No more shaker-clog (International Salt Co.).
Nothing to do but fry (Gorton’s Codfish Cakes).
Nation’s health is a nation’s strength, A (Loma Linda Food Co.).
Nourishes from infancy to old age (Smith, Kline & French Co.).
Nourishing food-drink for all ages, The (Landgren & Co.).
No work, no waste (Frozen Foods Sales Corp.).

Ocean fresh (cod liver oil) Sea-Seald.
One and two make three (pancake flour and syrup), Robbs-Ross Co.
One of America’s great mealtime drinks (Postum).

Packed with the wiggle in its tail (New England Fish Co.).
Packed with the zest of the sea (tuna), Chicken of the Sea.
Pass the salt for better livestock (Sterling Salt).
Peak of perfection, The (Rochest Packing Co.).
People who talk about good food talk about General Foods (Battle Creek).
Perfect Mayonnaise, A (Premier Salad Dressing), F.H. Leggett.
Perfect salt, a natural tonic, A (Iodized), Worcester Salt Co.
Phone for food (Nat. Wholesale Grocers Assn.).
Picked at the fleeting moment of perfect flavor (Green Giant Peas).
Pick of the pack, The (Polar Frosted Foods), S.A. Moffett Co.
Pick of the pack, picked at the peak of perfection (Polar Frosted Foods).
Pink of perfection, The (Brit. Columbia Packers Assn.).
Pick of pickles, The (Crosse & Blackwell).
Pip of a chip, A (Jay’s Potato Chips), Chicago.
Planters is the word for peanuts.
Plus extra energy (marmalade), Welch.
Potato is man’s greatest food, The (Maine Development Commission).
Preferred for its flavor, praised for its price (Quaker Maid salad dressing).
Preferred for its flavor, praised for its price (Rajah Salad Dressing).
Preserve with refined cane sugar (The Sugar Institute).

Quality is the true measure of economy (salt), Ruggles & Rademaker.
Quality leaves no regrets (Haserot Food Products).

Rain or shine, it will always run (Purity salt).
Reach, heat and eat (Morton’s chicken giblets).
Real delight in every bite, A (A.G. Morse), Chicago.
Real thing in noodle soup, The (Barker Food Products).
Refreshing as fresh fruit (Beechnut Products).
Rich in Vitamin C (Bordo fruits and juices).
Rich full-bodied jam, clear sparkling jelly (Welch).
Right from the fishing boats to you (Frank E. Davis Co.).

Salad and cooking oil, The (Mazola).
Salt cellar of America, The (Barton Salt Co.).
Salt for every purpose, A (International Salt Co.).
Salt of the earth, The (Morton Salt Co.).
Salt that’s all salt, The (Diamond Crystal Salt Co.).
Salty tang of the sea (Walker’s oysters).
Sandwich spread of the nation, The (Wm. Underwood Co.).
Scotchman who KILT high prices, awful fresh MacFarlane, The (nuts).
Seasoning supreme, The (Tabasco sauce).
Season’s best and the best of seasonings, The (Heinz ketchup).
Seven cents a glass (jelly), La Vor Products Co., Sandusky, Ohio.
Short lengths, easy to eat (macaroni and noodles), C.F. Mueller Co.
Sifted through silk (spices), Hanley & Kinsella.
Sign of good cooking (Gravy Master).
Sing out for Jay’s, a pip of a chip (potato chip).
Some like ’em big, some like ’em little (peas), Boseman Canning Co.
Soup most folks like best, The (Campbell’s).
Spice to taste (Stickney & Poor Spice Co.), Boston.
Steady as she goes (Gorton’s sea foods).
Strained food baby really likes, The (Stokely).
Strained for babies, chopped for young children (Clapp’s baby foods).
Sunny by nature (Royal Scarlet), Fine foods.
Sure to delight your appetite (food products), The Haserot Co.
Sweeten it with Domino (American Sugar Refining Co.).
Swiss food drink, now made in U.S.A., The (Ovaltine).

“Table Grade” Margarine (Miami Margarine Co.), Cincinnati.
Taste is there, The (Louis Burk, Inc.).
Taste is the test, The (H.J. Heinz Co.).
Tastes twice as good as ever before (Jell-O).
Tested goodness (Gulden’s mustard).
THE extra-sweet corn syrup (Sweetose), Staley Mfg. Co.
There is Good Taste in our soup.
There’s a Colonial Salt for every purpose (Colonial Salt Co.).
There’s something real in a Spanish meal (Zint Spanish Food Co.).
They’re smackin’ good (Tater Flakes), The Tater-Flakes Co.
To big you good morning (Shirriff’s marmalade).
Tonic food beverage (Ovaltine).
Tonic Fruit, The (American Cranberry Exchange).
Topnotch quality costs less (Worcestershire sauce).
Tops from the depths, The (tuna).
Treasure for eating pleasure, A (canned vegetables), Country Gardens, Inc.
Treat to eat, A (Wm. Edwards Co.).
Try Spry, here’s why (shortening).

Unusual things in homes that know. The (Curtis Corp.).

Vitamin-protected (tomato juice), Welch.
Vitamins for the millions (Harmony vitamins), A.S. Boyle Co.

Way to a man’s heart, The (Log Cabin Syrup).
We are advertised by our loving friends (Mellens Food Co.).
Welch’s energy-packed foods (Welch Grape Juice Co.).
Whenever a recipe calls for gelatin, think of Knox.
When it rains, it pours (Morton’s Salt Co.).
When it’s wet it’s dry (Worcester Salt Co.).
Where food grows finest, there Libby packs the best.
Win favor with flavor, serve S&W find foods.
With the better taste (macaroni and noodles), Mueller’s.
Word to the wives is sufficient (Carey Salt Co.).
World’s most popular salad and vegetable delicacy, The (Canners League).

You know it’s fresh, it’s dated (Dated Mayonnaise, Inc.).
You’ll be a better cook with Spry.
Your best food from the sea (Oyster Growers of North America).
Young America spreads it on thick (marmalade), Welch.
Your good food, well served, means my good will well won.

Ze dash zat makes ze dish (A-1 sauce).

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