Pitch perfect: clothing supplies

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market clothing supplies, including fabrics, yarns, and zippers.

Action underwear for active men (Munsingwear).
America’s best-liked junior wear (Donmoor Donbrook).
America’s best ribbons (Johnson Cowdin & Co.).
An extra collar for a dollar (League Collars), Goodman Collar Co.
Artificial silk at its highest point of perfection (Tubize Artif. Silk Co.).
As good as it is beautiful (Courtald’s silks).

Band with the little hooks, The (Wick Narrow Fabric Co.), Philadelphia.
Best by any test (Darleen). Elastic fabrics.
Better fringe, The (Mendelsohn & Silver), New York.
The better the yarn the better the fabric, The (Acetate yarn), Kingsport Corp.
Blond date color styled with Loxol Extra (Sales Affiliates), New York.
Bright as the sun, wears for years (fabrics), Hexter & Co., Cleveland.
Buttons that are MORE than buttons (Costumakers).

Challenge Cleanable Collars save laundry dollars (Du Pont).
Comfort engineered (Koylon fabric).

Darbrooks silks of character and quality (Schwarzenbach Huber & Co.), New York.
Davencrepes with the invisible extra silks (Davenport Hosiery Mills).
Dispels dressing discords (Harmony Brand), Federal Snap Fastener Corp.
Double wear in every pair (U. S. Glove Co.), Marion, Ind.
Draper felts for efficiency.

Easiest belt a man ever felt, The (Pioneer Suspender Co.).
Everybody thinks it’s silk (Lingette), Fred Butterfield & Co., New York.
Every color in the rainbow (yarns), S. W. & B. W. Fleisher, Inc.
Extra strength that never fails you (Bell thread).

Fabric of tomorrow on the looms of today, The (Velon).
Favrics and workmanship, the best for the price; style and fit unexcelled at any price (Michaels Stern & Co.), Rochester.
Fabric shrinkage held to mere 1% (Sanforized).
Fabrics of integrity (Lorraince worsteds).
Fashion begins with your fabric (Peter Pan).
Fastener to fit every need, A (G. E. Prentice Mfg. Co.), New Britain, Conn.
Favorite home-sewing notion of the nation, The (Slide Fasteners, Inc.), New York.
Featured brand throughout the land, The (Sanpeck fabric).
First name in towels is the last words in sheets (Cannon Towels & Sheets).
From yarn to you, it textron all the way (textiles).

Greatest name in rayon, The (Courtalds).
Guaranteed without an IF (blanket binding), Warren Weatherbone Co., New York.

Hear it snap (Ball and socket fastener).
House of hits in cotton, The (W. L. Barrell Co.), New York.
House of values where yards of thrift are sold, The (Atlantic Mercantile).
House that pays millions for quality, The (Mishawaka Woolen Mfg. Co.).

If it’s Darbrook, it’s durable (silks), Schwarzenbach Huber.
If it’s Derryvale, it’s Irish linen.
If it’s dyed by Goodman, it’s good (fur dressers).
If it’s new, we have it (Fabrics), Claflin’s Inc., New York.
If it’s Truhn, it’s washable (Jersey Silk Co.).
Industry’s medium, The (rayon).
It’s better because it’s made of Koroseal (Comprehensive Fabrics, Inc.).
It’s the yarn that counts (American Yarn & Process Co.), Mount Holly, N. C.
It takes needles to make shirts (L. Needles-Brooker Co.), New York.
It wears — and wears — and wears (Zapon Leather Cloth Co.).

Join the knit parade (knitting needles), C. J. Bates & Son.

Keeps shirts smooth and trousers snug (Snugtex), Everlastik, Inc., New York.
Knit goods are only as good as the yarn of which they are made (Fleischer).
Knitted sportswear from Wisconsin’s sportland (Jersild Knitting Co.).

Laundry proof snap fastener that ends button-bother, The (Gripper fasteners).
Leading leather substitute, The (Standard Textile Products Co.), New York.
Linen damask, impressively correct (Irish & Scottish Linen Damask Guild).
Look for the name in the selvage (Wm. Skinner & Sons).
Look for the Red Ball (Mishawaka Woolen Mfg. Co.).

Major zipper, The (Conmar).
Make old shirts like new (Dublife collars).
Maker of fine rubber goods for over fifty years (Kleinert Rubber Co.).
Makers of high-grade mechanical rubber goods for fifty years (Boston Woven).
Mark of distinction, The (Sanpeck fabric).
Mastery in linens (Moygashel), New York.
Matter of pride, pleasure, and good plain sense, A (linings), Wm. Skinner.
Miracle yarn, The (Lastex), U. S. Rubber Co.
Miracle yarn that makes things fit, The (U. S. Rubber Co.).
More than 90% of all synthetic yarn is precision-mould on the Flexible 50.
Most luxorious travel fabric, The (L. C. Chase Co.), Sanford, Me.
Most profit per foot (Buxton stitchless zip guard).

Name to remember, a fabric to remember, A (Brooklawn Corduroy).
Newest trimmings first, The (Zucker & Josephy, Inc.), New York.
New silks first, The (H. R. Mallinson), New York.

Perfect twosome, The (J. Laskin & Sons), fabrics.

Quality for every purse and purpose, A (Thomaston sheets).
Quality slide fastener, The (Talon).

Ribbon of 1000 uses (Allpeece Corp.).

Sandoz thinks ahead with textiles (Sandoz Chemical Works).
Sanforized, the checked standard of shrinkage.
Say Sanapak and be safe (ladies pads).
Selvage will tell if made by Migell (J. A. Megell), New York.
Sew what simple security for sewing supplies (Sid Levy & Sons).
Shrinkage control that lets the wool breathe, The (Amer. Cyanamid Co.).
Silks for every purpose (Belding Bros.), New York.
Silks of enduring quality (Belding Bros.).
Smartest zippers are fabric covered, The (Waldes-Kover Zip).
Snap with the turtle back (So E-Z snap fastener), A. L. Clarke & Co.

Tag always gets ’em, The (Narco rayon).
There are many advance styles, but there is only one Advance pattern.
They last longer (dress shields), Rand Rubber Co.
They resist wear (Pacific fabrics).
Third dimension pattern, The (Advance Pattern Co.), New York.
Tommorrow’s styles today (Advance Pattern Co.).
Turn a circle without a wrinkle (Bias Fold tapes), Friedberger-Aaron Mfg. Co.

Ultra rubber core, The (elastic webbing), Sidley Co., San Francisco.

Wears longer, because it’s stronger (Tubize Artificial Silk Co.).
When it comes to linens, come to Baker (Baker Linen Co.), New York.
Won’t stretch in wearing or shrink in dry cleaning (suiting), Bur-Mil.
Wool drest is best drest (Woolen Corp. of America).
Woven for wear (fabric), Levy Bros. & Adler, Rochester.
Woven where the wool is grown (Oregon City Woolen Mills).

Yarn you love to use, The (Bear Brand Yarn).
You call it a “zipper;” its real name is Prentice, the dependable slide fastener (G. E. Prentice Mfg. Co.), New Haven.
You’ll never know you’re wearing ’em (dress shields), Rand.
You’re SO right when you sew with Gotham Fabrics.

Zipper of tomorrow, The (Crown).

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