Improving the signal-to-noise ratio

We don’t mention it very often, but you may have found, if you’re a regular listener of Cladrite Radio (and surely you are), that the commercials can become awfully intrusive at times.

We sympathize, believe you us. Our stream is hosted by, which does a fine job, all in all. But they do tend to throw plenty of ads into the mix, there’s no denying it. They’ve got to pay their bills, after all.

What to do about it?

Consider signing on for a Preferred Listener VIP membership. It costs as little as $5.95, and you can finally enjoy Cladrite Radio’s memorable musical melange without suffering through advertisements.

What’s more, Cladrite Radio receives a percentage of your membership fee, which helps us keep the toe-tapping tunes of the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s flowing freely to you, our listeners.

There’s even a free-trial period, for the skeptics among us.

So consider becoming a V.I.P. member; you’ll be doing yourself—and your pals at Cladrite Radio—a favor.

Follow the link above or click on the ever-present icon in the lefthand column. And thanks!

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