Pitch perfect: toiletries

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market women’s—and some men’s, too—cosmetics, deodorants and grooming products.

Adds life to years rather than years to life (face cream), B. S. Boss.
Always admired, the skin that’s Satinized (Chamberlain).
Always at your fingertips (nail polish), Lorr Laboratories.
Always faithful (Recoton).
American symbol of feminine charm, The (perfume), House of Tre-Jur.
And McKesson makes it (cleansing cream), Albolene.
Antiseptic baby oil (Mennen’s).
Antiseptic deodorant powder, The (Amolin Co.), New York.
As different from all other perfumes as you are from all other women (Emir).
As easy to use as to say (Mum), George B. Evans.
As masculine as their trade mark (Royal Flush Toiletries), B. Ansehl Co.

Beautiful hair doesn’t just happen (conditioning cream).
Beautiful skin is adored, A (Nu-Art Laboratories), South Orange, N.J.
Be beautiful with Tangee (G. W. Luft Co.), New York.
Beauty aid for every need, A (Marinello Co.), Chicago.
Beauty in every box (face powder), Celebrated Products Sales, New York.
Beauty insurance (Cocoanut oil shampoo), R. L. Watkins Co., Cleveland.
Beauty is only skin deep; Luminiere controls the skin (En-Ve, Inc.), Detroit.
Beauty’s master touch (Oriental Cream), F. L. Hopkins & Son.
Bedazzling new cosmetics for all your shining hours (Debutante).
Beforehand lotion, The (Trushay).
Be kind to your skin (Beaver-Remmers-Graham Co.), Cincinnati.
Be lovelier to love (deodorant).
Best for baby, best for you (Johnson’s baby powder).
Buy your beauty needs from beauticians (Contoure Laboratories), New York.

Cleanses the pores and softens the skin (Polar Ice Laboratories).
Color cocktails for your hair with Loxol extra (Sales Affiliates), New York.
Colors hair inside, as nature does (Inecto, Inc.), New York.
Considered essential by considerate men (Sportsmen grooming essentials).
Correct, right to the fingertips (cosmetics), Glass packaging.
Cosmetics of the stars, Hollywood (Sales Buildings, Inc.), Los Angeles.
Cream shampoo for true hair loveliness, The (Lustre-Cream).
Creates essentials of beauty (creams), Schiaparelli.
Creme cold wave, The (Toni home permanent).
Cutex nails are loveliest.
Cuticle vanishes, The (cuticle set), Softol.

Dainty deodorant, The (Eversweet Co.), New York.
Daytime fragrance, The (perfume), Lentheric.
Deliberate witchery (Menace perfume), Evyan, Ltd., Chicago.
Deliciously perfumed hair lacquer, The (Nestle Hairlac).
Delightfully different (face powder), Henry Tetlow Co.
Devoted to beauty (Princess Pat, Ltd.), Chicago.
Distinguished by its patronage (Chinwah toilet preparations), Roxey, Inc.
Distinctly masculine, decidedly correct (grooming essentials).
Don’t envy beauty, use Pompeian.
Doubles your face value (cosmetics), Dreskin.
Drafted for beauty (beauty aids), Rap-I-Dol Distributing Corp., New York.
Dura-gloss touch, The (Lorr Laboratories).

Ends that painted look (Tangee lipstick).
England’s choicest lavender (Potter & Moore).
Eternal cleanliness is the price of beauty (toilet requisites), Golden Co.
Exquisite, but not expensive (April Showers Talc).
Eye make-up in good taste, The (Maybelline).
Eyes of youth (eye cream), Gertrude Shyde, New York.

Famous skin softener, The (Campana Balm).
Fashionable fragrance, The (V. Vivaudou, Inc.).
Fashionable women start with them (Weil & Kalter Mfg. Co.), St. Louis.
Fashioned like jewels (lipstick containers), Border Industries.
Fashions in fragrance (Roger & Gallet), New York.
Filters sun, speeds tan (Sutra lotion).
Finer than many face powders (Mavis Talcum).
Finishing touch you can’t afford to forget, The (Seaforth deodorant).
First law of beauty culture is thorough cleansing, The (E. Burnham), Chicago.
Flower for your lips and fingertips, A (perfume).
For all important occasions, wear Dura-Gloss (Lorr Laboratories).
For all types of hair (Drene).
For a more glamorous YOU (Sales Affiliates, Inc.).
For “dream hands,” cream your hands (hand cream), Paquins.
For high moments in distinguished living (perfume), Lelong.
For matching lips and fingertips (lipstick and nail polish), Revlon.
For silken-sheen hair easy to arrange (Kreml Shampoo).
For silken-sheen hair easier to arrange (Kreml Shampoo).
For smooth white hands tomorrow use Thinc Hand Creme tonight (Frailey Prods.).
For that “come hither” look (Angelus lipstick).
For that smart sun-tan look (Max Factor make-up).
For youthful charm and loveliness (LaSalle Co.), St. Paul.
For youthful hands, to have and to hold (hand lotion), Montclair Laboratories.
Fountain of youth for your skin, A (Balm-o-Lem), Jean Jordeau, Inc.
Fragrance of youth, The (perfume), April Showers.
Frederic, the master LOCK-smith (beauty shop).
French face powder made in Africa, The (Jardin de Rose).

Gay-hearted fragrance, The (Yardley).
Gentler cream deodorant, The (Yodora).
Good to your finger tips (nail polish), Strathmore Products Co., New York.
Gremlin Curl Coil, The (Sales Affiliates).

Hairs on your head are numbered, The (Kreml).
Hair today and gone tomorrow (Hairitonic), Herpecide Co.
Half the heat, double the satisfaction (Frederic’s beauty shop).
Here dwells youth (Primrose House), New York.
Hinds for hands and wherever skin needs softening.
Honeytones by Inecto Hair Coloring (Sales Affiliates).
How to get further with father (Seaforth shaving set).
HUSH takes the odor out of perspiration (deodorant), Hush Co., Philadelphia.

If you want to look like a “million-heiress” (D. B. Fishman Co.).
Incense of flowers (Black & White Face Powder), Memphis.
Indispensable to the creative perfumer (Dow aromatics).
Invisible corsage that captivates, The (Molinard, Inc.).
In Viviani’s the value is in, not on the package (beauty products).
Is kind to your hands (cream ammonia), Chas. Cooper & Co., New York.
It gets under your skin (Forol Laboratories, Inc.), Glen Falls, N.Y.
It puts sunshine in your hair (Pine Tree Shampoo), Newport, N.H.
It’s all in fun (Skylark fragrance).
It smoothes the skin (Campagna Corp.), Batavia, Ill.
It’s off because it’s out (Zip), Jean Jordeau, So. Orange, N.J.
It washes your dandruff away (Fitch Shampoo).
It will delight your skin (La Salle Co.).

Jewel of perfumes, The (Ybry, Inc.), New York.
Just to show a proper glow (Ingram’s Rouge), F. W. Ingram.

Keep Dura-Gloss always on hand (Lorr Laboratories).
Keep ’em pretty (Lorr Laboratories).
Keep hair-conditioned (The Nawa Co.), Washington, D.C.
Keep kissable with Flame-Glo lipstick.
Keeps hair better groomed without looking greasy (Kreml).
Keeps your face fit (Acqua Velva Cream).
Keeps your hair healthy and handsome (Vitalis).
Keep your hands youthful (Ammonite).
Keeps you sweet as an angel (Neet, deodorant.
Kind that keeps, The (Daggett & Ramsdell).
Kind you will always want, The (Mehron Cosmetic Co.), New York.
Kissable hands (hand creme), The Glessner Co., Findlay, Ohio.

Languid splendour set to fragrance (Lentheric).
Last word in gifts for men, The (Courtley toiletries).
Lets your hair shine like the stars (Drene).
Line of least resistance, The (perfume), House of Tre-Jur.
Liquid facial cleaner frees pores of dirt, The (Ambrosia).
Liquid jewelry (nail polish), Lorr Laboratories.
Liquid skin cleanser, The (E. Burnham, Inc.), Chicago.
Living face make-up and living face cosmetics (by Marinello), Sales Affiliates.
Lovelier skin in 14 days (Palmolive).

Made the sleeveless gown possible (Depilatory powder), Hall & Ruckel, Inc.
Makes dull faces shine (Keystone Emery Mills).
Makes electric shaving easier (Lectric Shave lotion).
Makes the skin like velvet (Mystic Cream Co.).
Makes your hair look its best (Mulsified Cocoanut Oil), R. L. Watkins Co.
Make the one-spot test (skin balm), Lake Laboratories, Detroit.
Manicure everyone knows, The (Peggy Sage), New York.
Marvelous new perfume, The (Raquel, Inc.), New York.
Master hair coloring, The (Rap-I-Dol Mfg. Co.), Newark, N.J.
Mennen for men in service (The Mennen Co.), Newark, N.J.
Modern method of beauty care, The (Doree Products Co.), Chicago.
Most treasured name in perfume, The (Chanel).
Multiple mixed (beauty and toilet requisites), The Golden Co., New York.
Mum helps to make a miss a hit (deodorant).
MUM is the word (deodorant).
Must clear your skin (Sixteen skin lotion).
Mystery of flowers, The (Scherk Importing Co.), New York.

Nail enamel your manicurist recommends, The (Revlon).
Natural beautifier, The (Peach Bloom Mineral Corp.), Chicago.
Never before did 10 cents do so much for a woman (nail polish), Lorr Laboratories.
New! Hospitals prove it’s better (Johnson’s baby lotion).
New kind of cream deodorant (Dryad).
New talc with a new odor, A (Pompeian Co.).
NIL that odor (deodorant).
No skin off your nose (sun oil).

One shampoo convinces you (Dr. Chas. E. Shiffer), Cleveland.
Only a liquid can cleanse to the depths of the pores (E. Burnham, Inc.).
Original creme for marriage hygiene, The (Whittaker Laboratories, Inc.).
Original skin softener, The (Campana Corp.), Italian balm.

Perfect cold cream, The (Daggett & Ramsdell).
Perfect under-arm protective, The (Perstik), Feminine Products, Inc.
Perfume of the Egyptians queens, The (Grenville, Inc.), New York.
Perfumes of youth (Cheramy, Inc.), New York.
Personality face powder (Celebrated Products Sales).
Personalized service that comes to your home, A (Avon cosmetics).
Potent essence of desire to touch (White Shoulders perfume), Evyan, Ltd.
Powdered perfume for the complexion (Velveola Souveraine Face Powder).
Prelude to adventure (Gay Diversion Perfume), Evyan, Ltd., Chicago.
Promotes a tan while it protects your skin (sun oil), Dorothy Gray.

Quickest way to beauty, The (O.J.’s Beauty Lotion Co.), Shreveport, La.

Reconditioning oil process that revitalizes the hair (permanent wave).
Reflects the prettiest faces (compact and cigarette cases).
Refresh, revive that sleepy skin (Dorothy Gray).
Relieves itching of dry scalp (Kreml).
Removes the freckles, whitens the skin (Stillman Co.), Autora, Ill.
Reveals the hidden beauty of your hair (Halo).
Rules the waves (Venida hair net).

Safe-and-sure deodorant, The (Etiquet).
Sanitary cold cream remover, The (Kleenex), Cellucotton Products Co.
Satin smooth (cream of clover honey).
Saves the face of the nation (lotion), Fife Products Corp., Richmond.
Screens out burn and makes you brown (sun oil), Dorothy Gray.
Seaforth for men (shaving set).
Self-blending rouge, The (Clark-Millner Co.), Chicago.
Sell by smell (aromatic chemicals), Givaudau-Delawanna, Inc.
Sheer make-up for sheer beauty (Houbigant).
She’s sure — are you? (Odorono), deodorant.
Sifted through silk (Pussywillow face powder), Henry Tetlow Co.
Simple secret of a good complexion, The (sponges), Miller Rubber Co.
60-second workout (Vitalis).
Skin you love to touch, The (Woodbury’s facial soap), Andrew Jergens Co.
Skin’s greatest guardian (Frostilla Co.), Elmira, N.Y.
Skin’s health service (Beauty Counselors, Inc.), Detroit.
Skin you love to touch The (soap), Andrew Jergens.
Skol tan keeps you “outdoor lovely.” (Skil sun oil).
Smoothest powders in the world (Melba Mfg. Co.), Chicago.
Soft as a mist (Mistere cold cream), Robt. H. Smith.
Softens the beard at the base (Colgate & Co.).
Sparkling hair that thrills men (Lustre Cream shampoo).
Sponge that takes the cake, The (Buela Louise Henry), New York.
Stay pretty in the sun (sun oil), Elizabeth Arden.
Stay shower-fresh all day long (Seaforth deodorant for men).
Stay sweet with Hush (deodorant), Hush Company, Philadelphia.
Step forth with Seaforth (grooming essentials for men).
Surround your life with fragrance (Mary Chess).

Tailored men’s toiletries (Mem Co.), New York.
Tailor-made toiletries (Mem Co.).
Takes the odor out of perspiration (Mum).
Tan with Jan (sun oil).
Tartan lets you TAN, never burn (sun oil).
That “always fresh” look (Woodbury cold cream).
There is beauty in every jar (milkweed cream), F. F. Ingram Co.
There’s a difference worth knowing (perfume), House of Tre-Jur.
Tints gray hair any shade (Kenton Pharmacal Co.), Covington, Ky.
To grow healthy hair, keep your scalp clean (hair tonic), Jeris.
Toiletries of youth, The (Park & Tilford).
To kill that odor, just NIL that odor (deodorant).
To know them is to love them (toilet specialties), Richard Hudnut.
Tops for fingertips (nail polish), Lorr Laboratories.
True odor of spring, The (Grenville, Inc.).
24-hour protection (Odorono).

Used by more men today than any other hair tonic (Vaseline).

Wakes up your hair (Admiration soapless shampoo).
Way to say remember me, The (perfume), Guy T. Gibson Co.
Welcome aid for difficult days, A (feminine hygiene), Duray Products Corp.
West Point stands for good grooming (men’s toiletries), Associated Brands.
What we have we hold (hair tonic), Kino Petrol.
Windblown through silk (Pompeian beauty products).
Winner with women, A (deodorant), Quest.
With hair-conditioning action (Drene).
Womanly way to remove hair, The (El Rado depilatory), Pilgrim Mfg. Co.
World’s finest shampoo, The (Vita-Fluff).

Your complexion’s best friend (Campana Corp.).
Your wish fulfilled (toilet specialties), Richard Hudnut.

Zephyr-screened face powder (Sales Affiliates, Inc.).

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