The Karen Files, pt. 13

Another in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the life of our mother:

Hi-res view

We don’t have any deep insights to offer about this week’s snapshot of Karen and Lloyd. It’s just a picture that pleases us. They’re so young, and they look so happy.

This photo probably dates from the mid-1950s (note Lloyd’s Lyle Lovett-esque hair and Karen’s brown, not blond, hair), but we don’t know any more about it.

We are tickled by the fac that that both our falks are dressed a bit flashier than usual, Mom in a casually glamorous sleeveless dress, with a noticeable sheen to it (silk? satin? Your guess is no doubt better than ours) and Dad in a loud sport shirt with a pair of cuffed trousers that we darned sure wish he’d saved and passed on to us!

(Did your parents hand down their now-vintage clothes to you? Ours surely didn’t—we suspect Karen made a regular practice of cleaning out the closets and shipping stuff off to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Why oh why couldn’t she have been a pack rat?)

But best of all are Lloyd’s very sharp two-toned shoes, paired with impressively sheer and ribbed socks (those socks could be a bit longer, though, Dad).

Again, why weren’t those shoes saved and passed down to us? Perhaps one of our sisters would ask the same about Karen’s sharp dress.

There’s just no justice.

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