Keep Cladrite Radio “On the Air”!

With the deadline for renewing Cladrite Radio’s annual contract with Live365, our stream provider, nearly upon us, we turn to you, our listeners and readers. If you enjoy the tunes of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s as heard 24/7/365 on Cladrite Radio, please consider chipping in to help us keep this wonderful music alive for a contemporary audience.

Last month alone, our music stream was accessed nearly 11,000 times; that’s a lot of toe-tapping joy being shared. So We’re not talking about a lot of money here, not in the collective sense, as our target is just $500. And we’ve made it easy for you to donate safe and secure way via Paypal.

Any money we receive over that amount will go toward expanding our already expansive library of vintage pop and jazz, and if we should manage to reach the $700 mark—be still, our hearts—we can double our storage capacity at Live365, allowing us that much more variety in the music we bring you.

And while every contribution is, of course, deeply appreciated, we have some enticing thank-yous for those who chip in at the following levels:

$10 — A ten-spot will bring you a Cladrite Radio magnet for your refrigerator, your office cube, any metallic surface that could do with some decorating.

$25 — Send us twenty-five dollars and we’ll let you assist us in creating an hour of programming on Cladrite Radio: We’ll devote sixty minutes to playing your favorite songs from the Cladrite Era, your favorite artists, and when possible, your favorite songs performed by your favorite artists. And we’ll do our best to schedule that hour of programming in a time slot that suits you, so that you can invite friends, colleagues and family to listen in.

$50 — Slip us fifty bucks, and we’ll send you a Cladrite Radio t-shirt in your size of choice, plus you’ll get to help us create an hour of programming (and what the heck, we’ll throw in a magnet, too).

Thanks for doing your part to keep Cladrite Radio alive and streaming!

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