Help Bing Crosby Keep Cladrite Radio “On the Air”!

Ask yourself this: What would Bing do?

Well, if he knew what you know—that we’re in final hours of the funding drive to keep Cladrite Radio “on the air,” that if we don’t reach our goal of $500 (we’re about two-thirds of the way there), your favorite (and ours) online radio station could be silenced—then he’d click the following link and put his money where his ears are.

Because Bing knows (or he would, if he were still with us) that there are precious few sources out there for hearing his 1920s and ’30s recordings. He’d realize full well that if Cladrite Radio were to trim its programming or, worse, stop streaming altogether because its regular listeners didn’t step up, well, that would be a lose-lose all around.

We love bringing you our toe-tapping tunes of the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s, but we’re giving it to you straight: We need your help. You’ve got just hours to contribute what you can: Ten bucks, $25, fifty—whatever you can spare. We have some thank-you gifts for those who give at various levels, but at this point, it’s really not about the swag—it’s about keeping Cladrite Radio alive and streaming, and literally every dollar counts.

Your donation will be processed through our safe and secure Paypal page. Thanks.

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