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This is the part we don’t enjoy, but it’s necessary.

Operating Cladrite Radio (the streaming music service, that is) is not cheap. We don’t expect to profit at it, but we do need to break even, to cover our expenses.

If you’re a regular listener, please consider finding a way in the month of April to show us your appreciation. There are several ways to do it: You could buy some Cladrite gear, you could make a purchase at Amazon (we get a small percentage of purchases by anyone who makes their way to that site clicking a link here), you can also sign up for a VIP membership through Live 365 (you’ll enjoy commercial-free listening, except for the vintage advertisements we include in our programming, and we’ll receive a cut of your membership fee—it’s a win-win).

But of the most benefit to us would be a direct contribution via PayPal using the link below.

Our annual cost for the services provided by Live365, our stream provider, is $480. If twelve listeners chipped in $40, we’d have it covered. If twenty-four people threw in $20, that’d also do it. Heck, if a hundred people each sent us $5, we’d be in good shape.

Whatever you can spare will help. We love providing this music for you, and based on the feedback we receive from our listeners, you appreciate our efforts. So we’re asking you to show that appreciation in a more direct way, so that the toe-tapping tunes we play for you won’t be silenced.

Do what you can for us, please. If we brighten your day on a regular basis, please let us know it before the end of April. This post will remain atop this blog until we’ve reached our goal, but as soon as we do, down it comes and you won’t hear another fundraising word from us till this time next year.

And thanks.

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