Pitch perfect: unclassified

As we said last week, our long march through the various categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans, is nearly at an end. We have remaining only a few broader (though no less compelling) categories. This week’s collection is categorized by Mr. Sunners as “Unclassified.” What’s the difference between that and last week’s category, Miscellaneous? Frankly, we have no earthly idea.

Absolute perfection of the watchmaker’s art, The (eye loupe), Harry Elkins.
Acclaimed by millions from coast to coast (Dreft), Soap flakes.
ACTION is one-half of satisfaction (Mrs. William Sunners, 1926).
Actions keeps on longer after the brushing stops (Squibb’s dentrifice).
After all, “The Taste tells” (Delrich Margarine), Cudahy.
Alkaline dental cream, The (Squibb).
All along the line, Duz does everything.
Always buy Chesterfield (cigarettes).
Always one step ahead (men’s wear), Chas. Weiner & Sons, Chicago.
Always one step ahead of the weather (Rusco windows), F. C. Russell Co.
American artistry in glass (Turchin), 41 East 42nd St., New York 17.
America’s best-loved greeting cards (Norcross), New York.
America’s handsomest desks (Nottingham), C. R. Slight Co., Grand Rapids.
America’s largest-selling imported beer (Tecate Importer), California.
America’s most famous line of baking mixes (Duff’s).
America’s most popular nurser (Evenflo).
An address of distinction (D. D. Bohannon Organization), San Francisco.
An agency built on service (McCann-Erickson).
An auld acquaintance ne’er forgot (Gavin’s Scotch).
Art in industry (stencils), Fabritecture Studio, Chicago.
At home in every room (Glamorug).
Automatic gas range, The (Caloric).

Bagless vacuum cleaner, The (Filter Queen).
Ball o’ candy with a heart o’ gum, The (Fleer’s), Philadelphia.
Band-It Clamps go round the world (Band-It Co.), Denver.
Bargain king, The (Trader Horn), Better Cars, Inc, New York.
Be a safety first girl with Mum.
Be paintriotic (paint firm slogan).
Be SURE you save at a savings bank (Savings Bank Association), New York.
Be wise, buy wise, economize with Colorcraft Press (Minneapolis).
Beauty by the brushful (Brooklyn Varnish Co.).
Best by zest test (Ten Bruin’s mustard).
Best for less, The (Rudley’s Food Stores), New York.
Best in the house is Schenley, The.
Best seat in the house, The (Church Seats), Holyoke, Mass.
Better coffee every time with S & W (S & W Fine Foods), San Francisco.
Better light, better sight.
Better shoes for less money (Samson), A. I. Caplan, St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Blond beer with the body, The (Tecate Importers).
Body by Fisher better by far.
Bonded pigments (Palm Bros. Decalmania Co.), Cincinnati.
Brand name of better gloves (Aris Gloves).
Brand that always puts flavor first, The (Del Monte fruit cocktail).
Brew for you, The (American Brewing Co.), , Rochester.
Bronze strong as as nickel steel, A (Hy-Ten-Sl), Manganese Bronze Co., Phila.

Calling all mothers (Fraternal Order of Eagles), Kansas City, Mo.
Candies of distinction (Brown & Haley), Tacoma, Wash.
Candy of distinction (Brown & Haley).
Carefully conceived contests can create consumers (Amer. Newspaper Syndicate).
Carefully conceived contests, constantly conducted, can create consumers.
Carefully conceived contests create consumers (American Newspaper Syndicate).
Channel 7 for what’s worth watching (WJZ-TV), New York.
Checks first with the finest (General Oil Burner Corp.), Baltimore.
Checks odors instantly (Quell household deodorant), Hoy Chemical Co., St. Louis.
Cheese; zest at its best (American Dairy Association).
Chevrolet, and only Chevrolet, is first.
Chewing gum bon bon, The (Vi-Lets), F. H. Fleer Corp., Philadelphia.
Choice of good judges (3 Feathers).
Choice of good painters (Merkin).
City convenience . . . RFD (Rapid Thermoglass Co.), Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Club with a heart to spade in the diamonds, The (N. Y. Contest Club).
Coat that leads a double life, The (Two-Timer), C. B. Shane Corp., Chicago.
Coffee with the flavor advantage, The (Folger’s).
Company that likes to say YES, The (Personal Finance Co.).
Completely automatic home laundry, The (Launderall).
Contests can create consumers (American Newspaper Syndicate).
Controlled comfort (Spring-Air Mattress), Holland, Mich.
Controls the arch (leather fabric), Julian & Kokenge Co., Cincinnati.
Convertible sofa with accordian action, The (Sofa-niter), Charlton Co.
Cool antiseptic lotion, The (Cool Ocean Co.), New Orleans.
Count on Centennial (Centennial Flouring Mills Co.), Seattle.
Cream of the coffees, The (Albert Ehlers, Inc.), Brooklyn, N. Y.
Custom-built quality at production line prices (Fruehauf truck bodies).

Dandy candy (Yankee Toffee), Brown & Haley, Tacoma.
Different and better (Folger’s Coffee).
Difference is in the weave, The (Chix), Gauze diapers.
Directional marketing (Eugene Van Houten Associates), New York.
Doggone good tools (Duro Metal Producs Co.), Chicago.
Don’t peek, take a good look (valves and refrigerator parts), Allin Mfg. Co.
Double action (Easy Spindrier), Automatic washer.
Double action; washes more clothes faster (Easy Spindrier Washer), Syracuse.
Dunlop Hats cover the population.
Dyed for lasting loveliness (Hollander Furs), Newark, N. J.

Eagle means style (Egale Clothes), New York.
Eastern beer flavor, local beer prices (Tecate).
Especially yours (dresses), Shelton Casuals, New York.
Every member a winner and every winner a member (National Contesters Assoc.).

FAIREST of them all (Helen King, contest judge), Created by William Sunners.
Family barber, The (Sta-Neet), Hair-cutting set.
Family that prays together, stays together, The (Family Theatre, Inc.).
Fifty years of fine baking (National Biscuit Co.).
Fine foods our guarantee (Acrostic for FFOG store).
Finest aluminum, The (Mirro pressure cooker).
Finest name in fabrics, The (Goodall), New York.
Fire extinguisher anyone can use, The (Stop-Fire).
FIRST baby foods, The (Clapp’s).
First in canned dog food (Ken-L.-Ration), Chicago.
First in foods (American Dairy Association), Chicago 6.
First name in textile, The (dry goods), Bird Mfg. Co., Macon, Ga.
First thing on arising (lemon in water), Sunkist.
First with the finest (Arkatex Ceramic Corp.), Brazil, Ind.
Fit for a golden spoon (ice cream), Borden’s.
Fit for a queen (slide fasteners), Queen Mfg. Corp., New York.
Fits the arch (shoes fabrics), Julian & Kokenge Co., Cincinnati.
Flame that will brighten your future, The (gas).
Floor without flaws (General Floorcraft, Inc.), New York.
Foods taste better cooked with gas.
For a better tomorrow for everybody (Nat. Assn. of Mfrs.).
For ALL your baking, the finest flour of all (Pyrex oven ware).
For better and faster baking (Pyrex oven ware).
For men of action (Ranger shoes), Endicott Johnson.
For that winning smile (dental cream), Grand Union Co., New York.
For the best in rest (Southern Comfort Mattress), Charleston Mattress Mfg. Co.
For those friskie years (Spree Togs for children), Tri-Parel Corp., Phila.
For tired tender feet (Orthopedic shoes), Cannon Shoe Co., Baltimore.
For your metal money’s worth (precision metal work), C. T. Brandt, Inc.
For your pressing needs (hydraulic presses), Hydraulic Press Mfg Co.
Fortified to whole grain levels (Cream of Rice).
For what’s worth watching (WJZ-TV).
Fountain head of modern tube development is RCA, The.
From generation to generation Heirloom Sterling), Oneida, Ltd.
From the tall corn country (Dubuque Ham), Dubuque Packing Co.
Fruiterers of distinction (Smilen Bros.), New York.

Gas, comfort fuel (Philadelphia Gas Works Co.).
Get bright windows quicker with Windex.
Gift that keeps on giving, The (Radio Corporation of America).
Good cook deserves a Grand Gas Range, A (Cleveland).
Good salad dressing’s other name.
Gravy aid everybody’s talking about (Gravy Master).
Great Britain’s greatest builder of large motor cars (Austin).
Great Skin cure, The (Cuticura ointment), Potter Drug & Chemical Co., Boston.
Greatest name in golf, The (golfing equipment), MacGregor Co., Dayton.
Greatest name in outboard boats, The (Thompson Bros. Boat Mfg. Co.).
Greatest recent advance in building and heating economy, The (Thermolath).
Guaranteed use in anything (Fosset), Wooster Brush Co., Wooster, Ohio.

Had your IRON today? (California Associated Raisin Co.), Fresno, Cal.
Heat, eat, enjoy (Van Camp’s pork and beans).
Helps keep teeth white (Dentyne Chewing Gum).
Here and there it’s Sterling Inlaid (silverplate).
High above all and snow-white (kraft paper), Nekoosa-Edwards Paper Co.
High-sign of style (Eagle Clothes), New York.
Hits the mark (stock feed), Staley Mfg. Co., Decatur, Ill.
Home of Deep Sea Dave (Davis Bros.), Fish foods (Gloucester, Mass.).

I understand and I perform (insecticide). Wm. Cooper & Nephews, Chicago.
IDEALization, the realization of ideas (Hugh H. Graham & Associates).
If it’s Community, it’s correct (silverware).
If it’s done with heat, you can do it better with gas (Am. Gas. Assn.), New York.
If it’s worth labeling at all, it’s worth labeling well (E. H. Kluege).
Impossible we do immediately, the miraculous takes a little longer (SeaBees).
In the fresh white package or the clean white carton (Chesterfield).
In the garden today, on your table tomorrow (fruits and vegetables), Smilen.
In the heart of the city (business college).
Ipana toothpaste for your smile of beauty.
It breathes as it feeds (nursing nipple), Evenflo.
It pays to keep clean (American Linen Companies), Minneapolis.
It sho sticks (gummed tape), Wortendyke Mfg. Co., Richmond.
It takes so little (White King soap).
It’s all in the wheel (glass cutter), Red Devil Tools, Irvington, N. J.
It’s always Fehr weather (beer), Frank Fehr Brewing Co., Louisville.
It’s better with butter (Butter Industry).
It’s Boston-knit for better fit (Graeloch).
It’s clear to see (plastic containers), Central States Paper & Bag Co., St. Louis.
Its high quality makes it economical (Folger’s Coffee).
It’s king-size smoking at its best, yet priced no higher than the rest (Embassy).
It’s Kodak for color.
It’s smart to choose the finest sterling (Reed and Barton).
It’s Washington’s mother’s recipe (Dromedary), Gingerbread mix.

JET that bug (insecticide), Airosol, Inc., Neodesha, Kan.
Judge for yourself (whiskey), London & Co., Elizabeth, N. J.
Just like mother’s (Cannon Shoe Co.), Baltimore.
Just try me (F. O. Mitchell & Bro.), Perryman, Md.

Keep it under your hat (Shampoo & hair cream), Lan-O-Tone products, N. Y.
Keeps aluminum bright (Brillo), Cleanser.
Keeps you dry when it’s wet (umbrella), Gilbert Center, N. Y.
Kitchen fresh (Kraft), Mayonnaise.
Knit well (yarns), Ellison Knit Wear, Inc., Los Angeles.

Label approved by New Yorkers, A (Browning King), Men’s wear.
Label to take home, The (Gordon hosiery).
Lady with a line, The (Gossard line of corsets).
Largest in the world, The (Blimp Chewing Gum), Fleer’s, Philadelphia.
Lasting loveliness (hosiery), Sapphire Hosiery Corp., Philadelphia.
Leadership born of quality (Electromaster range), Mt. Clemens, Mich.
Lemon in water, first thing on arising (Sunkist lemons).
Life is a movie; Cine-Kodak gets it all (Eastman Kodak Corp.), Rochester.
Light on your feet (Julian & Kokenge Co.), Shoe fabrics.
Like a garden in your pantry (UCO quality foods).
Loveliest pearls made by man, The (Varvella), 383 Fifth Ave., New York.
Luma, the radium lumanous compound (Radium Dial Co.).
Luxury blend at a thrifty price, A (Nob Hill), Coffee.

Made by OUR family for YOURS (pianos), Sohmer & Co., New York.
Made on honor, sold on merit (malt beverage) Narrangansett Brewing Co.
Makes fashion a fine art (Dumari fabrics), 78 Worth Street, New York.
Makes good food taste better (Diamond Salt), General Foods.
Makes ironing easier (Satina), General Foods.
Makes water wetter (PN-700 washing powder), Service Industries, Philadelphia.
Man who works, the child who plays can carry on with Hathaways, The.
Man’s best, A (old style beer), Bavarian Brewing Co., Covington, Ky.
Mark of excellence, The (Par-X vegetables), S. Rianda, Salina, Calif.
Masters gravy making (Gravy Master).
Matchless electric water heating (Los Angeles Bureau of Power & Light).
Modern, yet proved by centuries of use (Minwax Co.), New York.
More miles, more smiles (Mobil Tires).
MORE than just beautiful shoes (Rhythm Shop), Johnson, Stephens & Sinkle.
MOTION is two-thirds of promotion (WIlliam Sunners), 1925.
Mountain water makes the difference (Old Export Beer), Cumberland Brewing Co.
Music you want, The (Radio Corporation of America).
Music American loves best, The (Radio Corporation of America).
Music you want when you want it, The (Radio Corporation of America).

Name that means everything in electricity (Westinghouse).
NATURALLY a better brew (Krueger).
Naturally finer (Washburn’s beans).
Nature’s best food at its best (Crystal Dairy Products), Gainesville, Tex.
Nearest thing to trouble-proof (oil burners and equipment), Kresky Mfg. Co.
New American favorite, A (Delrich Margarine), Cudahy, Chicago.
New slick way to chase dirt, The (paste household cleaner), Quick-Way Household.
New tender touch tissues, The (YES tissues).
No purer soap was ever made (Chiffon Soap Flakes), Armour Co., Chicago.
Not too loose, not too tight, fits just right (Munsingwear).
Nothing washes like soap, there is no soap like White King.

Off the noisy street (business college).
Once a Pioneer, always a Pioneer, Finish or lacquer (H. J. Herbert), New York.
One call for all (River Raisin Paper Co.), Monroe, Mich.
One chord is worth a thousand words (Sohmer & Co.), Pianos.
One if by day, two if by night (Sofa-niter), Charlton Co., Fitchburg, Mass.
Only Eastman makes the Kodak camera.
Only Eastman makes Kodak cameras.
Only Eastman makes Kodak film, the film in the familiar yellow box.
Only the very best is ever labeled Phillips Delicious (soups).
Original air deodorant, the (Sweet-Avie), Miller Protecto Products Co.
Original penetrating Stainwax finish, The (Minwax Co.), New York.
Our policy takes the “R” out of CRASH.
Our teachers mould the nation’s future (Advertising Council).
Out where the west begins.

Parade of Stars (National Broadcasting Co.), New York.
Pacing the nation in chasing the news (newspaper).
Pad that’s kind to your hands, The (Handy Mandy), Triangle Mfg. Co. Chicago.
Paper that IS England, The (Punch).
Part of the American scene (Maxwell House Coffee).
Peak of perfection, The (Paramount Seeds), Paramount Seeds Co., Stockton, Calif.
Peak of quality, The (Apex Vacuum Cleaner), Cleveland.
Pioneer in easier ironing (Proctor).
Practical feeds for practical feeders (Dietrich & Gambrill), Frederick, Md.
Prettiest thing on two feet, The (Carlisle Shoe Co.), New York.
Priced from mill to Milady (Admiration Nylons).
Prized of writing perfection (Stratford pens).

“Q” for Quality (swabs), Q-Tips, Inc. Long Island City, N. Y.
Quality brew since 1852 (Potosi Brewing Co.), Potosi, Wisc.
Quiz show with a heart, The (Strike It Rich).

Reach for Ideal (dog food), Wilson.
Refuge in time of storm, A (National Reserve Life Insurance Co.).
Remember you are ladies, but forget you are women (WAVES).
Rest assured (Times Square Hotel), New York.
Rinso is the only soap recommended by 33 washers.
Rich coffee always tastes better (Edwards).
Road of the daily streamliners (Union Pacific Railroad).
Roast beef king, The (McGinnis), New York and Sheepshead Bay.
Royalty in slips (Aristocraft), Superior Petticoat Co., New York.
Rugged as an elephant (tires).

Safe-and-sure deodorant, The (Etiquet).
Salable to the last pair (Stanley Dutenhofer Shoe Co.), Cincinnati.
Salt of the Covenant (kosher salt), Ohio Salt Co., Wadsworth, Ohio.
Save fuel with Conco, warmth without waste, (Conco Engineering Works), Mendota, Ill.
Scientific pest control (Calif. Spray-Chemical Corp.), Wilmington.
Scours the pan, not your hands (GLO soapy scouring pads), J. H. Rhodes Co., Chicago.
See the First Trust first (First Trust & Deposit Co.), Syracuse.
Serving human progress through photography (Eastman Kodak), Rochester.
Shameless—for the modern Eve (perfume).
Shortest route to the mail chute, The (Dictaphone), Columbia Graphophone Co.
Since 1910, America’s No. 1 scratchproof wood finish (Minwax Co.).
Smarter shoes for natural walking (Natural Bridge Shoemakers), Lynchburg, Va.
Snapshots you’ll want tomorrow, you must take today, The (Eastman Kodak).
So good you can cook with it (Sunnybank Oleomargarine).
Sock America wears to work, The (Nelson Knitting Co.), Rockford, Ill.
Someone’s always look at your luggage (Amelia Earhart Luggage Co.), Newark, N. J.
Something from the jeweler’s is always something special (Jewelry Ind. Council).
Something more than a beer, a tradition (Budweiser).
Spun to a cream (honey), Bradshaw & Sons, Wendell, Ida.
Sterling of cooking ware, The (Nesco utensils), National Enameling Co.
Strong as its name (Hercules Umbrellas), Polan, Katz & Co., Baltimore.
Strong as leather (wheat flour), Manfield Milling Co., Mansfield, O.
Styled to comfort (Fashion Eze Shoes), Carmo Shoe Mfg. Co., Carthage, Mo.
Styled to win every girl’s heart (dresses), Perlberg & Tannenbaum, New York.
Sucker with a heart of gum, The (Fleer’s), Philadelphia.
Suits the south (Schwobilt clothing), Schwob Mfg. Co, Columbus, Ga.
Sure to be tender (skinless frankfurters), Visking Corp., Chicago.
Sweethearts in swim suits (Pacific Knitting Mills), Los Angeles.

Tailored to fit (Formfit Bra).
Tailored to taste (cream ale), Genesee Brewing Co., Rochester.
Take a gander (Gander Publishing Co.), Passaic, N. J.
Takes the toil out of soil (Dearborn Motors Corp.), Highland Park, Mich.
Talk with Tilo, there’s a MATERIAL difference (Tilo Roofing Co.), Stratford, Conn.
Tea in the finest tradition (Canterbury Tea).
There are no dudes in our duds (Man-O-West slacks and pants), Freeman Mfg. Co.
There’s always a market for a quality pack (canning and packing machinery), Sinclair Scot. Co., Baltimore.
That’s where my savings go, and GROW (Steddy Saver), Century Federal Savings.
They are better (cookies), J. S. Ivins’ Sons, Inc, Philadelphia.
They cure the tickle (mentholated drops), Dean Medicine Co., Milwaukee.
They look better longer (decorative protective finishes), O’Brien Co.
Think (International Business Machines).
This’ll kill yuh (carbon monoxide), Maremont Auto Products.
This plus in his diet puts song in his heart (French’s bird seed).
Thrifty fuel, A (Old Mac Coal), Old Mac Coal Co., Kansas City.
To spin a win (Top-portunity), Contest magazine.
To talk little, to hear much (International Magazine), High Twelve Clubs.
Toughest steel known, The (manganese), American Brake Shoe Co., Chicago Hgts.
Trademark of quality, The (fuel line fittings), Weatherhead Co., Cleveland.
Trend is to GAS, The.

U must try me on (Heart Throb dresses), Devonshire Junior, New York.

Vacation in itself, A (Atlantic City Steel Pier).
Voice of the dairy farmer (American Dairy Association).

Watch the wear (overalls), H. W. Carter & Sons, Lebanon, N. H.
We cannot stay when West begins to spray (West Disinfecting Co.).
We carry nothing but the best (Wirthmore), St. Albans Grain Co., St. Albans, Vt.
Wear Sta-s and stay girdled (leg band), Nolde & Horst Co., Reading, Pa.
What Eagle shows, goes (Eagle Clothes), New York.
Whatever the towel, it’s a top value if the label says Cannon.
When day is done, you deserve the best (Schenley).
Whiter enamel, The (Vita-Lux).
Will cure a cold in one night (Carter’s Compound Extract), Brown Medicine Co.
With speed and certainty (surgical goods), Will Ross, Inc. Milwaukee.
Words won’t stop the enemy, bullets will (War Bond slogan).
World peace through world trade (International Business Machines).
World’s greatest artists are on RCA Victor records, The.
Woven into the life of America (Burlington Mills), 1410 Broadway, New York.

You are reading through its invisible sheerness (Griffin Hosiery Mills).
You can always save with safety at your Rexall store.
You can be sure if it’s a Westinghouse.
You can do it, too (Mrs. A. Sherman Hitchcock).
You must be fair and square in the Contest Club of the Air (Mrs. Hitchcock).
You press the button, it does the rest (Eastman Kodak).
Your best salesman, printing ink (Nat. Assn. of Printing Ink Makers).
Your T-zone will tell you (Camel cigarettes).

Zest at its best (cheese), American Dairy Association.

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