Pitch perfect: Prize-winning slogans, pt. 4

This week’s collection of slogans from William Sunners’ 1949 effort, American Slogans, is taken from a chapter entitled prize-winning slogans—they were submitted by members of the public when the companies and organizations cited conducted slogan contests, with prizes awarded to the winners.

As we noted last week, it’s interesting to see that a couple of products, Crisco and Cheerioats (the original name of the cereal we know as Cheerios), seemed to believe strongly in the idea of slogan contests—they are represented by multiple slogans among this week’s offerings. And public safety slogans, too, again appear quite often.

This week, we’re sharing with you the prize-winning slogans from S to Z.

Safety always, safety all ways.
Safety ever, accidents never.
Safety first and common sense will save you pain and much expense ($25).
Safety, doctors and undertakers last.
Safety first, economy first, Rexall first (drug stores).
Safety has no quitting time.
Safety Sam makes all connections; he crosses streets at intersections.
Safety saves sickness, suffering and sorrow.
Safety takes the dent out of accident.
Saluting the past, Cleveland builds for the future (won $1000).
Salvage your waste paper, help win the Big Scrap with little scraps.
San Diego for rest and play, every month, every day (won boat).
San Diego, land of fun, mountains, valleys, surf and sun (won boat).
Satisfaction at every turn (Nordstrom Valves).
Satisfaction grows as the mileage mounts (Willy Overland).
Satisfaction mounts with every mile (Paige).
Satisfied customers our greatest asset (Marmon automoble).
Satisfying smoke at a gratifying price, A (cigar).
Save and be safe (coal).
Save more at the Rexall store where drugs are pure and service sure (won car).
Save safely with coal.
Saving time with a dash might mean serving time for a crash.
Saving today for a better tomorrow (State Savings and Loan).
Say it with safety and save the flowers.
School zone! A crippled child might be your own.
Science against swords; the Red Cross versus the Black Cross (won $5000).
Securely yours (won $200), Swingline stapler.
Security you require with the economy you desire, The (fire insurance).
Send your letters flying (Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce).
Serve it often, it serves you well (Kellogg’s All-Bran).
Serve with pride, eat with pleasure (Kellogg’s All-Bran).
Service for the average home, but greater than average service (Household Mag.).
Shade better than the rest, A (Ever Kool Hat).
Shake a leg, it may save a soldier’s.
Sheaffer’s Fineline pencil keeps your hand smiling ($100).
Shell out Bonds and we’ll outshell the enemy ($10).
SHELL OUT for Defense Bonds to get shells out for defense ($25).
Shock of the fall taken in the spring, The (flashlight).
Shoes men beam about, The (Air-O-Magic Shoes).
Shorten the working day, cook the new Crisco way.
Show symbolizes America’s accomplishments for better living, The ($200), Food show.
Show what you grow and share what you know (first prize), Canad, Grain Exhibit.
Show you care and give your share (Community Chest).
Show you care by buying your share ($25), War Bond drive.
Side streets are like trees, a little sap might run out (safety).
Sight to remember on a site of beauty, A (won stove), N. Y. World’s Fair.
Sign removed is a scene improved, A (sign removal slogan contest).
Silver anniversary for the makers, sterling quality for the users (Overland car).
Simple revamp from a flash to a lamp, A (Bond’s Electric Co.).
Simply delicious and deliciously simple.
A bottle of refreshment, easy to carry as one (Coca-Cola).
Sloganize and win a prize (Contest Guide).
Small accident can a small child, A ($50).
Smoker’s perfect “go-between,” minty, tangy, Wint-O-Green, The ($100).
Smooth complement to a crisp salad, A (won Chevrolet), Mayonnaise.
So easy to cream, hasty and tasty (Crisco).
Soap-clean complexion with a cold-cream complexion, A (won $1000).
Soft as chamois skins, smart as mannikins, that’s Shenanigans ($100), Shoes.

Some are firewise, others are otherwise.
Some say ginger ale; those who know say Schlitz.
Somebody is waiting for your want ad to appear (Louisville Courier-Journal).
Sowers of safety are the reapers of happiness, The.
Speaks the language of humanity (American Weekly).
Sperry Harvester selects, perfects, protects, The (Flour).
‘Spite o’ sultry summer heat Sur-Fine Shortenings still stay sweet ($25).
Spokesman for America’s sportsmen (won $500), Outdoor Life Magazine.
Spring is in the Air-O-Magic all year round (shoes).
Square deal with round steel, A ($50), Swingline Staplers.
Square deals revolve on Marmon wheels.
Stamp out aggression with Savings Stamps; buy Bonds to end world bondage ($500).
Standing invitation to foot comfort, A (Air-O-Magic shoes).
Star that shines all night, The (Texaco).
Start with a Fineline, finish with a fine line (Sheaffer’s).
Stationer, a service station for office and home, The (Coach Stationery Mag.).
Station that makes a showplace of the nation, The (won television set), WPIX.
Stay in style as you ride each mile (Kansas City Motor Show).
Stop and know before you go.
Stop making blunders, start baking wonders (flour).
Stop making our highways die-ways.
Streak of good luck, A (Marmon).
Streamline your cooking with the new Crisco.
Strength, safety, style and speed, Terraplane meets every need.
Studebaker never goes back on you, even on a hill (won Studebaker car).
Studebaker stands out in the market and stands up on the road.
Studebaker, the PASS word for smoother riding.
$tudy the $ecret of $logans that $ell (Contest Guide).
Style at savings worth while.
Such a material improvement (Seal Skin Cigar).
Summer appetites tempted and appeased.
Summer, winter, spring or fall Crisco needs no ice at all.
Sunny circles of satisfying cereals ($50), Cheerioats.
Sunny skies and ocean blue, San Diego beckons you (won a boat).
Super Pyro merits trust; it cannot freeze and doesn’t rust (won $1000).
Super Pyro’s golden shade halts the “just as good brigade” (anti-freeze).
Super-Speed just can’t be beat for giving quick efficient heat ($100), Elec. range.
Superior all ways, always superior (Seal Skin Cigar).
Surely slide smoothly (Crown Zipper).
Surest, quickest, cheapest way to get what you want, The (Omaha World-Herald).
Survives the shocks of falls and knocks (Bond Electric Flashlight).
Sweet tooth for Cardinets is a wisdom tooth, A ($50), candy.
Sweetheart of a “chewsy” world, The (Tootsie Rolls).

Take care, not chances.
Take no risk, they’re fresh and crisp.
Take this step to motor pep, buy Motor Rhythm (won car).
Takes the B out of beating and gives delicious EATING (Crisco).
Take time to take care ($250).
Taste refreshment is complete with Butter Rum, the flavor treat ($100).
Tasty and pure, hasty and sure (Crisco).
Tasty, tempting, tangy treat, Wint-O-Green, the cooling sweet.
Tasty, tender, crisp, they hit the spot, hungry or not (crackers).
Telecast that’s unsurpassed, The (won television set), station WPIX.
Tender pastry, delicious cake, quick rewards when you Crisco bake.
Tender-rising action’s the last word in satisfaction (Softasilk cake flour).
Thank you, careful drivers, my boy is now that man (won Studebaker).
Theatre is an oasis in the desert of depression, The (movie slogan).
Their care, our affair.
There are more rides in Riversides (won $2500 Packard).
There is no “reasonable facsimile” for Victory, so buy bonds ($50).
There may be thousands of brands, but there’s only one All-Bran (Kellogg’s).
There’s a wealth of health in Florida Citrus Fruits.
There’s a wood for every material purpose.
There’s Magic afoot (Air-O-Magic shoes).
There’s more pick-up per cup (won $1000), coffee.
There’s nothing to learn, just buy and burn coal.
They lubricate as they operate (Nordstrom Valves).
They make hunger a joy (Tom’s Toasted Peanuts).
They protect your car and perfect its performance ($100), Waverly Oil.
They shall not want (won automobile), Community Chest.
They started something; let’s STAMP it out ($25), War Bond drive.
Think fast, but drive slowly.
Think twice before you speak; a big ship can sink from a little link.
This annual fair of food rejuvenates my cooking mood ($500), Food show.
This is a war of machines, keep yours running (production drive).
Those who dance, the years touch lightly (Dancing Masters Association).
Those who like good things to eat know fresh Bond just can’t be beat (bread).
Though small in formation, it’s great information (Household Magazine).
Thrift way to gift day insurance, The (Christmas Club).
Thrifty buying, easy pay, C & F Penny Club Way (won $1000), Cussine & Fern Co.
Thrilling, filling for that sweet mouth, A.
Till we beat again, buy Bonds ($25).
Time and money save today; Super-Speed, the electric way ($100), Elec. range.
Tips you off to what’s on (Everett Lane’s “Weekly Contest Tips”), Comorn, Va.
To be a culinary luminary, Occident Flour is necessary.
To the cook goes the glory, to Crisco the credit.
Toasted and how! They’re the cat’s meow (Tom’s Toasted Peanuts).
Toasted down South to melt in your mouth (peanuts).
Toastmaster’s choice! Schlitz Pale Dry (won $1000).
Today’s expression of tomorrow’s procession (won car), Automobile show.
Tomorrow of America is up to you today, The (War Bond drive).
To pay more is extravagant; to pay less is unwise (Jarman Shoes).
To play ball while driving doesn’t mean BATTER UP.
To taste their flavor means to favor their taste (corn flakes).
Toasting protects what blending perfects (coffee).
Today is safety day.
Today’s used cars, an opportunity for any bargain-wise community (Akron).
Tomorrow’s Household Protection Policy does not protect you today.
Tom’s Toasted Peanuts, America’s motor lunch.
Tons of comfort (coal).
Tops to the bottom (sparkling water).
Travel in comfort and arrive in style (won $10,000), Selby Shoes.
Travel in high at low cost with Sinclair H. C. gasoline.
Travel South on 101 to San Diego, land of sun (won a boat).
Treasured ammunition for the deadly Black Flag guns (insecticide).
Trees without number, make it with lumber ($100).
True review of all that’s new, A (American Weekly).
True to the long ago, true to the age to be, the Phila. Sesqui-Centennial.
Try a bag for that 4 o’clock fag (peanuts).
Try Crisco, it’s creamed before you start.
Try to get by without one (Dodge).
Tube that’s in front because it never goes back on you, The (Sylvania).
Turn of a screw pushes lubricant through, The (Nordstrom Valve).
Turns cold-blooded facts into warm-blooded fiction (book).
Two dancing feet bring miles of happiness.
Two grand flavors blended right; Butter Rum, a taste delight ($100).

United we will, divided we fail.
Unless its safety is complete, the newest home is obsolete (won $500).
Unrivalled in construction, unequalled in beauty, the Victory Six (Dodge).
Up-to-date facts on down-to-earth subjects (Capper’s Farmer).
Up to the minute, every minute (Minneapolis Star).
Use a good finish and finish for good (Sewall Paints).
Use coal, save and be safe.
Use coal, unless you have money to burn.
Use creamier Crisco for crisper, crustier and tastier pies.
Use it, nature renews it (won $2500), Lumber.
Use more brains, have less pains.
Use wood for material economy ($100).
Use your eyes, use your ears, use your brakes and last for years.
Use your head and you will have use of your body.

Valve controls the flow, the screw controls the value, The (Nordstrom).
Victory begins at 18.75 ($25), Bond drive.
Vision to see, faith to believe, courage to do (Chamber of Commerce).
Visitors welcome, customers pleased (Marmon).
Vitamin-enriched cereal rings that strengthen the family circle ($50), Cheerioats.
Vitamins give you pep, Pep gives you vitamins (Kellogg’s Pep).
Vitamin treasure of appetite pleasure, A ($50), Cheerioats.
Vitamins for Pep, Pep for vitality (Kellogg’s).

Wait for the light instead of the ambulance.
Waltz-time smoothness; jitterbug energy (Sperry Wheat Hearts).
Want-ads are stepping stones to success (Louisville Courier-Journal).
Wardrobe in itself, A (Middishade Co.).
Warmth without worry (coal).
Washday victory in every box (soap powder).
Waste a minute and save a life.
Watch the crowds go BUY.
Watch your smile brighten (Dr. West’s Toothpaste).
Way ahead in perfection, for a lifetime of satisfaction (Sheafer’s pen).
We are buying security at little cost ($25), War Bond campaign.
We CAN, sir, cure Cancer.
We can’t all go to camp, but we can all buy a Stamp ($25).
Wedding plans are wisely made if they include electric aid.
Weekly habit that grows on you, A (Christmas Club).
Weigh the way you drive; live and let live.
We’re in it, let’s win it ($100), War Bond drive.
Wet and dry ammunition for the insects’ demolition (Black Flag).
What fine fresh fruit flavor for five cents (Life Savers).
What’s your hurry?
Wheatessence of good breakfast sense, The (Sperry Wheat Hearts).
When hunger drives you “nutty,” eat Tom’s (toasted peanuts).
When passing schools, take it slow; give our kids a chance to grow.
When taste desires cooling flavor try refreshing Lime Life Saver ($500).
When you step, you start (won $1000), National Battery.
When you think you’re late, remember your late neighbor.
When your mouth is hot and dry Pep-O-Mints will satisfy ($250).
Where comrades give and hero’s hearts relive ($5000), Home for war orphans.
Where investment in defense is considered common sense.
Where Nordstrom goes in, troubles go out (valves).
Where Omaha’s wise advertise ($250), World-Herald.
Where progress keeps pace with ideals (Home and Building Exposition).
Where quality and economy meet ($25).
Where ’round the corner means ’round the world (movies)
Where sales and service meet (Marmon).
Where teamwork is the secret of achievement.
Where the nation will vacation (won electric stove), N. Y. World’s Fair.
Where the outcome suits your income (first prize), Furniture slogan.
Where the world is your neighbor (won electric stove), N. Y. World’s Fair.
Where there is good clean fun and malice toward none (won $1000).
Where values are sound and health is found (drug store).
Where we fight preserve freedom, not enslave nations.
Where words don’t fail you (Omaha World-Herald).
Wholesome Crisco’s creaming ease makes even better-prized recipes ($50).
Wholesome, mellow, flavor-right, Butter Rum, new taste delight ($100).
Why hurry? The morgue stays open all night.
Why nickels leave home (Tom’s Toasted Peanuts).
Why sign away beauty (Standard Oil sign removal contest).
Wide-awake paper for wide-awake people, A (Minneapolis Star).
Wife of a careless man is almost a widow, The.
Will stand the strain on any main (Nordstrom valves).
Win hubby’s praises every day by cooking creamier Crisco’s way.
Win that smile of perfection through Forhan’s protection.
Winning more fame for its famous name (won $500), Chevrolet.
Wins more fame for its famous name.
Wint-O-Green, fresh and gay, is my daily “breath bouquet” ($100).
Wise men have accidents, also Household protection (insurance).
With Crisco, cake-mixing action is reduced to a fraction.
With new Crisco’s pre-creamed aid tastier cakes are quicker made ($50).
Won’t leak, won’t stick, lubrication does the trick (Nordstrom valves).
Wood answers the MATERIAL question.
Wood serves, survives, and satisfies.
Wood solves the MATERIAL question.
Wood, use it; nature renews it (won $5000), Lumber slogan contest.
Woodland sweetness, refreshing, keen, caught in a roll of Wint-O-Green ($100).
Work or fight with all your might (production campaign).
World-Herald, Omaha’s want-ad habit, The.
Worth waking for (Kellogg’s Corn Flakes).
Worthy of Schlitz name and fame (beer).
Worthy of name and fame of Schlitz.
Wreck-less, not reckless.
Wright Arch Preserver Shoes give you more mileage, more styleage, more smileage.

Year-round lubricant, The (Alemite).
Yesterday’s dream, today’s reality, tomorrow’s tradition (Softasilk cake flour).
You can’t go astray the C. M. A. way.
You can’t improve a Redman move (moving and hauling).
You feel the difference; others see it.
You insure your life, house, car; why not insure your liberty? Buy Bonds.
You select, we protect (Marmon automobile).
You’ll kiss the cook who serves “Chicken of the Sea” (Van Camp’s Tuna).
You’ll never be a live wire if you touch one.
You’ll never say CAN’T with a can of Crisco ($50).
You’ll spot them as a hit because they hit the spot.
You’ll want that second cup (coffee).
Your arm chair a front row seat (Home Talkie Movie Co.).
Your car has no brains, have you?
Your coalman sells health.
Your dentist’s first assistant (toothpaste).
Your “permanent” beauty shop.
Your star reporter on the world parade (won television set), Station WPIX.
Your way of life depends upon your day of work (production campaign).

Zero weather, summer heat, always creamy, fresh and sweet ($50), Crisco.
ZEROS, they make you feel like a million ($50), Cheerioats.
Zest for breakfast, best for health Kellogg’s All-Bran).

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