Pitch perfect: Prize-winning slogans, pt. 3

This week’s collection of slogans from William Sunners’ 1949 effort, American Slogans, is taken from a chapter entitled prize-winning slogans—they were submitted by members of the public when the companies and organizations cited conducted slogan contests, with prizes awarded to the winners.

As we noted last week, it’s interesting to see that a couple of products, Crisco and Cheerioats (the original name of the cereal we know as Cheerios), seemed to believe strongly in the idea of slogan contests—they are represented by multiple slogans among this week’s offerings. And public safety slogans, too, again appear quite often.

This week, we’re sharing with you the prize-winning slogans from M to R. More to come next week.

Magazine full of home-aid for everything home-made, A (Household Magazine).
Magazine that makes truth famous, The (American Weekly).
Magazine that provides substance for substantial homes, The (Household Magazine).
Magazine that spotlights human events (American Weekly).
Magazine that treats you square the whole year round (Household Magazine).
MAJOR treat for a PRIVATE, A (peanuts).
Make any dish a healthful dish (Kellogg’s All-Bran).
Make eating entreating ($100).
Make Fineline a present for a fine writing future.
Make housework light and kitchen bright with Kitchen Cleanser Creme ($50).
Make safety your middle name.
Make the most of the most you make, buy War Bonds.
Makes breakfast an adventure ($25), Cheerioats.
Makes farmers wise and incomes rise (Capper’s Farmer).
Makes SIMPLY all cakes better ($100), Softasilk Cake Flour).
Making a good name better (Dodge).
Man at work is worth two in the hospital, A.
Many a wreak has occurred from an empty train of thought.
Many instruments in one, one instrument in many (Brunswick phonograph).
Master baker cake maker, The (Softasilk Cake Flour).
Masterpieces of Confectioncraft (won Chevrolet), Candy.
Materially speaking, use wood ($100).
Measure the highways in careful miles, not in KILL-O-METERS ($50).
Mellow as moonlight (La Palina Cigar).
Menu for minute men (lunch).
Merit And Responsibility Made Our Name (acrostic for Marmon Automobile).
Methuselah, 969 a pedestrian.
Mighty lot for a mighty little, A (peanuts).
Millions are wedded to Coca-Cola, the better half of thirst.
Millions enjoy them (Toasted peanuts).
Minty flavor, blended right, makes Wint-O-Green a taste delight ($100).
Miss is as good as her smile, A (won $1000).
Mix momentum with your gasoline—free wheeling (Studebaker).
Modern cooks are grateful indeed for Crisco’s wholesomeness and speed ($50).
Money saved and teeth saved (Dr. West’s toothpaste).
Money talks the language of war ($25), War Bond drive.
Monthly passport to a better home (Household Magazine).
More creaminess in Crisco means less work in mixing dough.
More light yield, it’s safety-sealed (Bond flashlight).
More service with less servicing (Chevrolet).
More you use it, the better you like it, The ($100), Wood.
Most valuable magazine to House and to Hold (Household Magazine).
Mouth-refreshing mellowed blend, Butter Rum, the smoker’s friend ($100).
Mouth refreshing summer hint, cool and tangy Pep-O-Mint, A ($250).
Mouth refreshment, sweet and keen lingers long with Wint-O-Green ($100).
Movies now, memories forever (camera).
Muriel serves, survives, and satisfies (cigar).
Mush that makes you want to rush to the breakfast table, The (Sperry Wheat).
My best protection for baking perfection as Occident Flour.

Nash Coffee makes dinners winners.
Nash’s toasted Coffee full of second-cup appeal.
Nash’s toasted coffee is like friendship: unchanging, satisfying, fine ($100).
Nation’s best life insurance policy: Safety First, The.
Nation’s breakfast habit, A (Kellogg’s Corn Flakes).
Nation’s reading habit, The ($1000 a year for life), American Weekly.
Nation’s voice approves your choice, A (Kellogg’s).
Nature made Muriel par a grand cigar.
Nature made the only moonshine fit to use (safety).
Nature perfection for health protection (Wheat-germ food).
Nature’s best for wholesome zest (Tom’s Toasted Peanuts).
Necessity on cleansing days, useful in a hundred ways, A ($15), Kitchen Cleanser.
A need—a gift—a joy (Community Chest).
Needs great or small, Want-Ads for them all (Louisville Courier-Journal).
Never a dull moment with Sheaffer’s fineline pencil.
Never through serving you ($50), Wilmer Shepherd.
New age, a new instrument, A (Brunswick phonograph).
New bride plus new Crisco means better food on the table.
New Crisco adds new zest to those old reliable recipes ($50).
New Crisco for tenderness and tastiness.
New Crisco shaves minutes and saves meals, The.
New Crisco’s instant blending speed is every housewife’s baking need.
New Life Saver with an old-time flavor, A.
New thrill from an old mill, A (Softasilk Cake Flour).
Newer and niftiest, creamier and thriftiest (Crisco).
New York’s outstanding station for entertainment and relaxation (television).
New York’s pictorial globe trotter (won television set), for WPIX.
News with the chaff fanned out (Capper’s Weekly).
Ninety nibbles for a nickel (Tom’s Toasted Peanuts).
No better reason, no reason better, the Public Ledger (Philadelphia).
No breakfast mistakes with Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.
No one says “nuts” when Tom’s Toasted Peanuts are purchased.
No failures, less labor; talk creamier Crisco to your neighbor ($50).
No parking fuss, take a bus ($1000), bus transportation.
No placket should lack it ($500), Crown Zipper.
A “no-time-cut” refreshment hint for busy workers, Cryst-O-Mint ($100).
NORDSTROM, the perfect application of a principle (Valves).
Nutritious corn in its most delicious form (Kellogg’s).
Nuts belong on the bolts of a car, not behind the wheel.

Occident assures perfect blending, easier mixing and a perfect ending (flour).
Occident Flour merits trust, bakes larger loaves with tenderer crust ($50).
Occident users never become Accident excusers (flour).
Old-fashioned applesauce, new-fashioned way (canned sauce).
Old-fashioned goodness, today’s easy way (won Mixmaster), Crisco.
Old-timey oats, new-timey way ($50), Cheerioats.
On the tongues of millions ($25), Cheerioats.
Once installed, never stalled (Merco Nordstrom Valve Co.).
Once used from necessity, now used by choice (Nat. Lumber Mfrs.).
One good ton deserves another (coal).
150 to the good and getting better ($200 War Bond).
Only building material that grows, The (wood).
Others we TRY, Seal Skin we buy (cigar).
On your way to beauty, stop at Frederick’s (beauty parlor).
Our community, your opportunity.
Our Indians, with no reservations (Detroit Baseball Team).
Our low prices will electrify you (Electric Co.).
Our service is music to your ears (radio repair).
Ours is a black business, but we treat you white (coal).
Outsells because it excels.
Out where the West begins.

Parchesi, the game whose fame will never wane.
Paint better with better paint (Sewall Paint Co.).
Park your hunger here (Tom’s Toasted Peanuts).
Part of the party, A.
Patriotism needs this kind of expression ($25), War Bond drive.
Paving the way to slogans that pay (Contest Guide).
Pay day chicks are “up to scratch” (chicken farm).
People’s voice plus news that’s choice, The (Capper’s).
Pep-O-Mint, in summer’s heat, a cool, refreshing, LASTING treat ($250).
Pep-O-Mints are tried and true, improve my health, digestion, too ($250).
Perfection in protection (first prize), Sewall Paint Co.).
Perfectly simple way to a simply perfect Christmas (Christmas Club).
Perfect traction its duty; added attraction, its beauty (Crown Zipper).
Perhaps there is safety in numbers, but not in a canoe.
Permanent satisfaction for the well-groomed bride.
Phenomenal car at a nominal cost, A (won automobile), Dodge.
Phenomenal game at nominal cost (Parchesi).
Pie or cake, it’s easier to make with Crisco.
Piel’s appeals (beer).
Play fair, drive with care, no one has a life to spare.
Play safe and you’ll play longer.
Pleases the palate, eases the purse (Van Camp’s tuna).
Pledged to please (won auto), Seminole toilet tissue.
Pocket ease, drinking pleasure King Orange gives in double mesure ($100), soda.
Points the way and weighs the points of better homes (Household Magazine).
Power that burns and yet returns (electricity).
Preferred golden flakes of purity, produced perfectly and packed particularly.
Prepare Crisco meals tasty and clever with smallest endeavor.
Preparing to powder the insects’ noses (Black Flag insecticide).
Prevent accidents before they happen.
Prevent fire by “firing” carelessness.
Prevent fires by watching yours.
Prices in tune with the times (pianos).
Prized shortening of prize cooks, The (Crisco).
Profit talks of stocks and stalks (Capper’s Farmer).
Progress on parade (won electric stove), N. Y. World’s Fair.
Protect your car and perfect its performance (Waverly oils).
Public Ledger has one on the sun; the sun sets, The (Phila.).
Pueblo, the pacemaker of the west (won $250).
Purely a matter of goodness (Hydrox Ice Cream), won $500.
Put nature’s best under your vest (Tom’s Toasted Peanuts).
Puts allure in your hair as well as a permanent wave (Frederick’s).
Put magic in your brush (4-Hour Enamel).

“Q” to good health in Quality Food, The ($25).

Railroad crossings’ greatest need, twice the caution, half the speed ($50).
Raise safety and you’ll raze danger.
Read; don’t make tomorrow’s headlines.
Read for profit, use for results (Times Classifieds), won $1000.
Real aid relayed (Capper’s Farmer).
Recipes old with Crisco new give lighter cakes, tenderer, too ($50).
Reckless age makes rueful age.
Reckless driving makes angels out of fools.
Record-making quality at record-breaking values.
Reducing glare is sound eye care ($250), Electric bulb.
Refreshing cheer throughout the year.
Refreshing tang, old-fashioned flavor, Molas-O-Mint, a real Life Saveer ($500).
Rejoice! Here’s hunger choice (Tom’s Toasted Peanuts).
Rely on a Reliable firm (Reliable Electric Co.), Louisville.
Resist the urge of a spending spree and invest the savings for Victory.
Rest renews the current you use (won $2000), Bond Electric Co.
Rich, refreshing, wholesome, sweet, Butter Rum’s a timely treat.
Richest child is poor without musical training, The (Music Industries).
Ride and rest, the bus way’s best ($100), bus transportation.
Roadside beauty, a roadside duty (sign removal slogan contest).
Roadway to a happy home, The (Household Magazine).
Round-up for a square meal, The ($25), Cheerioats.
Rousing ring-leader in cereal circles ($50), Cheerioats.
Royal treat, morning, noon and night; a million must be right, A (Coca-Cola).
Ruggedness built in makes the Terraplane stand out (automobile prize).
Rural trends for rural friends (Capper’s Farmer).

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