Pitch perfect: printed pearls, pt. 1

Our long march continues through the final few remaining categories of commercial slogans collected in Williams Sunners’ 1949 tome, American Slogans. Sunners entitled this week’s collection “Printed Pearls” and described them as follows: Pithy phrases picked from printed advertisements because they possess particular qualities such as alliteration, rhyme, contrast, comparison, repetition, lilt, or just plain good sales points.

This group’s an exceptionally long one, so we’ll view it in three installments. This week, A-F.

Absence makes the meat grow tender (Hotpoint range).
Across the continent in comfort (Ford).
Add sparkle to your breakfast and sparkle to your day (Sunsweet prunes).
Adds life to your charm and charm to your life.
Again a year ahead (Zenith radio).
All for fun and fun for all (Step Lively, a movie).
All is not new that glitters (Old Dutch Cleanser).
All-out aid for a hungry man (Campbell’s soups).
All that’s best at lowest cost (Chevrolet).
All the dirt, all the grit, Hoover gets it every bit (vacuum cleaner).
All the way with Chevrolet.
All the world loves a happy BLENDING (Calvert).
All-fluid drive belongs to Dodge, the results belong to you.
All through your beauty sleep your skin must stay awake (Woodbury’s Cold Cream).
All ways right with Willsonite (sun glasses).
Always a good companion (Dutch Master Cigars).
American marches forward on TIME (Hamilton Watch).
An Equitable Life Annuity puts gold in your purse when there’s silver in your hair.
An extra trifle buys this eyeful (Buick).
An eye for comfort (Willsonite Sun Glasses).
An eyeful of fashions, a buy full of features (Buick).
An old-time soup hits an all-time high (Campbell’s Soup).
Anatomic energy (Gold Center wheat cereal).
And the bride served happily ever after (Community Plate).
And the world will approve your choice (Cadillac).
Announcing a new RING champ (Super-X piston rings).
Answer to a modern’s prayer (Nescafe).
Any mountains you want moved? (Association of American Railroads).
Appetites don’t take vacations (Campbell’s Soups).
Apt for autumn appetites (bread).
Arabian nighties (Arabian nightwear).
Are you one of the “Battered bonnet brigade”?
Are you pensioning your shirts too soon? (Wings Shirts).
Are your cocktails such great shakes? (Heublein’s Club Cocktails).
As friendly as a letter from home (Wine Advisory Board).
As American as Yankee Doodle (CAmpbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup).
As cold as the North Pole, as constant as the North Star (Lektrelite).
As comfortable as a kitchen before a fireplace (Sloan’s Liniment).
As distinctive as a voice, as pleasant as a friendship (G. & D. Vermouth).
As flattering as flickering candlelight (Dorothy Dodd Shoes).
As flexible as your feet (Smith Shoes).
As intimate as firelight, as infinite as the stars (Steinway Pianos).
As mischievous as a sidelong glance (Adrian perfume).
Ask your mirror about your mattress (Beautyrest).
At HOME in more than a million homes (Click Magazine).
At the head of every Easter parade (hats).
Avoid moving daze.
Awards for some, rewards for ALL (McGraw-Hill Magazines).

Baby-care is beauty-care (Ivory Soap).
Baby lead “a hand to mouth” life? (Lysol).
Bake the biscuits that make the meal (Ballard Oven-Ready Biscuits).
Baked on the hearthstone of reputation (Dreihorn’s Bread).
Banquet on bacon (Armour’s).
Basket of garden goodness in every can, A (V-S Vegetable Cocktail).
Bathtime story with a happy ending (Cannon Towels).
Be choosey, not whoozy (Carstairs Whiskey).
Be coaled now and you won’t be cold next winter (Doughtridge Fuel Co.).
Be confident, comfortable, carefree (Kotex).
Be hostess to loveliness (Avon), Costmetics.
Be pert in a skirt (Pacific worsted).
Be SLIP Shape and lovely (Luxite Glory Slips).
Be the belle of the beach (Catalina Swim Suits).
Be UMBRELEGANT in rainy weather (Henryson tailored umbrellas).
Be your age, but look younger (Phillips Cream).
Bean ’em when they’re hungry (Heinz Beans).
Beau Brummel of the boulevards (Buick).
Beautiful beyond belief (Chevrolet).
“Beauty Glow” cleansing (Woodbury Cold Cream).
Beauty on a budget (Mary Pickford Cosmetics).
Beauty treatment for your feet (Red Cross Shoes).
Beauty treatment you eat, The (National Apple Week).
Beddy bye, but no shut-eye (Ostermoor mattresses).
Bedtime way to loveliness, The (Woodbury’s Soap).
Behind the fame of the Jarman name is a finer shoe for you.
Best baking prize is a delighted husband (Pillsbury’s Flour).
Best for juice and every use (Sunkist Oranges).
Best-lookin’ cookin’ in town, The (Armour Star Meats).
Best of the old with the zest of the new, The (Mass. C. of C.).
Best sheers of your life, The (Hosiery Shop).
Best show window on earth, The (Cellophane).
Better bedding by Burton.
Better beef and it’s branded (Swift’s).
Better than ever for less than ever (Frigidaire).
Better the gas, the better your car, The (Ethyl Gasoline).
Better things in sight (optical firm).
Better value when you buy, better results when you bake (baking powder).
Better yourself by bettering your speech (Library Guild).
Big-sister styles in little-sister sizes.
Big tools for a big job (General Motors locomotives).
Big washings on small budgets (Maytag).
Biggest little grocery store in the world (Hastings).
Blanket invitation to sleep, A (Seymour Blanket).
Blend of a perfect day, The (Sportsman Pipe Mixture).
Blue Sunoco gas makes molehills out of mountains.
Boss is a different man since we changed to SILENCE, The (Servel Electronics).
Botany is my Valen-tie (Botany Ties).
Bounty of the sea from shore to to shore to you (sea food).
Bovril is beverage beefsteak.
Brassieres to make your torso more so (Macy ad).
BREAD to the queen’s taste (Marvel Bread)
Breakfast to reckon with, A.
Bright-keyed shades in thirsty textures (Cannon Towels).
Bright little toss-on coat, A (Bond Clothes).
Bring out the “sleeping beauty” in your furniture (O-Cedar Polish).
Bringing beauty to bathrooms (Case fixtures).
Brings out the goddess in you (Diana Corset).
Brisk as a breeze (White Rock Water).
Brown treats you white (Brown Coal Co.), Akron.
Brush the cobwebs from your beauty (Kent Brushes).
Building the teacher into a text book (I. C. S.).
Bursting with juice (Sunkist Oranges).
Butter-smooth calfskin shoes.
Buy a Chevrolet, profit every way (truck).
By the beards of three millions prophets (Schick Shaver).

Candid Announces Nation’s Doings in Details (acrostic).
Cannon percale sheets give you up-in-the-clouds luxury at down-to-earth prices.
Car ahead? It’s Oldsmobile, The.
Car for every purse and purpose, A (General Motors).
Care for your bike and you’ll never hike (Shelby Bicycle).
Car that did what couldn’t be done, The (Mercury).
Carelessness is the partner of sabotage (Hartford Insurance Co.).
Cargo of contentment in the bowl of any pipe, A (Half & Half Tobacco).
Cars of fine feather flock together (Lincoln).
Case of good judgement, A (Edelweiss Beer).
Certainty, celerity, security (U. S. Airmail Service).
Change the “widow’s mite” to the “widow’s might.” (Mutual Life Insurance).
Changes those bulges into curves (P. N. Corsets).
Change your mirror from a leerer to a cheerer (Arrow Shirt).
Chapped hands make a man see RED (Hind’s Cream).
Charm that attracts others comes from within (Sunkist Oranges).
Chasing the sun, you’ve gained 3 hours on the sun that hangs high over the Pacific (Boeing Planes).
Cheery meals for chilly nights (McCall’s Magazine ad).
Cheese souffle with a “top hat” (Kraft cheese recipe).
Chocolates of good taste, The (Van Duyn).
Choice of the Champions (Kendall Motor Oil).
Choose your vacation from the entire nation (United Air Lines).
Cinnamon spice and everything nice, that’s what these rolls are made of (Jane Parker Rolls).
CLEAN across the country (Texaco restrooms).
Cleansing tissue soft, toilet tissue firm (Soft-Weve).
Clear and colder, says the weatherman; snug and warmer, says Johns-Manville.
Clocks repaired on TIME (National Jewelers).
Color stays on until you take it off, The (Max Factor Lipstick).
Come on, let’s talk income (Public Accountant ad).
Come on, appetites, let’s GO (Diamond Walnuts).
Comfort is what we sell (Grossman Shoes).
Comfortable as old carpet slippers (Rand Shoes).
Common sense about the common cold (Antiphlogistine).
Concrete satisfaction (Gray’s Harbor cement products).
Confidentially, it shrinks (Half & Half Tobacco).
Conquest of comfort, The (French Line).
Containers that give a LIFT to living (Duraglos).
Cooks ON with the gas OFF (Dutch Oven Gas Range).
Cool as a pool (Luxite night garment).
Cool blue lines for red-hot August (House Beautiful).
Cool, calm and respected (Arrow Shirts).
Cool comfort with corseted chic (Flexees), Foundations.
Cool shaves cited for comfort (Ingram’s Cream).
Cool shoes for hot days (Keds).
Cool your room with color (furniture covers).
Cotton worth its weight in silk (Manchester Tissue).
Cracker that makes a thousand other things taste better (Ritz).
Crisp as ice lettuce (Sutton’s Linen).
Crunchy, munchy, lunchy (Popcorn).
Cure your kitchen of old age (Carrara Walls).
Curve-for-curve copy of the bottom of your foot, A (Matrix Shoes).

Dab makes you dainty as a deb, A (Zip).
Dainty Miss, remember this and spare yourself vexation (Nonspi).
Dance, that others may walk (President’s Ball).
Dates depend on daintiness (Mum).
Dealer’s choice (Carling’s Ale).
Death wailed through the hideous night (Eveready Flashlight).
Defense won’t wait for the nation that’s late (Big Ben Clocks).
Designed for giving (Schrafft’s Chocolates).
Difference between “party clean” and “party clean,” The (Hoover vacuum).
Diving or driving, you’ve got to beat heat (Veedol Motor Oil).
Dinner music in the key of “high sea” (Mazola-made fish courses).
Distinguished from every viewpoint (Hart Schaffner Max Clothes).
Do you play BRIDGE or BRIDGET on washday (New York Laundry).
Do your bit by keeping fit.
Do your smile a favor (Ipana Tooth Paste).
Does he love you for your meals, too? (Diamond Walnuts).
Does Niagara make a noise (Young & Rubicam).
Does your hair sing when you rinse it (Modart Fluff Shampoo).
Don’t be a ragged individualist (Hart Schaffner & Marx).
Don’t be a stranger to Granger.
Don’t let your face become a desert (face powder).
Don’t make “glaring” mistakes (Polaroid Sun Glasses).
Don’t put a cold in your pocket (Kleenex Tissues).
Don’t put it off, put it on (Dioxygen Face Cream).
Double crime that worked, a double cross that didn’t, A (Her Kind of Man), movie.
Double-tumble action (Launderall Home Laundry).
Down east feast (B & M Baked Beans).
Draft exempt (Cold-Free Bedtime Clothes).
Drapes of wrath (soiled Glo-Sheen drapes).
Dress it up with Durkee’s Dressing (salad).
Drink a glass of “summertime” sometime every day (V-8 Veg. Juice Cocktail).
Drink a salad (Vegemato Cocktail).
Drink V-8 every day for vegetables the tasty way (V-8 Cocktail).
Drink with quick food-energy, The (Pepsi-Cola).
DRINK your vitamins (Borden’s Hemo).
Drive America’s safest car (Hudson).
Drive down your driving costs (Studebaker).
Dura-gloss is like liquid jewelry.

Each year a better shoes, each shoe a better value.
Easy wearing, hard tearing (Fitts-Smith Dry Goods Co.).
Ease your feet ankle-deep into Massagic Comfort (shoes).
Easter styles for eager sprouts (boys’ clothing).
Easy as opening a book (Van Camp beans).
Easy on the sugar, the arm, the eye (Swan Down “Mix Easy” Cake).
East to “take,” quick to make (Rookie Cookies).
Eats by the clock, pays for it in time (Pepto-Bismal).
Economize without any compromise (Chevrolet).
Economy even more surprising then the price.
Emotion picture of a lifetime, The (To Each His Own), Movie.
Enchantment that endures (Paine Furniture Co.).
Enjoy their smoothness and give your throat a rest (Spud Cigarettes).
Even beginners can now put up “Jewels in Jars” (Karo Syrup).
Even when weather says NO, these famous trains say GO (N. Y. Central R. R.).
Every inch has style, every foot has comfort (Wohl Shoes).
Every woman needs a little Vanity (Foundations).
Every year a better Ford; this year’s a bigger Ford.
Everything you ever wanted in a coat (Alpagora).
Excitement afoot (Geuting Shoes).
Exciting color-drenched woolens (Botany Worsted Mills).
Experience is the best teacher, quality the soundest lesson (Florsheim Shoes).
Explore American the modern way.
Extra! Extra! News that’s hot; Spam ‘n’ pancakes hit the spot (meat).
Extra health at no extra cost (Florida Citrus Fruits).
Eye it! Try it! Buy it! (Chevrolet).
Eyes right (Willsonite Sun Glasses).

Fabric is the soul of the suit, The (Botany Worsteds).
Face the facts about figures (Maiden Form Corsets).
Facial beauty treatment for your lawn, A.
Facts show it, owners know it (Plymouth).
Famed from toast to toast (Toastmaster).
Fast colors without slow boiling (Rit dye).
Faster on the getaway, better on the hills (Dodge).
Fast-stepping stride, a marvellous ride (Chrysler).
Fated to be dated (June Arden Dress).
Favorite “meating” for particular people (A & P Super Market).
Feast for the least, A (Van Camp’s Pork & Beans).
Feed ’em and reap … compliments (food in cans).
Feel of silk, the strength of linen, The (Utica Sheets).
Fewer but finer (RCA Victor).
Fill up before you freeze up (Thermo anti-freeze).
Film-finish powder (Woodbury’s).
Finer flavor from the Land O’ Corn (Rath Sausages).
Finer taste and after-taste (Spud Cigarettes).
Finest Duz there ever was, The.
Finest way to make a pick-up supper super (Stokely’s Canned Foods).
First always, finer all ways (Florsheim Shoes).
First and last word in fountain pens, The (Waterman’s), 1939.
First, by choice (Sunbeam Ironmaster).
First for your feast (Campbell’s Soups).
First in history, first in fun (North Carolina).
First in WEAR, first in PEACE (Pequot Sheets).
First name in ham, the last word in flavor, The (Armour), 1942.
First name in rayon, the last word in quality (Crown Tested Rayon Fabrics), 1939.
Fits in the right places (Freeman Shoes).
Flavor baked in, labor baked out (Heinz Oven-Baked Beans).
“Flavor-fillip” for your meals (Libby’s Pineapple Juice).
Flavor-frock for foods (Heinz Tomato Ketchup).
Flavor to spare, and share (Dentyne Chewing Gum).
Flavor tough they like so much, The (Parkay Margarine).
Fleet that’s NEVER in, The (Ford Trucks).
FLoods o’ suds for dishes and duds (Supersuds).
Flower-fragrant bath salts to make your bath as refreshing as perfumed rain (Early American Toiletries).
Flowering beauty, yet she’s a wallflower, A (Odorono).
Flying saucers are just looking for a cup of richer, stronger Martinson’s.
Foot-fresh around the clock (Massagic Shoes).
Footwear foresight for Spring.
For a come-closer smile (Pepsodent).
For any wear, anywhere (Bass Moccasins).
For a “looking glass” shine (Esquire Boot Polish).
For a sentimental person with a practical side (General Electric).
For better sight use better light (Mazda Lamps).
For butter or wurst (Kleenex tissues).
For contented calves (Kleenex for applying liquid stockings).
For ever-changing fashion, the never-changing beauty of Marvella Pearls.
For ’48, the best to date (Buick).
For ’49, the best of our line (Buick).
For greater enjoyment, give your tables a luxury look.
For hands that play sonatas and peel potatoes (Stainless Steel).
For looks, luxury and low cost (La Salle).
For now-and-forever-after loveliness (Woodbury Facial Soap).
For protection today and progress tomorrow (Lockheed Aviation).
For springy-soft hair (Admiration shampoo).
For starting power, for lasting power (Delco Battery).
For SURE allure (Life Bra).
For that young, young look (Tussy Cosmetics).
For the best in life buy the best in foods.
For the heads of the family (Luster-Creme Shampoo).
For the lift of a lifetime (Life Bra).
For the nation’s factories and the nation’s farms (Harvester International).
For the REST of your life (Bermuda).
For the safety of your smile (Pepsodent).
For your taste in toast (Toastmaster).
Forget the thermometer, remember the guarantee (Delco Battery).
Freedom follows a furrow (Allis-Chambers).
Freedom’s just a word, until you lose it.
Freedom is not free, but it’s priceless.
Fresh-vegetable garden in every can, A (Veg-ALL Larsen Co.).
Friend of fine fabrics, The (Linit).
FRIEND of your fine fabrics, The (Linit).
From black to bright as quick as light (Brillo Cleanser).
From here to ear the shortest distance is long distance (Bell Telephone).
From juice-heavy beauties (Webster’s Tomato Juice).
From slate-work (Bambury-Hi Fashions).
From top to floor there’s space galore (Norge Refrigerator).
From World’s Fair to world’s fairest (Hawaii).
Fuel of the future TODAY (Shell).
Fun is where you drive it (DeSoto).
Furs, like diamonds, are bought on faith.
Future belongs to those who prepare for it (Prudential Insurance).

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