Pitch Perfect: Shoes

Last week, we posted a list of advertising slogans used by apparel manufacturers, taken from a 1949 book called American Slogans.

Today, we’re sharing a list of slogans culled from the same source that were utilized by shoe companies (including slippers, shoe cleaners and polish, etc.):

Red Cross Shoes ad
Absorb shocks and jars (Massagic air cushion shoes). Weyenberg Shoe Mfg. Co.
Action shoes for boys and girls (Red Goose).
Adds comfort to every step (Armstrong’s shoe products).
Always first with all that’s new (Winthrop Shoes).
American gentlemen shoes designed for the American man (Hamilton Brown).
American lady shoes designed for the American woman (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.).
America’s best-known shoes (W.L. Douglas Co.). Boston.
America’s home shoe polish (Shinola). Gold Dust Corp.
America’s No. 1 heel (O’Sullivan Rubber Co.).
America’s smartest walking shoes (Enna Jettick).
Art in footwear (Laird, Schober & Co.). Philadelphia.

Bates originals (Bates Shoe Co.). Webster, Mass.
Beauty treatment for your feet (Red Cross Shoes).
Bends with your foot (Red Cross Shoe). Krohn Feckheimer Co.
Best for rest (house slippers). S. Rauh & Co.
Best for the purpose, The (Wiggletoe Shoe).
Better little shoes are not made (Mrs. Day’s Ideal Baby Shoe Co.).
Biggest news in infants’ shoes (Play-Poise).
Big house for little shoes since 1900, The (Edwards).
Boot with the muscles, The (Beacon Falls Rubber Co.).
Built-in quality in every shoe (D. Myers & Sons). Baltimore.
Buy shoes at a shoe store (Marrott’s Shoe Store). Indianapolis.

Calendar of fashion (International Shoe Co.).
Cammeyer stamped on a shoe means standard of merit (Cammeyer Shoe Stores).
Comfort shoe of tomorrow, The (McLaughlin-Sweet, Inc.) Auburn, Me.
Compare and you’ll wear (Selby Shoe Co.). Portsmouth, Ohio.
Compare and you’ll wear Styl-eez.
Connolly shoes are comfortable shoes (Connolly Shoe Co.).
Cushion every step (Weyenberg Shoe Mfg Co.). Milwaukee.
Custom-built support for foot troubles, A (New Method Food Foundation).

Designed for going places in style, in comfort (Pediforme shoes).
Did you Nugget your shoes this morning? (shoe polish).
Double welt means double wear (Shaft Pierce Shoe Co.) Fairibault, Minn.

Easiest kind because skeleton lined, The (Florsheim Shoe Co.).
Easiest shoe for women, The (Utz & Dunn Co.).
Every pair is full of wear (Kinder-Garten shoes). Wallace Shoe Co.
Every pair made to wear (Gutta Percha rubbers).
Everything a shoe store needs (Wm. H. Walker Co.). Buffalo.

Faithful to the last (Nunn, Bush & Weldon Shoe Co.).
Famous shoes for women (Queen Quality). Thos. G. Plant Co.
Fashioned by master craftsmen (Nunn Bush Shoe Co.). Milwaukee.
Fashion forecasters (International Shoe Co.) St. Louis.
Fashion-over-the-shoe (U.S. Gaytees). Rubbers.
Fashion’s favored footwear (Washington Shoe Mfg. Co.). Seattle.
Favored footwear of Her Majesty, “Queen for a Day” (Queen Quality).
Feel the air cushion (Weyenberg Shoe Mfg. Co.).
Fibre-sorted soles (A.C. Laurence Leather Co.).
First always, finest all ways (Florsheim).
Fit for every foot (shoes). G.R. Kinney Co.
Fit right, feel right, they’re walk-fitted (Bostonian shoes).
Fits on the foot like a glove on the hand (F. Blumenthal Co.).
Fits the foot in action or repose (United States Shoe Co.). Cincinnati.
Fit to be tried (Musebeck Shoe Co.). Danville, Ill.
Flexible for every comfort (Cantilever shoes).
Flexible shoe for your flexible foot, A (Cantilever).
Flexible where you want it, rigid where you need it (U.S. Shoe Co.).
Florsheims afoot mean comfort ahead (Florsheim Shoe Co.).
Florsheims, of course!
Foot insurance for the future (Julian & Hokenge, Inc.) Cincinnati.
Foot of comfort means miles of happiness (Ault Williamson Shoe Co.).
Foot nearer perfection, A (G.R. Kinney Shoes).
Foot-stimulating shoe, The (Bellaire).
Footwear counsellors since 1884 (Turrell’s).
Footwear for all occasions (Latterman Shoe Mfg. Co.). Brooklyn, N.Y.
Footwear of distinction (M.M. Bernstein).
For any wear and everywhere (Florsheim shoes).
For every walk in life (Melville Shoe Corp.).
For men who measure value in terms of quality alone (Florsheim).
For normal foot growth (Pro-tek-tiv shoes).
For the active woman of today (F. Mayer Shoe Co.). Milwaukee.
For the life of your feet and the feet of your life (Williams Shoe Store).
For the man who cares (Florsheim).
For your toes woes (Lunn & Sweet). Auburn, Me.
Friendly to the feet (Jarman Shoe Co.). Nashville.
From first step to fourteen years (Fargo-Hallowell Shoe Co.). Chicago.

Gentlemen’s fine shoes (Nettleton).
Gives joy complete to women’s feet (Dun & McCarthy, Inc.). Auburn, Me.
Give your feet young ideas (Weyenberg Shoe Co.). Milwaukee.
Good feet are the foundation of good health (Burns Cuboid Co.).
Greatest name in rubber (Goodyear soles).
Greatest name in shoe polish (Griffin).
Great shoes for little Americans (LIttle Yankee).

Massagic Shoes adHalf the fun of having feet (Red Cross Shoes). Internationl Shoe Co.
Hand of a master craftsman is behind this trusted trademark, The (Douglas).
Heel that won’t peel, The (F.W. Mears Heel Co.). Auburn, Me.
Heel with nine lives, The (Cat’s Paw). Foster Rubber Co.
He won’t change from shoes to slippers because he’s enjoying Massagic comfort (Weyenberg Shoe Co.).
High mark on leather, The (Alexander Bros.).
Honest wear in every pair (shoes). Marston & Brooks Co.
How much of your overhead is underfoot? (Dominion).

If it’s new, Saks has it (Saks Shoe Corp.).
In cool step, to the minute (Mansfield shoes).
In step with fashion (Lampe Shoe Co.). St. Louis.
In the California manner (Gude’s, Inc.). Los Angeles.
It takes on added beauty in the shoe (Surpass Leather Co.).
It takes leather to stand weather (J. Edwards & Co.).

Jewel of patent leather, The (Lawrence Leather Co.). Boston.
Judge it by its users (New Castle Leather Co.).
Just spread it on (BiXby’s Jet Oil Shoe Polish).

Keep children’s feet as nature made them (Shaft-Pierce Shoe Co.).
Keep good feet healthy (Gilbert Shoe Co.). Thiensville, Wisc.
Keep in step with Paris (shoes). Enzel-of-Paris, Inc.
Keep in step with youth (Burdett Shoe Co.). Lynn, Mass.
Keep the foot well (Arch Preserver Shoe). E.T. Wright & Co., Rockland, Mass.
Keep young feet young (Simplex Mfg. Co.).
Keep your feet dry (Miner rubbers).
Keep your feet young (Simplex shoes).
Keep your feet fresh (Massagic Air Cushion). Weyenberg Shoe Mfg.
Keep your shoes beautiful always (Raynorshyne Products). San Antonio.
Keep children’s feet as nature made them (Shaft-Pierce shoes).
Keeps the foot well (Arch Preserver Shoes). Shelby Shoe Co.
Keep white shoes cleaner, longer (Esquire). Lanolin shoe cleaner.
Keyed to the mode and mood of romance (footwear). Stix-Altman. Weiner, Inc.
Kid flatters the foot (The Kid Group). Tanners Council of America.
Kiddies’ feet are safe in Kinney’s hands (G.R. Kinney). Shoes.

Last fits, the fit lasts, The (Goding Shoe Co.). Paris, Ill.
Last fits, the fit lasts, The (Stacy Adams Co.). Brockton, Mass.
Leather for fine shoes, The (Standard Kid Mfg. Co.). Vode Kid.
Leather is there in every pair, The (Peters Shoe Co.).
Leather that sells more shoes, The (Kepner Leather Co.). Boston.
L’Echo de Paris (shoes). Murphy & Saval Co.
Lets the feet grow as they should (Educator Shoes). Rice & Hutchins.
Life of leather, The (Bergmann Shoe Mfg. Co.). Portland, Ore.
Like walking on air (Weyenberg Shoe Mfg. Co.).
Loveliest of leathers (New Castle Leather Co.).
Little shoes for little devils (Faust Shoe Co.).
Look at your shoes and keep them clean (Gold Dust Corp.).
Look at your shoes, others do (Florsheim).
Looks good from any angle (Naturalizer shoe).
Look smart, feel fresh (Porto-Red Shoes).
Lucky for boots (shoe laces). Paire Bros.

Made stronger to wear longer (Fargo-Hallowell Shoe Co.). Chicago.
Made-to-measure fit in ready-to-wear shoes (W.B. Coon Co.).
Make leather last longer (shoe oil and grease). Bergmann Shoe Mfg. Co.
Makes any good shoe better (United Shoe Machinery Corp.). Boston.
Makes life’s walk easy (shoes). L.A. Crossett Co., North Abington, Mass.
Makes shoes wear longer (Red-line-in). Farnsworth Hoyt Co.
Make you want to walk (Nature-Tread Mfg. Co.).
Man’s first choice, A (Weyenberg Shoe Mfg. Co.). Milwaukee.
Man’s styleful shoe on a real chassis, The (E.T. Wright & Co.).
Men wear them everywhere (Florsheim Shoe Co.).
Mighty good shoes for boys (Temple Shoe Co.). Waupum, Wisc.
Miles ahead (Converse Rubber Shoe Co.).
Million Americans can’t be wrong, A (Father & Son Shoes).
More by the pair, less by the year (Stetson Shoe Co.). Boston.
More than mere economy, more than sheer economy (Johanson Bros. Shoe Co.).
Most comfortable shoe in the world, The (Ground Gripper Co.).
Most powerful shoe in America, The (Theo. Bergmann, Portland, Ore.).
Most salable shoe in America, The (Red Cross Shoes). Krohn-Fleckheimer Co.
Most salable shoe in America today, The (Red Cross).
Moulded to your foot (Aid-A-Walker shoes).
Myers means merit (shoes). D. Myers & Sons, Baltimore.

Not the price per pair, but the cost per mile (Stacy-Adams shoes).
Nothing takes the place of leather (American Leather Products, Inc.).
Not made to a price, but a perfect product (Mrs. Day’s Ideal Baby Shoe Co.).

Only dependability brings success (shoes). Pandora.
Outer beauty, inner worth (Tober-Saifer shoes).

Perfected corrective shoe, The (Fairy foot). Walker-Knaier Shoe Corp.
Praise for Biltrite comes from the heart but the comfort and long wear come from the sole (Biltrite Rubber Co.).
Pre-tested shoes for boys and girls (Poll Parrot).
Prince of soles (Alfred Hale Rubber Co.). Atlantic, Mass.
Proofs of leadership (Lawrence Leather Co.).
Proudest name in shoes, The (Keith Highlanders).
Put your feet on easy street (Weyenberg Shoe Mfg. Co.).

Quality always maintained (Hood Rubber Co.).
Quality at modest cost (International Shoe Co.). St. Louis.
Quality is higher than the price, The (Juvenile Shoe Corp.).

Right shoes on time, The (B. Friedman Shoe Co.).

Scientifically correct shoes for juveniles (H.W. Merriam).
Shaped to fit like your stockings (Foot Saver Shoes). Shortback’s.
Shaped to your foot in action (Noned Corp.). Rochester.
She walks in beauty (Brauer Bros. Shoe Co.). St. Louis.
Shoe everybody knows, and almost everybody wears, The (Melville Shoe Corp.).
Shoe of champions, The (Keds).
Shoes for all the family (Ground Gripper Shoe Co.).
Shoes of character (Vollman Lawrence Co.). Cincinnati.
Shoes of worth (A.E. Nettleton Co.).
Shoes that often leave everyone natty (Koorc Spat Shoes).
Shoes you order are the shoes you get, The (P.J. Harvey Shoe Co.).
Shoe that holds it shape, The (W.L. Douglas Shoe Co.).
Shoe that’s different, The (Field & Flint Co.). Brockton, Mass.
Shoe that’s standardized, The (Educator). Rice & Hutchins.
Shoe with a talking point, A (Teeple Shoe Co.). Waupun, Wisc.
Shoe with the beautiful fit, The (Naturalizer).
Shoe with the mileage, The (W.H. Walker & Co.). Buffalo.
Shoe with the youthful feel, The (Air Step Shoe).
Slipper-free where the foot bends (Bates Shoe Co.). Webster, Mass.
Slippers of merit (Kozy Komfort Shoe Mfg. Co.). Milwaukee.
Smart shoes for beautiful feet (Julian & Hokenge Co.). Columbus, Ohio.
Soft shoes for hard wear (Jumping Jacks).
Soft shoes for tender feet (J.J. Grover’s Sons Co.). Lynn, Mass.
Sole idea (Neolite shoes).
Sole of fashion (Neolite shoes).
So little never bought so much (Buskens). Shoes.
Specialists in children’s good shoes since 1892 (Shaft-Pierce Shoe Co.).
Spring step shoes (Murphy & Saval). Chicago.
Stay put (Tweedie Boot Top Co.).
Step into a Fortune, your key to a wealth of satisfaction (Fortune Shoes).
Step into the shoes of a Manikin (footwear). Stix-Altman-Weiner.
Sticks like a barnacle (Sperry Footwear). Beacon Falls, Conn.
Stop burning shoe leather (Wonder Shine Sales Co.).
Stronger than the law (shoes). Roberts, Johnson & Rand.
Sturdy to the last (Merriam Shoe Co.).
Styled for comfort (Jordan-Williams shoes).
Style for any taste, a fit for any foot, A (Florsheim).
Styled shoe built on a real chassis, The (E.T. Wright & Co.).
Style that stays (Commonweath Shoe & Leather Co.).
Sure sign that they’re good, A (Hood rubbers).

Walk-Over Koolies adTake it easy and breezy (Walk-Over Koolies).
That’s why, where quality counts, calfskin spins the yarn (Lawrence leather).
There are no finer shoes (A.E. Nettleton Co.). Syracuse.
There’s double wear in every pair (Dryden Rubber Co.).
They neither crimp your roll nor cramp your style (Bob Smart Shoe Co.).
They’re tops for the bottoms (Musebeck Shoe Co.). Danville, Ill.
They rise to the occasion (Knockdown bleachers). Leavitt Mfg. Co.
They’ve got to be Stetson to be snappy (Stetson Shoe Co.).
They walk with you (Melville Shoe Corp.).
They win your feet (United Shoe Mfrs.).
Time will tell, wear Sundial Shoes (Morse & Rogers).
‘Tis a feat to fit feet (Dalsimer shoes).
Today’s most scientific shoes (W.B. Coon Co.).
To restore loveliness to footwear (shoe dressings). Everett & Barron Co.
To sell more shoes, buy Moore shoes (Moore Shoe Co.). St. Louis.
Tough and springy (rubber heels). O’Sullivan Rubber Corp.
True to its name (Novelty Shoe Co.).
Try on a pair of Jarmans Shoes, let the shoe horn be the judge.
Two feet of comfort in every step (rubber & leather footwear). W.H. Walker.
Turns sidewalks into soft carpets (Air-Step Shoes).
Twinkies, healthful, sturdy, neat; built for wear on busy feet.

Until Friendly Fives were made, good shoes were expensive (Jarman shoes).

Walk of the town, The (shoes). Simon Bros. Co.
Walk on air (Weyenberg Shoe Co.). Milwaukee.
Washable shoes, The (Keds).
Watch your feet (foot appliances). Scholl Mfg. Co.
Wealth of value in Fortune Shoes, A (Richland Shoe Co.).
When you pay for quality, why not get the finest (Florsheim shoes).
Where thrift meets style (shoes). J. Edwards & Co.
White shoe magic (Rainbow Chemical Products). Uxbridge, Mass.
World’s Fair feet (Selby Shoe Co.). Portsmouth, Ohio.
World’s lowest price shoe repair (So-Lo Works). Cincinnati, Ohio.
Worn with pride by millions (Freeman Shoe Corp.). Beloit, Wisc.

Yield with every step (Massagic Air Cushion Shoes).
You can’t wear out their looks (J.P. Smith Shoe Co.).
You’re as young as your feet (Seebasco Laboratories).
You’re in style when you step into a Fortune (shoes).
You’re twice as smart with Vitality Shoes.
Your feet are worth Fortunes (Richland Shoe Co.). Nashville.
Your feet are your fortune (Musebeck Shoe Co.). Danville, Ill.
Your footprints in leather (Matrix shoes).
Your friend (Tom McCann). Shoes.
Your guide to the best in Men’s slippers (Evans).
Your personal pedestal (Elevator shoes). Adler.
You walk on cushions when you walk in Osteo-path-iks (Allen-Spiegel Shoes).

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