Pitch Perfect: Shoes

Last week, we posted a list of advertising slogans used by apparel manufacturers, taken from a 1949 book called American Slogans.

Today, we’re sharing a list of slogans culled from the same source that were utilized by shoe companies (including slippers, shoe cleaners and polish, etc.):

Red Cross Shoes ad
Absorb shocks and jars (Massagic air cushion shoes). Weyenberg Shoe Mfg. Co.
Action shoes for boys and girls (Red Goose).
Adds comfort to every step (Armstrong’s shoe products).
Always first with all that’s new (Winthrop Shoes).
American gentlemen shoes designed for the American man (Hamilton Brown).
American lady shoes designed for the American woman (Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.).
America’s best-known shoes (W.L. Douglas Co.). Boston.
America’s home shoe polish (Shinola). Gold Dust Corp.
America’s No. 1 heel (O’Sullivan Rubber Co.).
America’s smartest walking shoes (Enna Jettick).
Art in footwear (Laird, Schober & Co.). Philadelphia.

Bates originals (Bates Shoe Co.). Webster, Mass.
Beauty treatment for your feet (Red Cross Shoes).
Bends with your foot (Red Cross Shoe). Krohn Feckheimer Co.
Best for rest (house slippers). S. Rauh & Co.
Best for the purpose, The (Wiggletoe Shoe).
Better little shoes are not made (Mrs. Day’s Ideal Baby Shoe Co.).
Biggest news in infants’ shoes (Play-Poise).
Big house for little shoes since 1900, The (Edwards).
Boot with the muscles, The (Beacon Falls Rubber Co.).
Built-in quality in every shoe (D. Myers & Sons). Baltimore.
Buy shoes at a shoe store (Marrott’s Shoe Store). Indianapolis.

Calendar of fashion (International Shoe Co.).
Cammeyer stamped on a shoe means standard of merit (Cammeyer Shoe Stores).
Comfort shoe of tomorrow, The (McLaughlin-Sweet, Inc.) Auburn, Me.
Compare and you’ll wear (Selby Shoe Co.). Portsmouth, Ohio.
Compare and you’ll wear Styl-eez.
Connolly shoes are comfortable shoes (Connolly Shoe Co.).
Cushion every step (Weyenberg Shoe Mfg Co.). Milwaukee.
Custom-built support for foot troubles, A (New Method Food Foundation).

Designed for going places in style, in comfort (Pediforme shoes).
Did you Nugget your shoes this morning? (shoe polish).
Double welt means double wear (Shaft Pierce Shoe Co.) Fairibault, Minn.

Easiest kind because skeleton lined, The (Florsheim Shoe Co.).
Easiest shoe for women, The (Utz & Dunn Co.).
Every pair is full of wear (Kinder-Garten shoes). Wallace Shoe Co.
Every pair made to wear (Gutta Percha rubbers).
Everything a shoe store needs (Wm. H. Walker Co.). Buffalo.

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