Pitch perfect: lamps

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a 1949 collection of advertising slogans used to market lamps, lights, and bulbs.

After sunset, Lightoliers (Lightolier Co.), New York.
American dark chaser (lamps and lanterns), Am. Gas Machine Co., Albert Lea, Minn.
America’s most beautiful lamps (Art Lamp Mfg. Co.), Chicago.

Bores a 300-foot hole in the night (Niagara Searchlight Co.).
Brayco Light makes all things clear (Bray Screen Products).
Brightens the night (Fullerton Electric Co.).
Bright-Lite has a brilliant future (Britelite Co.).
Built for a palace, priced for a cottage (Lighting equipment), Moe-Bridges Co.
Burns like city gas, not a liquid fuel (Pyrofax), Carbide and Carbon Chemicals.
Buy a How searchlight today, you may need it tonight (How Lamp & Mfg. Co.).
Buy one today, you’ll need it tonight (French Battery & Carbon Co.).
Buy spares, they stay fresh (Ray-O-Vac), Flashlight batteries.

Chases darkness (AM Gas Machine Co.), Albert Lea, Minn.
Combination pilot light and switch, The (Sho-Lite, Inc.), Boston.

Daylight’s only rival (Silverglo Lamps, Inc.), Baltimore.
Decorate with artistic lighting equipment (Artistic Lighting Equip. Assn.).
Divides the road in half (headlights), Saf-De-Lite Sales Corp., Philadelphia.
Don’t grope in the dark (Daylo), American Ever Ready works.
Double duty searchlight, The (F. W. Wakefield Brass Co.).

Experts know these lamps (Hygrade Sylvania Corp.), Salem, Mass.
Eye-ease at the snap of the switch (Silverglo Lamps, Inc.), Baltimore.
Eyes of the night (Ilco headlight), Indiana Lamp Corp.

For safety after dark (Arrow Safety Device Co.), Mount Holly, N. J.
Full package of light, A (Hygrade Sylvania Corp.), Salem, Mass.

Give long-lasting light, bullet-fast (Winchester flashlight).
Gives more bright light longer (Bright Star flashlight).
Glass arm conveys the light, A (Sho-Lite), Am. Chain Co., New York.
Guaranteed by the name (Westinghouse).
Guardian of highway safety (Robox), Emergency auto control Mid-Switch Corp.

Handiest light in the world, The (Bussman Mfg. Co.), St. Louis.
Handy light on a reel, The (Appleton Electric Co.), Chicago.
Headlight that floodlights the road, The (Indiana Lamp Corp.), Connersville.
Holophane directs light scientifically (Holophane Glass Co.).
Howe products must make good or we will (automotive equipment), Howe Lamp Co.

It clamps everywhere (Adjusto-Lite), S. W. Farber.
It’s a snap with Superflash (Wabash Photolamp Co.).

Keepers of the light (Soft Lite Lens Co.), Philadelphia.
Keep the cops away (Kopp’s Lens), Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass & Glass Co.
Kind to the eyes (H. G. McFadden & Co.), Emeralite Desk Lamp.

Lamps for see-ability (Westinghouse).
Lamp that chases gloom and glare, The (Silverglo Lamps, Inc.).
Lamp with the 1500-hour guarantee, The (Solex Co., Ltd.), Totonto, Ont.
Lantern with the blue porcelain top, The (American Gas Machine Co.).
Let Tung-Sol light the way (Tung-Sol Lamp Works), Newark, N. J.
Light, heat and cook the Coleman way (Coleman Lamp Co.), Wichita, Kan.
Lighting from concealed sources (National X-Ray Reflector Co.).
Lighting over a million homes tonight (Aladdin Mfg. Co.), Muncie, Ind.
Light of a thousand uses, The (Coleman Lamp Co.).
Light of the night, The (Coleman Lamps).
Lights the home, lightens the works (home lighting), Gray & Davis, Inc.
Light that always shines welcome, The (Goleman Lamp Co.).
Light that lightens labor, The (Silverglo Lamps).
Light that never fails, The (Rapid Mfg. Co.).
Light that says “There it is,” The (Am. Ever Ready Works), Eveready Daylo.
Light the modern way (Owens-Illinois Glass Co.), Toledo.
Light to live with, The (Duplex Lighting Works of G. E.).
Light you can look at without hurting your eyes, The (Celestialite Glass).
Light your house with Westinghouse.
Line of beauty, The (Lemar Lamps), Lee-Marion Co., Chicago.

Made strongest where the strain is greatest (gas mantles).
Made to stay brighter longer (Mazda Auto Lamps), General Electric Co.
Makes night as safe as day (Benzer Lens), Benzer Corp.
Mark of economical light (Mazda G. E.).
Mark of research service, The (General Electric Co.).
Modern Genii of the lamp, The (Silverglo Lamps, Inc.).
Modern light conditioning bulb, The (Wabash Appliance Corp.).
More light where most needed (Edwin Guth Co.), St. Louis.

Name you know in lamps, The (Westinghouse).
Necessary refinement in lighting, A (Duplex Lighting Works), G. E.
Not the name of a thing, but the mark of a service (Mazda), G. E.
Nothing better has come to light (Solar Electric Corp.), Warren, Pa.
Notice the lighting fixtures (Associated Lighting Industries), Cleveland.

Original reel spotlight, The (Appleton Electric Co.), Chicago.

Penny a night for the finest light, A (Coleman Lamp Co.).
Perfect reading light, The (Am. Gas Machine Co.).
Permits daylight speed at night (Saf-De-Lite Sales Corp.).
Power and light for every need (Onan products), Minneapolis.
Put your lighting up to Whiting (H. S. Whiting Co.), New York.

Safe as sunshine (lanterns), R. E. Dietz Co.
Sold wherever the sun shines, used wherever the sun sets (H. Kernahrens, Inc.).
Something better has come to light (Saf-De-Lite Sales Corp.).
Standard of residential lighting, The (E. N. Riddle Co.), Toledo.
Stay brighter longer (G. E. Lamps).
Sunshine of the night, The (Coleman Lamp Co.).

There’s a Brascolite for every purpose (Luminous Unit Co.).
There’s a new light in your life (Solar Electric Corp.), Warren, Pa.
There’s an Ingersoll for everyone (flashlight), R. H. Ingersoll & Bro.
They finish the day for the sun (Coleman Lamp Co.).
They stay brighter longer (Mazda Lamps), G. E.
This mark means good light at low cost (Mazda).
Turns night into day (Gleason Tiebout Glass), lighting fixtures.
Twilight zone (office lighting below desk-top level), Diebold Safe Co.

We help to light and power the world (Diesel Motors Corp.).

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