Pitch perfect: coal and coke

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, today we feature a 1949 collection of advertising slogans used to market coal and coke.

Always 2000 pounds to the ton (Apex Coal Corp.), Indianapolis.
Anthracite that serves you right, The (Deering Coal & Wood Co.), Portland, Me.
Aristocrat of smokeless coals, The (Red Jacket Coal Sales Co.), Columbus, O.

Bear for heat, A (Fraker Coal Co.), Denver.
Black business handled white, A (No. Memphis Coal Co.).
Burns coal burns (Burns Bros.).

Chief of West Virginia high volatile coals (Red Jacket Sales Co.).
Clean, convenient fuel, The (Sterno Corp.), New York.
Coal that satisfies, The (Lehigh Valley Coal Sales Co.).

For 40 years, the standard of West Virginia (Red Jacket).
Fuel that satisfies, The (Scranton & Lehigh Coal Co.).
Fuel without a fault, The (coke), Semet-Solvay Co.

Hard soft coal (Lumaghi Coal Co.), St. Louis.

Intense heat (Jackson-Sheridan Fuel Co.).
It’s always coal weather (Stearns Coal & Lumber Co.).

Justly famous (Red Jacket).

Keep the home fire burning (coal), American Ice Co., Philadelphia.
Knocks one-third off your fuel costs (Hamilton coke).

Laugh at winter (Kopper Gas & Coke Co.), Kearny, N. J.
Let the Silver Fleet deliver your heat (coal, oil, coke), G. W. Pickering.
Looks clean, is clean, stays clean (Red Jacket Coal).

Machine that made coal an automatic fuel, The (Iron Fireman Mfg. Co.).
Modern fuel for modern heating, The (Koppers Co.).
More heat per dollar (Red Jacket Sales Co.).
More steam with less coal (Stanwood Corp.).

National Fuel heats Denver, The (National Fuel Co.), Denver.
Naturally superior (Reading anthracite).
New smokeless coal from Old Virginia, The (Red Jacket).
No long waits, no short weights (North Memphis Coal Co.), Memphis.

Reduce the cost but not the heat (Victor-American Fuel Co.), Denver.
Rugged as the Rockies (Red Jacket Coal Sales).

Service to industry (Fairmont Coal Bureau).
Solution of the power problem (white coal), Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Co.
Standard of perfection (Logan County Coal Corp.), Cincinnati.
Stays dustless until the last shovelful (Giese Bros. Coal Co.), Toledo.
Stearns coal is solid heat (Stearns Coal & Lumber Co.), Stearns, Ky.
Stearns coal, the famous portable climate coal (Stearns Coal & Lumber Co.).

To heat right, burn our anthracite (Anthracite Mining Assn.), Scranton.
Tons of comfort (Denver Hanna coke).

Warmth without waste (LaSalle Coke Co.), Montreal, Canada.
We’re careful of your comfort (Kipper’s coke).
We seek to serve (Ohio Fuel Supply Co.).
Won’t clog on wet coal (Perfect Spread Stoker).

Yard near you, A (Comfort Coal-Lumber Co.), Hackensack, N. J.
You can do it better with gas (American Gas Assn.).
Your biggest money’s worth (electricity).
Your cheapest helper (Reddy Kilowatt), Ashton B. Collins.
Your electrical servant (Reddy Kilowatt).
Your neighbors know New England Coke (New England Coke Co.), Boston.
Your power-ful worker (Reddy Kilowatt).

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