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We hear from many listeners and readers, and one of the questions we’re most frequently asked is, “We love the station and/or blog, and we’d love to support your efforts in some tangible way. Is there a vintage house in Southern California that we might purchase for you, so that you can live the bi-coastal lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?”

Until now, we couldn’t point to the home of our dreams out west, and we feared later finding egg on our faces by selecting an abode in willy-nilly fashion, only to realize a year or two (or, heck, ten) later that the house we’d so quickly settled on just wasn’t to our liking after all.

Imagine the embarrassment!

So we’ve to date fended off those inquiries and declined the offers, until the day came that we’d found just the right house we felt sure we could happily call home.

Well, that day has arrived. We’ve found the house, and there’s no need to withhold the details any longer. It’s a lovely Art Deco structure built in the 1930s by eminent Hollywood art director Cedric Gibbons (he won 11—count ’em, eleven—Oscars) for his then-wife, actress Dolores del Rio.

It sits at 757 Kingman Avenue, in the heart of Santa Monica, and it can be yours—well, ours—for the very reasonable price of $10,150,000. That’s right—for just a smidgen over ten million bucks, you can demonstrate to us just how much you love Cladrite Radio.

But we don’t expect you to buy the house sight unseen—not at all. Pop over to the house’s web site and spend a bit of time looking over the dozens of photos available there. And then get in touch with us when you’re ready to start finalizing the paperwork. We stand at the ready, pen in hand.

(Edit, 6/18/2011, 11:13pm ET: The web site we linked to above seems to have gone offline all of a sudden. Perhaps the house has been sold, and our link to the site reminded the sellers to take down the site. Well, here’s another link to a 2008 Architectural Digest story about the house, for those of you who may have arrived here too late for the earlier link.)

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