Pitch perfect: building supplies

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market building supplies.

According to Hoytt (Hoytt Constr. Co.), Los Angeles.
Admits might, retards heat (Awens-Illinois Glass Co.), Toledo, Ohio.
Airedale brick, like Airedale dogs, so darned ugly they are beautiful.
All fire are not alike, nor are all fire extinguishers (Foamite Childs Corp.).
Always one step ahead of the weather (Rusco), Screen and storm sash.
Anchors like a rock (Chicago Steel Post Co.).
Aristocrat of American Roofing, The (American Sea Green Slate Co.).
Aristocrat of Building Materials, The (Indiana Limestone Quarrymen’s Assn.).
Asbestos cannot burn (Asbestos Shingle, Slate and Sheathing Co.), Ambler, Pa.

Back-bone of better plastering (Milwaukee Corrugating Co.).
Beautiful, Enduring, Strong, Tough (Stainless Steel), Electro Metallurgical.
Beautiful windows at low cost (Clopay), Window shades.
Beauty and Economy burned in (Common Brick Mfrs. Assn. of America), Cleveland.
Beauty of wood and the strength of steel, the (The Send Co.).
Best in asbestos (K & M).
Best that man can build, The (fixtures), R. Mansfield & Son, Louisville, Ky.
Better than plaster to withstand disaster (The Upson Co.), Lockport, N. Y.
Bonded Termite Insulation (E. L. Bruce Co.), Memphis, Tenn.
Bronze as strong as nickel steel, A (Am. Manganese Bronze Co.), Holmesburg, Pa.
Budget sets the pace, The (Otis elevator).
Builder’s Department Store, A (Mississippi Valley Struct. Steel Co.), Decatur.
Builder’s Department Store, The (Mox, Inc.), Los Angeles.
Builder’s selection for unfailing protection, The (Amer. Tar & Chem. Co.).
Building for the ages (Queenston Limestone).
Building Material Headquarters (Pioneer Sand & Gravel Co.), Seattle.
Build on Certain-teed, the well-known name (roofing).
Build right, with Insulite (The Insulite Co.), Minneapolis.
Build the Nation securely with the nation’s building stone (Indiana Limestone).
Build to endure (Certain-teed Products Corp.), St. Louis.
Build with machine tool accuracy (Black-Clawson Co.), Hamilton, Ohio.
Bulit by Aberthaw (Aberthaw Contruction Co.).
Built first—to last (Reynolds Shingle Co.), Grand Rapids, Mich.

Cabinet-wood of the elect, The (American Walnut Mfrs. Assn.).
Cement manufacturers for nearly a century (Louisville Cement Co.).
Choice of the crew and the big boss, too, The (Ohio Brass Co.), Mansfield, Ohio.
Concrete for permanence (Portland Cement Assoc.), Chicago.
Cork-lined houses make comfortable homes (Armstrong Cork & Insulation Co.).
Correctly Building Insulation and sound control material (Flax-li-num), St.
Cuts costs, creates sales (Molybdenum), Metal.

Dedicated to progress in the clay industry (Brick & Clay Board), Chicago.
Designed to guard the integrity of the contents (Dodge cork closures).
Distinctive as your thumb print (National Mfg. Corp.), Tonawanda, N. Y.
Door that stands the famous soaking test, The (Wheeler, Osgood Co.), Tacoma.

Easiest way out, The (automatic treadle operated door), Nat. Pneumatic Co.
Easy to spread, hard to beat (Nat. Mortar & Supply Co.), Pittsburgh.
Every room a separate building (Thorpe Fire Proof Door Co.), Minneapolis.
Everything in brass and copper (Downs-Smith, Inc.), New York.
Everything to build anything (Dower Lumber Co.).
Everything we sell, we make (J. L. Mott Iron Works).

Fat of the lime is Urshelime, The (Wm. L. Urshel Lime & Stone Co.), Toledo.
Finely designed as the ultimate kind (Ohio Brass Co.), Mansfield, Ohio.
Fireproof sheathing, The (U. S. Gypsum Co.), Chicago.
Fireproof wallboard, The (U. S. Gypsum Co.).
Firex saves the firebox (Illinois Clay Products Co.), Joliet, Ill.
First in aluminum (Alcoa).
First in fencing (Crown Iron Works Co.).
First in insulations (Johns-Manville).
First name in refratories (A. P. Green Fire Brick Co.), Mexico, Mo.
Floor finishing authorities, The (S. C. Johnson & Son), Racine, Wisc.
Floor of beauty, economy and durability (Sana-bestos Tiles), F. R. Miller.
Floor of enduring beauty, The (Congoleum-Nairn, Inc.), Philadephia.
Floor with maple, beech, or birch (Maple Floor Mfrs. Assn.), Chicago.
For beauty with economy build with common brick (Common Brick Mfrs. Assn.).
For every floor in the house (linoleum).
Forging is something more than than a piece of hammered steel, A (Champion).
Forgings that stand the test (Akron-Selle Co.).
For longer-lasting beauty, stucco paint (Rocktite), Wesco Waterpaints.
For strength, toughness and durability (Vanadium Corp. of America), New York.
Fortify for fire fighting (Fire Equipment Mfrs. Inst.), Cleveland.
From mine to consumer (American Brass Co.), Waterbury, Conn.
From mine to market (La Belle Iron Works).
From pit to penthouse (Otis elevator).
From wire bar to finished copper wire (Rome Wire Co.), Rome, N. Y.

Gently as a whisper (Door checks), Sargent & Co.
Genuine Bangor Certificate Slate, the outward sign of good construction.
Gifts for every purse and every person (Pagoda Shop).
Good steel, good service (Burlington Steel Co.).
Greatest name in door chimes, The (Nu-Tone Chimes, Inc.), Cincinnati.

Hanger for any door that slides, A (Richards-Wilcox).
Hardest metal made by man, The (Carbaloy).
Hardwood flooring, not a specialty, but our entire business (Indiana Flooring).
Heat-proof lining for walls and roof, A (Armstrong Cork).
History tells which line excels (Ohio Brass Co.).
Home builders to the nation (Readi-cut houses), Aladdin Co.
Homes of character (Lewis Mfg. Co.), Bay City, Mich.
Homes of the better sort (Schneider-Mittenwei), Whitestone, N. Y.
Home with the silver lining, The (insulation), Reynolds Corp., New York.
Household friend, A (Mortite), Stripping, etc.

Ideal builder’s sheathing paper, The (Brown Co.), Portland, Me.
If it calls for concrete, it calls for Ransome (Dunellin, N. J.).
If you see rust, you’ll know it’s not aluminum (Reynolds Metals), Louisville.
If you want better service (Otis elevator).
Insulate as you decorate (Certigrade Red Cedar Shingles).
It had to have quality, the steels is Lukens (Lukens Steel Co.), Coatesville.
It kills frost at little cost (Riverside Sheet Metal Works), Riverside, Calif.
It pays to spend for the best in the end (Ohio Brass Co.), Mansfield, Ohio.
It’s the specification-finished surface that does it (American Silversheet).
It’s Wheeling steel (Ductillite can).

Just a “shade” better (Thorpe awnings), Indianapolis.
Just put in the Mix-Cal (North Am. Cement Corp.), New York.

Keep heat where it belongs (Mason Fibre Co.), Chicago.
Keep the weather out (Ceco Weatherstrip Co.), Chicago.
King of the walk (Tri-Lok steel flooring), Tri-Lok Co., Pittsburgh.
Kyrok, the perfect pavement (Kentucky Rock Asphalt Co.), Louisville.

Lasting until everlasting (Granite Mfrs. Assn.), Quincy, Mass.
Leadclad fences make good neighbors (Leadclad Wire Co.), Moundvile, W. Va.
Leadclad roof is lightning proof, A (Wheeling Metal & Mfg. Co.), W. Va.
Let us be your concrete dentist (Western Waterproofing Co.).
Let White build it of concrete (White Consctruction Co., Inc.).
Life preservers for buildings and equipment (Sulivan Co.), Memphis.
Lightest of all structural metals (magnesium).
Lively Spinna Calf Roll-Covering, it’s triple resilient (Lawrence Leather Co.).
Long-wearing window shade material, The (Chas. W. Breneman Co.).
Looks like stone, works like wood (Zenitherm Co.), Newark, N. J.

Made by the mile, sold by the foot (Sectional Steel Buildings), Liberty Prods.
MAIN thing in maintenance, The (Hillyard Sales Co.), St. Joseph, Mo.
Makes a joint that’s tight, plus alignment that’s right (Ohio Brass Co.).
Makes homes more livable (Bermico Sheathing Paper), Brown Co., Portland, Me.
Makes housework easier (linoleum, etc.), G. W. Blabon Co.
Makes old roofs like new (Philip Carey Co.), Cincinnati.
Make your windows avenues of health (Vita Glass Corp.), New York.
Mark of good insulators, The (Victor Insulators), Victor, N. Y.
Mark of a good roof, The (Celotex Corp.), Chicago.
Mark of the well-built house, The (Flax-li-num Insulating Co.), St. Paul.
Material beautiful, The (Rhodia Chemical Co.), New York.
Men who build America trust this trade mark (Arro-lock Shingles).
Metal lath to reinforce and preserve (Nat. Council for Better Plastering).
Metal, the fifth medium (Matthews Industries, Inc.), Detroit.
Monarch out-strips them all, The (Monarch Metal Weatherstrip Co.).
More home to the house (Aeroshade Co.).
More Lehigh cement used than any other (Lehigh Portland Cement Co.), New York.
More people want more aluminum for more uses than ever before (Alcoa).
Morning uplift (Otis elevator service).
Most economical form of permanent construction, The (Hollow Bldg. Tile Assn.).
Multiplied insulation (Multi-Cell Co.), Minneapolis.

Nation’s building stone, The (Indiana Limestone Quarrymen’s Assn.), Chicago.
Netting that stands alone (Indiana Steel & Wire Co.), Muncie, Ind.
Never renew, yet ever new (Associated Tile Mfrs.), Beaver Falls, Pa.
Niedecken Showers give refreshing hours (Hoffmann & Billings), Milwaukee.
No better built than Durabilt (Durabilt Steel Locker Co.), Aurora, Ill.
Nothing equals stainless steel (U. S. Steel).
Not steel, but its master (Haynes Stellite Co.).

Once in a lifetime (New Jersey Zinc Co.), New Jersey.
One-man, one-hand shingle, The (Bird & Son, Inc.), East Walpole, Mass.
Ones that last a lifetime (metal columns), Union Metal Mfg. Co.
Original Plaster and Stucco Fabric, The (Addington Mfg. Co.), Milwaukee.
Orginators of reinforced rubber flooring (Stedman Products Co.).
Outlast the factory (Kreolite floors), Jennison-Wright Co.

Pavement that outlasts the bonds, The (Nat. Paving Brick Mfrs.), Cleveland.
Paving that’s savings, The (paving blocks), Jennison-Wright Co.).
Pioneer makers of modern steel windows (David Lupton’s Sons), Philadelphia.
Post with the steel backbone, The (Amer. Steel & Wire Co.), Dallas.
Put your own key in your own front door (Sargent & Co.).

Quality is in the limestone (Woodville Products Co.), Toledo.
Quality part of every partition (Upson Co.), Lockport, N. Y.

Ready to use when the last nail is driven (oak flooring), Crooks Dittmar Co.
Resilient floors for every need (Bonded Floors Co.), New York.
Right put together to fight both time and weather (Ohio Brass Co.).
Rock of ages (Standard Granite Quarries).
Roof for every building, A (Bird & Son, East Walpole, Mass.
Roof of ages, The (Red Cedar Shingles), West Coast Lumbermen’s Assn., Chicago.
Roof of ages, The (Rite-Grade Shingles), West Coast Lumbermen’s Assn.
Roof rejuventor, A (Philip Carey Co.).
Roofs of permanence and beauty (Hawthorne Roofing Tile Co.), Cicero, Ill.
Roof without a regret, The (Hawthorne Roofing Tile Co.).

Safe bonfire, The (Cyclone Catch-All Basket), Cyclone Fence Co., Waukegan, Ill.
Safe, swift, silent “lift,” The (Turnbull Elevator Co.), Toronto, Ont.
Seeing is believing (Bldg. maintenance materials), Stonhard Co., Philadelphia.
Serves in conservation (Johns-Manville Co.).
Serves the world (Republic Steel Corp.), Cleveland.
Serve the world’s industries (Green Fire Block Co.), Mexico, Mo.
She shall have outlets wherever she goes (E. W. Robotham Co.), Hartford.
Slate—consider its uses (Nat. Slate Assn.), Philadelphia.
Small cost for great richness (Algoma Panel Co.), Algoma, Wisc.
Smooth as a kitten’s ear (Hammond Cedar Co.), New Westminster, Canada.
Speed with economy (Barney-Ahler Construction Co.).
Spreads like butter, dries overnight, and wears like leather (So-Lo Works).
Spreads like warm butter (Kelley Island Lime & Transport Co.), Cleveland.
Standard of value in Shale Face Brick (Streator Brick Co.).
Steel backbone for concrete, The (Wire fabric), Amer. Steel & Wire Co.
Steel strengthened plastering (North Western Expanded Metal Co.), Chicago.
Steels with the Indian names, The (Ludlum Steel Co.), Watervliet, N. Y.
Stones unite nation’s newest edifices rightly strongest (Feiht Quarry).
Sun never sets on Hammondtanks, The (Hammond Iron Works), Warren, Pa.
Superior interior, The (Upson Board), Upson Co., Lockport, N. Y.
Symbol of craftsmanship in metal, The (Geo. Koch Sons), Evansville, Ind.

Tanks for the world (Columbian Steel Tank Co.).
Tank with a reputation, The (W. E. Caldwell Co.), Louisville.
There is a use for Celotex in every building (Celotex Co.), Louisville.
There is no substitute for marble (Nat. Assn. of Marble Dealers).
There is one best in everything (Johns-Manville).
There’s service in the surface (Sandura Co.), Philadelphia.
They cannot come apart (Hartmann-Sanders Co.), Chicago (columns).
They last forever (Jamestown Panel Co.), Jamestown, N. Y.
They last longer (A. P. Green Fire Brick Co.).
Things look bright with Colfanite (finishing material), Colfanite products.
TOP in roofing values, The (Fischer Lime & Cement Co.), Memphis.
To patch a hole, or build a home (Western Wallboard Co.), Seattle.
Turner for concrete (Turner Construction Co.).
Twenty-eight day concrete in 24 hours (Atlas Luminite Cement Co.), New York.
Twont Krinkle, twont krack, twont krawl (red cedar siding), Seattle Cedar.

Unit-Wall Construction, The (The Bishopric Mfg. Co.).
Use face brick, it pays (Amer. Face Brick Assn.), Chicago.

Walls of character (Hachmeister Lind Chemical Co.), Pittsburgh.
We fool the sun (Indianapolis Tent & Awning Co.).
We’ll keep your job going (Can. crushed stone).
We win with quality (Hauser-Stander Tank Co.), Cincinnati.
Whatever you build, you need Walworth (Walworth Co.), Boston.
When you think of asbestos, think of Johns-Mansville.
Why build to burn? (Gyproc wallboard).
Will not shrink, swell or warp (Laminex doors), Wheeler Osgood Co., Tacoma.
Window walls (Detroit Steel Products Co.).
Wipe off the dust (Sanitas wall covering), Standard Textile Products Co.
Withstands the test of time (Barber Asphalt Co.).
Wooster treads make stairsteps safe (Safety Stair Tread Co.), Wooster, Ohio.
World’s greatest iron fence (Stewart Iron Works Co.), Cincinnati.
World-wide building service (H. H. Robertson Co.).

You can’t beat steel for bathrooms (U. S. Steel).
You know it’s right if it’s Vinylite (plastics).
Your windows are the lamps which light your rooms by day (Columbia Mills).

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