Pitch perfect: bread

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, today we feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market various baked goods, bakeries, and baking products, including breads, biscuits, crackers and baking powders.

Always in good taste (Colonial Bakeries), Jersey City, N.J.
Always oven-fresh (Britis Educator Biscuits).
America’s finest bread (Langendorf United Bakeries). San Francisco.

Baked in freshness (Grocer’s Biscuit Co.), Louisville, Ky.
Baker’s own jobbing house, The (B’klyn Master Bakers’ Purchasing Assn.).
Baker’s of America’s finest bread (Langendorf).
Bakes right because it is made right (Made-Rite Flour).
Baking aid that nature made, The (Falk American Potato Flour Co.).
Balanced for perfect baking (Pillsbury).
Best by test (Calumet Baking Powder Co.), Chicago.
Best food the grocer sells, The (Campbell System, Inc.).
Best for all your baking (Purity Flour).
Better baking with less fuel (Pyrex glassware), Corning Glass.
Better biscuits made the better way (Sawyer Biscuit Co.).
Bread is your best food, eat more of it (Fleischmann Co.), New York.

Completes the feast (National Fruit Cake), National Biscuit Co., New York.
Cone-ing on the campus (Illinois Baking Co.), Chicago.
Contains no alum (Magic Baking Powder).
Costs less by the biscuit (Mrs. Tucker’s Shortening), Sherman, Tex.

Delicious whole wheat bread, The (Wheatine Co., Rahway, N.J.).
Don’t ask for crackers, say Snow Flakes (Pacific Coast Biscuit Co.).
Double-acting (baking powder), Crescent Mfg. Co., Seattle, Wash.

Eat bread. . . more bread (The Fleischmann Co.).
Eat Johnston Cookies, the taste that thrills (R.A. Johnston Co.), Milwaukee.
Every bite a delight (Grennan Cake Co.), Detroit.
Every shake a fresh cake (North American Dye Co.), Mount Vernon, N.Y.

Famous for biscuits (Robert A. Johnston Co.).
Finest bread in America, The (Langendorf).
Flavor you can’t forget The (bread), Baby Bear Products Corp., Buffalo, N.Y.
For fresher bread tomorrow, buy Taystee Bread today (Purity Bakeries), Chicago.
For fresher bread tomorrow, buy today (Tasty Baking Co.), Philadelphia.
For goodness sake, eat Reagan Bread (Minneapolis).
Four hours fresher (Remar Baking Co.), Oakland, Calif.
Freshest thing in town (Creamer’s Bakery, Inc.), San Diego, Calif.
Fresh to the last slice (Geo. F. Stuhmer), Brooklyn, N.Y.

Get that wheaty flavor (Shelly’s Bakery), Vancouver, B.C.

Hot biscuits in a jiffy (Abilene Flour Mills Co.), Abilene, Kansas.

Ideal for any meal (Geo. F. Stuhmer Co.), Pumpernickel.
It raises the dough (Codville Co., Ltd.), Winnipeg, Canada.
It splits in two (Tak-hom-a-biscuit), Loose-Wiles Biscuit Co.
It tastes good to the last crumb (Geo. F. Stuhmer Co.), Pumpernickel.

Just add water, that’s all (Duff’s ginger bread mix).

Keep that “youthful” look with Safe-T cones (Illinois Baking Corp.), Chicago.
Knows no season (Hoenshel), Fruit cake.

Langendorf, bakers of America’s finest bread (San Francisco).
Langendorf Bread, thoro-baked.
Langendorf Cakes, like homemade.
Let’s go Cone-ing (Illinois Baking Corp.).

Made in the bakery of a thousand windows (Sunshine biscuits).
M-m-m-m, we go for Safe-T Cones (Illinois Baking Corp.).

Ninety golden brown biscuits from each package (Abilene Flour Mills).
Nothing tastes as good as Ritz, but RITZ (National Biscuit Co.), New York.

Old Homestead Bread makes little bodies gain (Old Homestead Bakery).
Only a good cracker is fit to eat. (Biscuit & Cracker Mfrs. Assn.), New York.

Power behind the Dough, the (KC Baking Powder), Jacques Mfg. Co.
Pumpernickel you’ll like, The (Geo. F. Stuhmer Co.), Brooklyn, N.Y.

Quality loaf for quality folks, A (Baby Bear Prods. Corp.), Buffalo, N.Y.

REMARkable fed with REMARkable bread (Remar Bakeries), Oakland, Calif.
Rich as butter, sweet as a nut (Franz Butter-Nut Bread), U.S. Bakery.
Right in the mixing bowl, light from the oven (Clabber Girl Baking Powder).

Safe-T Cone, the official Coneing cone (Illinois Baking Corp.).
Seals flavor in and grease out (Golden Dipt breading).
Southern cakes for southern tastes (Southern Biscuit Works), Richmond, Va.

Taste the difference (Cookies and crackers), R.A. Johnston Co., Milwaukee.
They just don’t wilt (Ritz crackers), National Biscuit Co., New York.
Thorobred of breads, The (Royal Baking Co.), Portland, Ore.
Thriftiest of baking powders, The (Calumet).
Triply protected for oven-time freshness (Rumford Baking Powder).

Uneeda Biscuit (National Biscuit Co.), New York.

Women made it Number One where the greatest baking’s done (Hearth Club).

You’ll like our krust (Excelsior Baking Co.), Minneapolis.
You need sunshine every day, we knead Sunshine every day (City Hall Bakery).

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