Pitch perfect: auto parts

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market auto parts and accessories, especially tires. Lots and lots of tires.

Add miles to tire life (Tirometer Valve Co.).
All steel and a car wide (Stewart-Warner bumpers).
Always the right answer with a Wayne (pump).
America’s biggest-selling brake lining (Raybestos).
America’s supreme ignition system (Bosch).
Analyze the 5-point law of Ford lubrication (R. J. Brown).
An eye for your gas tank (Marquette Mfg. Co.), Ford gas gauge.
Any day, any hour, anywhere, any weather (Packard Renting Corp.).
Aristocrat of auto jacks, The (Duff Mfg. Co.).
Around the world on Dunlops (Tires).
Asbestos brake lining, The (Thermoid Rubber Co.).
Asks no favors, fears no road (Olds Motor Works).
As necessary as brakes (Bosch), windshield wiper.
Automotive distributors (Norman Sales Corp.).

Battery charging equipment for every purpose (Automatic Elec. Devices).
Bear for wear, A (Gillette Rubber Co.), Tires.
Bear in mind (Grizzly brake lining).
Beauty, service and comfort (Haynes-Hunt Corp.). Motor car bodies.
Best in the long run (Goodrich tires).
Better business bodies (Hercules Corp.).
Better tires for every farm need (U. S. Royal).
Big difference in tires is action-traction, The (General).
Big three lines of the defense, The (Sheldon Axle & Spring Co.), bumpers.
Bites deep, stays clean, like a plow (Seiberling tires).
Blowout-proof tire, The (General).
Brake inspection is your protection (Asbestos Brake Lining Assn.).
Brake linings tailored to the needs of your brake (Multibestos).
Broad, black and a brute for wear (Cupples Co.), tires.
Builder of business (Service Motor Truck Co.).
Built better to wear better (Gutta Percha & Rubber, Ltd.), tires.
Built from the road up (Biltwell tires).
Built layer on layer (Miller tires).
Built to excel (Savage tire).
Built to last (Armstrong tire).
Built to wear better (Gutta Percha & Rubber, Ltd.), tires.

Chief of the tire tribe (Standard Four Tire Co.).
Chosen by the majority (Fordson governors), Strand Mfg. Co.
Clark equipment is found only on good motor trucks (Clark Equipment Co.).
Cleans the oil the cleans the motor (Fram filter).
Commands the car (Russell Mfg. Co.), Brake lining.
Costs more by the gallon, less by the winter (Prestone anti-freeze).
Cuts down delivery costs (Steinmetz Elec. Motor Car Corp.).
Cut your tire upkeep with a Diamond.

Dependable for every engine (Champion spark plugs).
Dependable in service (Walker Mfg. Co.), Jacks.
Dipstick tells the story, The (Fram oil filter).
Does not boil away (Prestone).
Don’t be a dead-eye Dick (American Chain Co.).
Don’t wait ’til it storms (Trico windshield blades).
Doubles your ability to handly your car (Ross Steering Gear).

Easier steering, less road shock (Ross cam and steering gear).
Easy con-Ford-able riding (Victory Products Corp.).
Easy to park, easy to pay when you shop the Sobol Bros. way (gas stations).
Easy to put on, easy to take off (Columbus McKinnon Chain).
Engineered brake service (Russell Mfg. Co.).
Engineered brake sets (Russell Mfg. Co.), brake lining.
Every driver an escort (Yellow Taxicab).
Every weed is guaranteed (American Chain Co.).

Famous name in automobile history, A (Warner radiator cleaner).
Faster starts with Monarch (Batteries).
Fastest-growing battery business in America, The (Prest-O-Lite).
Fighting heart of honest rubber, A (Cupples Co.), Tires.
First — every year (Goodyear tires).
First in rubber (Goodrich tires).
Fit the tire to the load (Black & Decker Mfg. Co.).
Float on air (Mosely & Sons, Ltd.), tires.
Floor truck specialists since 1891 (Nutting Truck Co.).
Follow the experts, demand Champion (spark plugs).
For peace of mind (Blekre tires).
For short stops and long service (Thermoid Rubber Co.), Brake lining.
Fox necessaries for Fords (Fox Automotive Products Corp.).
Free-running ring with the safety center unit, The (Wausau Motor Parts Co.).
Fresh, warm air every minute (Francisco Auto Heater).
Friend to the end, A (M & M Mfg. Co.), tires.
From out of the west (Samson tires).
Functions when the engine breathes (P. H. Webber Co.), Supercharger.

Gaining new friends through extra mileage (Columbia tires).
Geared to the road (Miller Rubber Co.).
Gentleman’s lens, A (Macbeth-Evans Glass Co.), Auto lens.
Goes a long way to make friends (General tires).
Good for a long safe ride (Federal tires).
Gripping hands on the wheel never replace gripping hands on the road.
Guaranteed for the life of the motor (Richmond Piston Rings).
Guaranty, in name and service (Guaranty Motors Co.).

Handles your car like an invisible giant (Ross Gear and Tool Co.).
Horn that lasts, The (North East Electric Co.).

If it’s for the auto, we have it (Times Square Auto Supply).
If it’s a Hood, it’s good (Tires).
If it’s Delco, it’s designed for the job (shock absorbers).
If you can’t stop, don’t start (Brooklyn Brake Service).
In every town for every car (Jenkins Vulcan Spring Co.).
International knows how (International Piston Ring Co.).
Invite us to your next blow-out (Short’s Tire Service).
It costs no more to buy a Kelly (tires).
It rolls as you step on the gas (Ford accelerators).
It’s dependable (Magneto ignition).
It’s light on Duff jacks.
It’s patch and go with Chemico (tire patch).
It’s safe, it’s fast and it lasts (rocket rasps for re-capping).
It’s the chain that stands the strain (Baldwin).
It’s the second 10,000 miles that makes the big hit (General tires).
It’s too late when your brakes fail (Flare brake fluid).
It whistles when it’s had enough (Automatic Safety Tire Valve Co.).

Jack that saves your back, The (American Chain Co.).
Jewels of your car, The (Bock Bearing Co.).
Just what the name signifies (Cord Tire Corp.).

Keeps car new (Simoniz).
Keep smiling with Kellys (tires).
Keep the car on the go (spark plug), Reflex Ignition Co.
Keep the home tires turning (Vulcanizers Material Co.).
Keep your car beautiful always (Raynorshyne Products, Inc.).
Klaxon gets action (Klaxon Co.), Warning signal.
Know them by the jet black tread (Pennsylvania Rubber Co.), tires.

Largest builders of the spreaders (Branick Mfg. Co.), Tire spreaders.
Last longer, crank faster, don’t let you down (Williard battery).
Last word in auto wax, The (Puritan Soap Co.).
Leader in maintenance chemicals (Whiz sealer, conditioner, etc.).
Least of the difference is the difference in price, The (General tire).
Let us do your dirty work (Auto Laundry).
Levels the road as you go (American Chain Co.), Levelizer.
Life insurance for your automobile (Crawford Co.).
Life insurance for your car (Crawford Co.).
Lifetime of the highway, The (Page Streel & Wire Co.), HiWay Guard.
Like riding on a cloud (Columbia Skyway Drive), Auto accessories.
Limp in, leap out (Whatcom Service Station).
Lining most car makers specify, The (Multibestos Co.).
Lining that gives you the brakes, The (Thermoid).
Little extra that makes it better, The (Royson auto signals).
Locator of men, The (Klaxocator), Klaxon Co.
“Longer-life” line for heavy duty service (Thermoid Co.).
Long-life battery for your car, The (Electric Battery Co.).
Long the ring leader! Now the line leader (Sealed Power Corp.).
Lots of Flatt tires running around (R. A. Flatt Tire Co.).

Make every tire skid-less (Andy Bros.).
Make our cars your cars (Broadway Auto Renting Co.).
Makers of the safety stripe tread (Fisk tires).
Makes a blow-out harmless (Goodyear Safety Tubes).
Makes every road a boulevard (E. V. Hartford, Inc.), shock absorber.
Makes tires last longer (Schrader caps, gores, gauges).
Master hand at the throttle (Strand Mfg. Co.), Fordson governors.
Master of road and load (Russel Motor Axle Co.).
Master of traction (Arrow Grip Mfg. Co.).
Means more mileage (Mason Tire & Rubber Co.).
Means safety made certain (Staybestos Mfg. Co.), brake lining.
Mechanical finder of men, The (Auto-Call Co.).
Mechanical hand that cranks your car, The (Eclipse Machine Co.).
Meets today’s requirements, sets tomorrow’s standard (Raritan truck tires).
Mention Champ items on every call (Champ-Items automotive products).
Mileage hogs (Victor tires).
Miles of smiles (American Motors Corp.).
Modern oil filter, The (Fram).
More miles with Miles (tires).
More people ride on Goodyear Tires than on any other kind.
More than a bumper (Cincinnati Ball Crank Co.).
More than 125 stores in the west (Western Auto Supply Co.).
More than piston rings, Piston BEARings (Simplex).
Most beautiful tire in America, The (Hydro-United).
Most miles per dollar (Firestone tires).
Most trustworthy tires built, The (Oldfield).
Motorists wise Simoniz (car polish).
Mostorist wise Simoniz; housewives do likewise (polish).

Name to remember, A (Bowers spark plug).
Night or day it safens the way (Preflex auto mirror).
No claim is ever made about Samson tires that cannot be proven.
Non-skid roads, rain or shine (Barrett Co.).
Note the wood wheels everywhere (Automotive Wood Wheels Mfrs.).
Nothing could be finer (Mastercraft seat cover).

Old as the automobile (Harman Rubber Corp.).
One call does it all (Whitney’s Automobile Shop).
One of America’s best (Lancaster tires).
On every spare a Johnson Lock to keep it there.
Only wheel with cold tapered disc, The (Budd truck wheels).
On the skill of a mechanic may depend your life (Multimbestos Co.).
Original home of the Lincoln in New York (Fuller-Luce, Inc).
Originators of constant chassis lubrication (Bijur Lubr. Co.).
Outcleans, outpulls, outlasts (Firestone tires).
Overcome skidding, nerve strain and muddy roads (American Chain Co.).

Parking’s no problem when you shop at Sobol Brothers (Gas stations).
People profit when a business prospers (General Motors).
Perfect anti-freeze, The (Prestone).
Perfect start to a lasting finish (Simoniz polish).
Performance as great as the name (Edison-Spitdorf spark plugs).
Pioneer and still the leader, The (Hagan automotive control).
Pocket paying dividend pieces (Champ-Items automotive products).
Polish Duco with Duco Polish (Dupont).
Protective service (Seiberling Rubber Co.).
Proved and improved for 55 years (Kelly Springfield tires).
Public-minded institution, A (General Motors).
Puts the steady hum in motordom (Carter Carburetor Corp.).

Quality built into the car (Bock Bearing Co.).
Quick and easy way, The (Schilling Co.), auto camp.
Quick starts, long life (Willard battery).

Real magnetic horn, A (North East Electric Co.).
Refined protection for motor cars (Hershey locks).
Rely on your brakes instead of your horn (Noise Abatement Comm.).
Remember the horse-shoe tread (Racine tires).
Resiliency is built in the wheel, The (Sewell Cushion Wheel Co.).
Ride the road of satisfaction (Atlas tires).
Right bearing for every car (Bearing Co. of America).

Safe driving is a frame of mind (Lee tires).
Safety after dark (Arrow headlights).
Save the wheels that serve America (Chevrolet).
Say Fleetwing, that’s all (Automotive Service).
Seal in oil, seal out trouble (National Motor Bearing Co.).
Seal the cylinders. Save oil (Sealed Power Corp.).
Seiberling air-cooled tires never wear smooth.
Self-sealing, self-cementing (Seiberling tires).
Service that saves (Norwood tires).
Service through science (U. S. tires).
Serving through science (U. S. Royal tires).
Sets a new braking standard (Manhattan Rubber Co.), Brake lining.
Shock absorber that shifts gears, The (Struther Mfg. Co.).
Shop when you stop for gas (Sobol Bros. Service Stations).
Signal with a smile, The (Aermore exhaust horn).
Single line wear in passenger car tires (Samson).
Skip the rest and drive the best (Federal tires).
Small-priced handy helps that makes motoring more enjoyable, The (Fernald).
Smiles at miles (Lee balloon tires).
Smoke behind means trouble ahead (Perfect Circle piston rings).
So much more in quality for so little more in price (Seiberling tires).
Sprays on, stays on (Arco Co. auto paint).
Stage line wear in passenger car tires (Samson).
Starter that is built to order, The (Wagner Electric Mfg. Co.).
Stop and start on Multibestos (Brake lining).
Stop that skid before it starts (Weed chains).
Stop with four-wheel brakes (Chicago Roller Skate Co.).
Style that makes ’em look at your car, The (Cincinnati Ball Crank Co.).
Super size, super service (Sterling tires).

Tailored to the needs of the brake (Multibestos Co.).
Take the dread out of night driving (Autolight Control Co.).
Take the rough spots out of the road (Lovejoy Mfg. Co.).
Take the slant out of hills (McQuay-Norris Mfg. Co.).
Test-and-farm-proved (Goodyear tires).
That we may ride in comfort (McGraw tires).
There can be no compromise with safety (American Chain Co.).
There is no SLIP to the Tiger Claw grip )Universal Skidless Chain).
They float the load (Jaxon full floating wheels).
They level the road as you go (American Chain Co.), weed levelizers.
They pull you through (Bethlehem spark plug).
Thin as a sheet of glass, bound in a band of steel (Glassmobile Co.).
This is a “stick-up” (oil filters).
Thorobred of folding chains, The (Herkimer Specialties Corp.).
Time to re-tire? (Fisk Rubber Corp.).
Tire for every need, A (Truck Tire Service Co.).
Tires with nine lives, The (Kelly-Springfield).
Tire with the gum-weld cushions, The (India Tire & Rubber Co.).
Today’s anti-friction path for power (Diamond roller chain).
Ton tested (Pennsylvania Rubber Co.).
To rid your car of motor “bugs” install a set of Champion plugs.
Tough as a rhino )(Cupples Co.), Tires.
Tough, but oh so gentle (Hastings piston rings).
Tougher than elephant hide (Continental tires).
Twelve million people are today using Stewart-Warner products.

Unseen giant of the brakes, The (American Asbestos Co.).
Use ’em yourself to sell ’em (American Chain Co.).
Use the sparkplug engineers use (Champion).
U. S. Tires are good tires.

Velvet power piston ring, The (Simplex).

Warms you and your motor (Francisco Auto Heater).
Warren-Nash is the safe place to buy your car.
We wash ’em behind the ears (Quick Service Auto Laundry).
Wheels that complete the car, The (Detroit Pressed Steel Co.).
When it’s an Exide, you start (battery).
When she knocks, use Dox (Dox Co.), Motor remedy.
When tires can be sold for less, Westminster will sell them.
When you buy from Westminster, you sell at a profit (tires).
When you have a service problem; think of Champ-Items (auto products).
Where most of the cars drive in (Pure Quill Gas Stations).
Why pay bridge tolls to save at Western Auto? (auto supply stores).
Why pay tolls to save at Western?
Will do you many a good turn (Viking tires).
Won’t boil off; contains no alcohol (Prestone).
World rides on sealed power, The (Sealed Power Corp.).
World’s greatest motor necessity (Staynew Filter Corp.).
World’s largest makers of fan belts (Gates Rubber Co.).
World’s largest service station, The (555 Tire and Service Co.).
World’s largest used tire dealers (Peerless Rubber Co.).

You can expect it from B. F. Goodrich (tires).
You can put them on in a moment (American Chain Co.).
You don’t stay first unless you’re best (Goodyear tires).
Your car looks like new when you use CARNU (polish).
Your car never touched by human hands (Kent Garages).
You’re miles ahead with General (tires).
You’re miles ahead with B. F. Goodrich, first in rubber (tires).
You’re safe, and you know it (Pep spark plug).
Your phone starts our truck (garage).
Your best friends for highway safety (brake lining), Raybestos.

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