Past Paper: All New in 1958!

This post first ran on May 30, 2012, but we’re revisiting it because today’s our birthday.

Our Folks, around the time of our birthThe piece of ephemera that inspired this post falls just outside the Cladrite Era, but we were so tickled by it, we just had to share.

A couple of years back, our aunt presented us with a stack of photographs, letters and other documents that had belonged to her parents (our grandparents), and below is the announcement our parents sent out on the occasion of our birth (to give it proper context, we should explain that our father, who’s still going strong at 85, was, for more than thirty years, a Volvo dealer).

This pleases us to no end, we have to say. It’s so clever, and we love imagining our folks, who were 29 and 25 at the time, working on this together.

A birth announcement
A birth announcement A birth announcement

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2 thoughts on “Past Paper: All New in 1958!

  1. Cladrite radio – best place in the 21st Century world-wide for real “old timey” music. You guys rock (so-to-speak)!

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