Long may she wave

There’s something about knowing an icon of the past is still with us that warms the ol’ Cladrite cockles. It doesn’t matter if the person is no longer churning out records or movies or books — being reminded of the very fact that they’re still around is sufficient to make all seem right with the world, for just a little while.

The opposite holds true, too, of course. We remember all too well how empty life seemed after the passing of one of our personal favorites, Groucho Marx, back in 1977, and the loss of Jimmy Stewart and Robert Mitchum, just a few days apart in 1997, felt like a double punch to the gut. There was just something better about a world with those guys in it, and we took their passing pretty hard.

So, why not take a moment today to celebrate the fact that Ms. Patty Andrews, of the irreplaceable Andrews Sisters, is not only still with us, she is, in fact, celebrating her 92nd birthday today.

Regular listeners know that we frequently play Andrews Sisters recordings on Cladrite Radio, but we’re sharing one of our favorites of their hits below, so you can give it a listen and raise a toast — a rum and Coca-Cola might be a good choice of beverage — to the birthday gal.

Beat Me, Daddy (Eight to the Bar) — The Andrews Sisters

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