Happy Birthday, Dorothy Malone!

Actress Dorothy Malone was born ninety years ago today in Chicago, Illinois. Though she has enjoyed a long and storied career, if she’d never made another screen appearance, this brief scene opposite Humphrey Bogart in Howard HawksThe Big Sleep (1946) would have cemented her legacy. She’s easily the dreamiest bookstore employee in cinematic history!

Ms. Malone is now retired and living in Dallas, Texas. Here’s wishing her the best of all possible birthdays!

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One thought on “Happy Birthday, Dorothy Malone!

  1. Attended the 92nd Birthday Party of the ever beautiful and gracious Miss Dorothy Malone. Her daughters Mimi and Diane had her residence decorated with streamers, balloons. There were flowers and cards from all over the world wishing her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Several cakes for the family and friends at the come and go celebration. One of the last stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Miss Malone is still amazed that she is so well remembered and loved by her many fans worldwide. A great and wonderful day to remember.

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