The wheels of progress continue to turn

We’re still a work in progress here at Cladrite Radio, and we continue to work to offer the optimal music experience to our listeners. We’ve made a change today that we hope you’ll agree is an improvement.

As longtime listeners have no doubt noticed, we use the services of to host and stream our music. For some months, we’ve simply linked to our page on the Live365 site from the picture that was in the upper left corner of our own site. That worked fine, but we like the idea of keeping you here at our own site (we’re selfish that way), so we’re now trying out an embedded Live365 player.

The ideal is to have all listeners use a pop-up player, since that allows them to explore our site without an interruption in the music. So, if you’re a Live365 VIP listener at Live365 (a paid member, in other words, which we recommend because you get to listen virtually ad-free), you can just click the pop-up icon on the upper right corner of the player on the upper left. It looks like the one on the right.

If you click the Play button instead, you won’t get a pop-up window; the music will play directly from the embedded player, and if you begin to explore the rest of the site, the music will be interrupted. So clicking the pop-up icon is definitely the way to go for VIP members.

You non-VIP listeners (that’s Live365’s designation, by the way — you’re all very important people to us) won’t see the icon pictured above, but you’ll get a pop-up window any time you click the player, so it’s a not a concern for you — the music will keep streaming as long as you keep don’t close that pop-up window. But if, by chance, you’re interested in checking out a VIP membership, just follow the “Support This Broadcast” link in the lefthand column — not only will you enjoy ad-free listening upon signing up for a membership, but we’ll get a cut of the fee, which helps us stay in operation.

Please let us know how you feel about the pop-up players. If you prefer our old set-up, in which you were sent to the Live365 site to access the music, by all means, let us know; we just want you (well, the majority of you) to be happy. And you can always go directly to our page at to listen, if you prefer.

But we think you’ll find this new arrangement pretty swell. Either way, you’ll be enjoying the same memorable music you’ve come to expect from us, and that’s the most important thing.

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