Pitch Perfect: Vintage Transportation Slogans

Vintage Transportation Slogans--Rollfast Bicycle AdAs the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of vintage transportation slogans, collected in 1949, that were used to advertise various forms of transportation, including bicycles, railroads, motorboats, and cruise lines.

Abroad without crossing the sea (Montreal Tourist & Convention Bureau).
Across the hall or across the continent (Lakewood Fireproof Storage Co.).
Across the Atlantic (United American Lines).
America’s quality bicycle (Shelby).
America’s sleepheart (Chesapeake & Ohio Lines).
Aristocrat of winter trains, The (Atlantic Coast Line), Wilmington, N. C.
As sturdy as they are beautiful (Rollfast bicycles).

B & O is the way to go, The (Baltimore & Ohio R.R.), Baltimore.
Be American, ship American, travel American (Marine Engineers).
Be specific, say Union Pacific (railroad).
Best bicycle buy (Shelby Cycle Co.), Shelby, Ohio.
Best bike to sell (Shelby).
Best that science can create for trolleying your heavy freight (Ohio Brass Co.).
Better buy, by any comparison, A (Safticycles, Inc.), La Crosse, Wisc.
Better trains follow better locomotives (G. M. Diesel Power).
Bienvenue A’ Quebec (Canadian Pacific Steamship & R.R. Co.).
Bike you’ll like, The (Yale bicycles), Davis Sewing Machine Co.
Brake that brought the bike back, The (New Departure Mfg. Co.).
Brake with the mighty grip, The (New Departure), Bristol, Conn.
Builder of fine inboard and outboard boats (Century).
Built on reputation (Ditchburn Boats, Ltd.), Gravenhurst, Canada.

Vintage Transportation Slogans--Evinrude Outboard Motors advertisementCar that grows with the child, The (The Uajustit Car), Woodstock Mfg. Co.
Century of confidence, A (Roebling Yacht pendant).
Cruiser of tomorrow (Richardson Ranger), Richardson Boat Co.,
N. Tonawanda, N. Y.

Dependable in any weather (Baltzer boats).
Dependable railway, A (Great Northern), Minneapolis.

Evinruding is rowboat motoring (Evinrude Motor Co.).

Factory to rider, save you money (Mead Cycle Co.).
First in outboards (Evinrude), outboard motor.
First of the Northern Transcontinentals (Northern Pacific Railway), St. Louis.
For emergencies, carry a Lifetime towline (Lifetime Corp.), Toledo.
For 75 years, America’s link with the Orient (American President Lines), Ships.
For those who care (Caldwell), Boat.
Forty-eight hours of glorious travel (New York-Miami service), Admiral Lines.
Four great routes for transcontinental travel (Southern Pacific Co.).
Friendly railroad for all the family, The (Baltimore & Ohio Railroad).

Go by air-conditioned train (North Coast Limited.
Good neighbor of your community, A (Baltimore & Ohio).
Good plans make good travel.
Go the motor coach way (5th Avenue Coach Co.), New York.
Greatest name in yachting, The (Consolidated yacht).
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