Pitch perfect: soaps

It’s been more than a week since we checked in here at Cladrite Radio, and it’s because we were called away by the death of our beloved mother.

It’s been a week spent grieving, yes, but also celebrating a life uncommonly well-lived. And we spent hours upon end going through crate of old pictures and documents, and starting tomorrow, we’ll share some of those with you.

But first things first — we owe our regular readers a Pitch Perfect post, and we pay that debt below:

As part of our ongoing series of collections of old advertising slogans, culled from a 1949 book called American Slogans, we today share a list of slogans that were utilized by companies that manufactured and marketed soaps (cleaners, detergents, polishes, etc.):

Adds magic to soap (Klenzing Emulsion Co.), Frenchtown, N.Y.
Adorns your skin with the fragrance men love (Cashmere Bouquet).
America’s favorite bleach and household disinfectant (Clorox).
America’s scientifically correct cleansing process (Miraclean Istitute).
Astonishingly good (soap products). South African Oil & Fat Industries, Ltd.
At your service (cleanser), B.T. Babbitt, Inc.
Avoid cosmetic skin (Lux).
Avoid “tattletale gray” (Fels Naphtha soap).

Banishes “tattletale gray” (Fels Naphtha).
Best for you and baby, too (Albert Soaps Co.), Montreal.

Chases dirt (Old Dutch Cleanser), Cudahy Packing Co.
Clean nation has ever been a strong nation, A (Sapolio).
Cleans a million things (Oakite).
Cleans as it polishes (O-Cedar Polish), Channel Chemical Co.
Cleans as it shines (O-Cedar), Polish.
Cleans easier, works faster, won’t scratch (Sunbrite Cleanser).
Cleans hands clean (Gresolvent).
Cleans hands cleaner (D. Lorah cleaner).
Cleans in a jiff (washing powder), Dif Corp., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Cleans, relusters amd demoths upholstered furniture (Keyspray).
Cleans so well so easily, and for so little (Mystic foam),Upholstery cleaner.
Cleans with a caress (olive oil castile soap), Conti Products.
Colors while it cleans (Aladdin Dye Soap).
Complete first suds detergent, The (Prime Soap), Beach Soap Co.
Complete household soap (Oxydol).
Cream of olive oil soaps, The (cream oil), Peet Bros. Mfg. Co.
Cuts the cost of clean hands (Soapitor Co., Inc.).

Doctors prove Palmolive’s beauty results (soap).
Doesn’t scratch (Old Dutch Cleanser).
Don’t ask for “polish,” demand Brite-Lite (Britelite Co.).
Double action, single cost (Sunbrite Cleanser), Swift & Co.
Duz does everything (powder).

Easy on your clothes, easier still on your pocketbook, that’s White King Soap.
Eats dirt (Gellett’s lye).
Eats everything in the pipe (drain pipe cleaner), John Sunshine Chemical Co.
Every granule licks dirt 8 ways (Noctil), Rumford Chemical Works.
Every single time you clean, disinfect with Lysol.
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