Pitch perfect: beverages

As part of our ongoing series of collections of old advertising slogans, culled from a 1949 book called American Slogans, we today share a list of slogans that were utilized by companies that manufactured and marketed beverages (soft drinks and juices):

America’s Dry for dry America (ginger ale)
America’s finest cola drink (Lime-Cola)
America’s finest ginger ale (Anheuser-Busch)
America’s finest mixes (White Rock club soda)
An aristocratic beverage at a democratic price (Hires)
Appollinaris mixes best with holiday spirits (carbonated water)
Aristocrat of flavors, The (Certified Extracts, Inc.).
Aristocrat of ginger ales, The (Saegertown Mineral Water Co.)
Automatic water (Jacuzzi Bros.)

Base for soft drinks and desserts (Kool-Aid)
Be alert, bottle Alert (Alert Beverage Co.)
Best always costs more, The (Celo Company of America).
Best by taste test (Royal Crown Cola), Nehi Corp.
Blended for and by appointment to H. R. H. King Palate (Citrus Juice Co.).
Bottled only at the springs (White Rock).
Bottled sunshine (Sun Spot Co. of America).
Buy a rack of Rooties (Krueger Beverage Co.).

Canada’s Fresh-up (Dominion Seven-up Co.).
Carbonated with its own natural gas (Appollinaris).
Champagne of table waters, The (Perrier).
Corking good drink, A (Korker) Virginia Dare extract.

Delicious and refreshing (Coca-Cola Co.).
Delicious food drink, A (Cocomalt).
Difference is in the flavor, The (Aromint Mfg. Co.).
Drink a bunch of quick energy (Welch Grape Juice).
Drink Coca Cola.
Drink for you, The (Honey Dew).
Drink your apple a day (S. Martinelli & Co.).
Drink that tastes like real fruit, The (Peachy).
Drink you remember, The (O’Keefe’s ginger ale).
Drink your prunes (Calif. Prune & Apricot Growers Assoc.)
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