Pitch perfect: publications

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans that were used to market newspapers, magazines, and trade publications.

Actual stories of actual people (Secrets), Cleveland.
All the facts, no opinion (United States Daily), Washington D.C.
All the flexibility of a newspaper with the coverage of a national magazine (United States Daily).
All the news that’s fit to print (New York Times).
Always first, always fair (Indianapolis Star).
Always in the lead (Detroit News).
Always reaches home (Newark Evening News).
Always reliable (Philadelphia Record).
Always Springfield’s greatest newspaper (Illinois State Register).
America’s best read weekly (Liberty Magazine).
America’s biggest home magazine (Better Homes & Gardens).
America’s biggest suburban home market (Better Homes & Gardens).
America’s family magazine (Look).
America’s first service magazine (Better Homes).
America’s greatest reference book (World Almanac).
America’s investment weekly (Financial World).
America’s largest dairy magazine (The Dairy Farmer), Des Moines.
America’s largest Polish newspaper (Everybody’s Daily), Buffalo.
America’s leading power boat magazine (Power Boating), Cleveland.
America’s magazine for the outdoorsman (Field & Stream).
America’s most potent editorial force (Life).
America’s number one sportsman’s magazine (Field & Stream).
America’s quality magazine of discussion (Forum).
An American institution (Saturday Evening Post).
An illustrated weekly of current life (Outlook).
An independent newspaper (Los Angeles Evening Herald).
An international daily newspaper (Christian Science Monitor), Boston.
Aristocrat of music magazines, The (Singing), New York.
Ask us about advertiser’s cooperation (Allentown Morning Call).
As national as agriculture (Farm Life), Spencer, Ind.
Authority of industry, national and international (Iron Trade Review).
Authority of the waterways, The (The Work Boat).
Automotive business paper, The (Motor), New York.
Automotive service shop magazine, The (Motor Service).

Backbone of New York advertising, The (Sunday American).
Baltimoreans don’t say newspaper, they say SUNpaper (Baltimore Sun).
Best bet in Baltimore (News-Post).
Best comedy in America, The (College Humor).
Best of the world’s press, The (Woman’s Digest).
Better your home, better your living (House Beautiful).
Big book with the orange cover, The (Talking Machine World).
Biggest, brightest, best magazine for boys in all the world (American Boy).
Biggest in the country (Farm Journal).
Big news always first, The (Boston Telegram).
Blue book of the trade, The (Tea & Coffee Trade Journal).
Boy Scouts’ magazine, The (Boys’ Life).
Brisk magazine of Parisian life, The (Paris Nights).
Business journal of furnishing and decoration, A (Good Furniture Magazine).
Business magazine of the radio industry, The (Radio Retailing).
Business paper of the electrical industry since 1892, The (Electrical Record).
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