The Dorseys do it up right

If you’re a regular listener to Cladrite Radio (and if you’re not, don’t you think you ought to be?), you’ve no doubt heard the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra‘s 1935 bouncy recording of “Lullaby of Broadway” as part of our current playlist. But we like it so much, we decided to feature it here, as well.

It’s a song that’s been recorded by many orchestras and artists over the years, but this rendition, with Bob Crosby on vocals (Bing‘s brother, don’t you know, which must have felt in those days like being Babe Ruth‘s singles-hitting sibling), is a particular favorite of ours. When the backing vocalists slide in to sing counterpoint at the 1:28 mark, we’re left feeling downright gleeful. And when, after that, the orchestra takes over to bring the recording to a rousing finish — well, it’s as toe-tapping a 2 minutes and 44 seconds as one could hope for.

But don’t take our word for it — give it a listen.

The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra — “Lullaby of Broadway” (1935)