Pitch perfect: insurance

As the Pitch Perfect series continues, we today feature a collection of 1949 advertising slogans used to market insurance.

Aetna-ize, according to your needs, as you propser, as your obligations increase (Aetna Life Insurance Co.), Hartford.
Aetna-izer, a man worth knowing, The (Aetna Life Insurance Co.).
Always worth par when misfortune strikes (Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co.).
An emblem of security, a pledge of service (Hanover Fire Ins. Co.), New York.
Are you Aetna-ized (Aetna Life Ins. Co.).
As solid as the granite hills of Vermont (Nat. Life Ins. Co. of Vermont).
At the head of the nation (Equitable Life Ins. Co.), Washington, D. C.

Back of your independence stands the Penn Mutual (life insurance).
Be wise, Aetna-ize (insurance).
Billion dollar estate, A (Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.), Milwaukee.
Burglars know no season (Standard Accident Insurance Co.), Detroit.
Buy protection, not policies (America Fore), Insureance and Indemnity Group.

Call Central (Central Mfrs. Mutual Ins. Co.), Van Wert, Ohio.
Cheaper insurance is easier to purchase but harder to collect (Standard Accid).
Client be served, The (Insurance brokers), McCovey & Schmitz, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Enduring as the mountains (Western LIfe Insurance Co.).
Everyone needs the Sun (Sun Insurance Co.).
Extra service without extra cost (insurance), W. B. Joyce & Co., St. Paul

Feeling of security, The (Columbus Casualty Co.), New York.
Fire insurance is as old as the Sun (Sun Insurance Co.), New York.
First in America (Mutual Life Insurance).
First in life, first in death (Detroit Life Insurance Co.).
Friendly company, The (Montreal Life).
Friendly company owned by its policyholders, A (Central).
Future belongs to those who prepare for it, The (Prudential Life Ins. Co. of Am.).
Future business insurance (Juvenile Group Foundation), New York.

Get the best in the world (World Fire and Marine Ins. Co.), Hartford.
Good as gold (London Life Insurance).
Guarantees your future (Phoenix Mutual).
Guardian of American families for 80 years (Guardian Life Ins.).

Here dwells security (Guardian Life Ins. Co.).
Home of human security, The (Provident Life and Accident Ins. Co.).

If it’s insurable, we can insure it (J. A. Montgomery, Inc.), Wilmington.
Increasing public preference (National Life and Accident).
Insure today to save tomorrow (Rain & Hail Insurance Bureau).
Insure in the Travelers (Travelers Insurance Co.), Hartford.
Inventor and scientist make dreams come true; the insurance man keeps nightmares from happening (Fireman’s Fund Ins. Co.), San Francisco.
It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and to not have it (Columbia Casualty Co.), New York.
It pays to know when to relax (Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.).
Its name indicates its character (Lincoln Nat. Life Ins. Co.), Ft. Wayne.

Justice to all (Contintental Casualty).
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