Pitch perfect: advertising

This week, as part of our ongoing series of collections of old advertising slogans, culled from a 1949 book called American Slogans, we’re getting a little meta. This week’s slogans are taken from companies that trafficked in advertising — large ad firms that are still powerful today, newspapers, marketers of promotional doodads, you name it:

Advertise and realize (Pencil Specialty Co.).
Advertising is the power of an idea multiplied (D’Arcy Adv. Co.).
Advertising that follows through to sales (Lithographers Nat. Assn.).
Advertising makes sense, makes dollars (John A. Lane).
Advertising with a basic idea (J. Walter Thompson Co.).
Always remember, the Diamond Advertising Service doesn’t cost–it pays.
An agency is known by the clients it keeps (Gottschalk-Humphrey).

Better business is our aim (Business Adv. Agency).
Bright by day, light by night (Pyrograph Adv. Sign Corp.).
Budgeteer (Specialists in increasing patronage), Carl Morgan Associates.
Builders of business (Willmark Service System).
Built on bedrock (Johnson, Read & Co.).
Business is good, but advertising makes it better (Cornelia Evans).

Color in advertising (Munro & Harford Co.).
Constant excellence is the key to success (N.W. Ayer).
Creators of direct mail literature (D. H. Ahrend Co.).
Customer patronage (Carl Morgan Associates).

Displays that move goods (Julian Mass Co.).

Economical advertising emoplys merchandised advertising (New Eng. Merch. Inc.).
Eyes have it, The (Transit Advertisers, Inc.).
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