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This week, as part of our ongoing series of collections of old advertising slogans, culled from a 1949 book called American Slogans, we’re getting a little meta. This week’s slogans are taken from companies that trafficked in advertising — large ad firms that are still powerful today, newspapers, marketers of promotional doodads, you name it:

Advertise and realize (Pencil Specialty Co.).
Advertising is the power of an idea multiplied (D’Arcy Adv. Co.).
Advertising that follows through to sales (Lithographers Nat. Assn.).
Advertising makes sense, makes dollars (John A. Lane).
Advertising with a basic idea (J. Walter Thompson Co.).
Always remember, the Diamond Advertising Service doesn’t cost–it pays.
An agency is known by the clients it keeps (Gottschalk-Humphrey).

Better business is our aim (Business Adv. Agency).
Bright by day, light by night (Pyrograph Adv. Sign Corp.).
Budgeteer (Specialists in increasing patronage), Carl Morgan Associates.
Builders of business (Willmark Service System).
Built on bedrock (Johnson, Read & Co.).
Business is good, but advertising makes it better (Cornelia Evans).

Color in advertising (Munro & Harford Co.).
Constant excellence is the key to success (N.W. Ayer).
Creators of direct mail literature (D. H. Ahrend Co.).
Customer patronage (Carl Morgan Associates).

Displays that move goods (Julian Mass Co.).

Economical advertising emoplys merchandised advertising (New Eng. Merch. Inc.).
Eyes have it, The (Transit Advertisers, Inc.).

Field of greatest yield, The (All-Fiction Field).
Figure it out in dollars and sense.
Find the facts and let them lead where they will. (A.S. Bennett Associates).

Ghostwriters for the masses (Fuller, Smith, Ross).
Gifts that last (Natl. Jewelers Pub. Assn.).
Golden Rule in merchandising, The (Reciprocal Advertising).
Goods well displayed are half sold (Olsen & O’Brien).
Growing city within a growing city (W. Seattle Community Adv.).
Guardian eye, The (Sales Affiliates, Inc.).

Hand on Boston’s doorknob, The (Merchants Distributor Service).

Idea Creators, not just illustrators (Martin Ullman Studios).
Illustrated voice, The (Magnavox Company).
In Federation there is power (Federal Adv. Agency).
Interupting idea, The (Federal Adv. Agency).
It doesn’t pay to advertise unless you do it right (John Mather Lupton).
It pays to advertise–where it pays (Bensonhurst Enterprise).

Kit that hands you money, The (Ad-Novelty Sales Co.).

Let time tell your story (Publicity Clock Co.).

Make every letter pay (S.R. Stauffer).
Making millions respond (Ruthrauf & Ryan).
Merchandise well displayed is half sold (Russell H. Spoor Co.).
Meredith moves merchandise (Meredith Pub. Co.).
More for the money (J. Walter Thompson).

Outstanding advertising (Walter A. Koch).

Put it up to men who know their market (Federal Adv. Agency).

Repetition makes reputation (Emil Brisacher & Staff).
Research belting’s double plus (Graton & Knight Co.).
Right angle in advertising, The (Collin Armstrong, Inc.).

Sell it in the all-day home newspaper (N.Y. Sunday American).
Service beyond the contract (Hass & Howell).
Shortest distance between two points, The (J.L. Arnold Co.).
Sign of a smart shop (Sanek folded tissue strips).
Signs of long life (Artkraft Sign Co.).
Sound proposition for loud speakers, A (Tilling & Montague).
Stability based on progress (J. Walter Thompson).
Sticks with a touch (Texcel Tape).
“Super Markets” can be your best market (Super Market Merchandising).
Symphonic styling (Sales Affiliates, Inc.).

Teaching the millions to buy (Millis Adv. Co.).
Tell it in the morning, tell it in the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Tell it outdoors and you tell it to the nation (Outdoor Adv.).
Thematic advertising (Grey Adv. Agency).
Think of it first (Ideas, Inc.).
Timely press clippings on any subject from the new press of the country.
Time to advertise is all the time, The (Frank E. Morrison).
To sell millions, tell millions (National Transitads, Inc.).
True salesmanship in print (Lloyd & Thomas).
Truth in advertising (Adv. Federation of America).
Truth well told (McCann-Erickson).

Use the mails to increase your sales (Martin L. Roman).

We’ll make you believe in signs (Frederick Adv. & Display Co.).
We stick up for everybody (McClintock Co.), Bill posters.
Where advertising pays it stays–and grows (Boston Herald).
Where the sun never sets on an unfilled order (Western Newsp. Union).

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